Estate Planning Cash Out on Fixed Assets


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EAG offers a way for retirees to cash out some of their fixed assets, while retaining ownership of them. Estate Advisors Group offers options for planning Estates. Wills, Trusts, and a unique combination of both are covered! Minimize the Estate Taxes, Cash Out Options, Plan for the Future with EAG! Learn more at or
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Estate Planning Cash Out on Fixed Assets

  1. 1. EAG Estate Planning Solutions This is not a solicitation to enroll in any program, nor an offer to provide coverage to any individual. This is for informational and educational purposes only, and not for general circulation. To end this Presentation, press the “escape” key at any time.
  2. 2. Lets say an individual has a considerable amount of assets that are “fixed”. You could sell them off, but don’t want to. You could borrow against them, but don’t really want to. Let’s say you are about retirement age, and want to leave your assets to your heirs, rather than a selloff. What are your options?
  3. 3. We may have a plan for you! What if you could leverage your assets using your capacity to insure them, and then, while leaving those assets free of any additional liens, cash in on the protection itself? What if you could do this without any upfront cost?
  4. 4. An Example A recent example involves a 70 year old individual who had a net worth of about $10 million. After looking over the program, he chose to protect his estate for about $5 million, and paid for it with his liquid assets. He could have done the program using 100 % financing, but chose not to. Now his estate is worth $15 million, with $5 million of highly liquid capital available tax free to pay off those pesky tax collectors, and keep the rest of his estate intact.
  5. 5. After Two Years, Our example has three options:  He can keep the protection package in place for the rest of his life.  He can sell a portion of the protection, and keep the balance.  Or he can sell the protection, and recover his costs and more, sometimes much more…..
  6. 6. Option One, Keep the Protection  No additional costs out of pocket.  Protection continues for Life.  His Estate has gained $5 million of tax free income to pay the taxes when needed.  If he had financed the premium, he would not have had to pledge any current assets as collateral.
  7. 7. Selling the Protection Scenario  After 2 years, he has the option to sell all or part of the protection package to an outside investor.  In this example, the market value should be about $1.3m. This client has the possibility to make a net profit of around $1 million over the initial investment. Nice little starter for a legacy.  His Estate is now about $11 million, after that single transaction.  In this case, he still has considerable insurance capacity to do the program again.  He has recouped his initial investment several times over, and increased his estate value. That is asset protection!  No out of pocket costs! A great way to obtain cash from fixed assets!
  8. 8. Wow! Impressive program, isn’t it? The current minimum age is 65 years, with decent health, and the current minimum net worth is $2 m.
  9. 9. I am not a Millionaire! Think about that. What is the value of real estate owned? What is your Annual Portfolio Income? Now add up the vehicles in your fleet. Now factor in your debt. Stocks, Bonds, Retirement Accounts Still think you are no millionaire?
  10. 10. Insurance Capacity Everyone has an Insurance Capacity. In working years, it can be defined as your earnings multiplied by your anticipated working years. In later years, it can be your net worth combined with your long term obligations, such as an unpaid mortgage. It can be the market value of a business or real estate owned, either as a sole proprietor, partner, or corporation share. Simplified, that is Insurance Capacity.
  11. 11. For More Information: Estate Advisors Group PO Box 950128 Oklahoma City, OK 73195-0128 405-370-0696 phone 888-866-5709 toll free 888-370-8551 fax email