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  1. 1. Jonathan Livingston Seagull 1Running Head: Jonathan Livingston Seagull Book Review of Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach Student Name School Instructor Course
  2. 2. Jonathan Livingston Seagull 2 The book Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach discusses how a seagull learnsabout life. Jonathan Livingston Seagull is an extraordinary seagull who learns how to flythroughhis own efforts. Later, teachers other seagulls flying skills. This book was written in 1972 andremains highly influential to date. It teaches the reader that, through determination, self-sacrificeand endurance, one can overcome all obstacles to achieve a goal. In the book, Jonathan dislikesthe lifestyle of other gulls and sets up a goal. The goal is to learn how to fly and improve hislifestyle rather than living and eating only. Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach is a 127 pages book is written in a precisemanner. The language used is straightforward, and it is easy to understand. The book is dividedinto three parts. Each part explains Jonathan‟s different stages of life. There have been theorieslinking the book to the bible. Jonathan is said to behave like Jesus. This is because though he isborn similarly to other gulls, he discovers his hidden talent. At some time, he is expelled fromthe flock. He overcomes many obstacles and eventually perfects his skills. He later returns as ahero and teaches other gulls. Among the most fundamental principle that guides Jonathan is determination and hardwork. After evaluating the life of the other gulls, he finds life uninteresting. The most frustratingissue is the gulls lifestyle that revolves around scrambling for limited food. Jonathan sets anobjective to learn how to fly. Determined to learn how to fly, Jonathan is expelled from the flockby the elders. There is an inner voice that has always deterred him from achieving his objective.At one point, the voices tell Jonathan that “Seagulls never fly in the dark! (Bach, 2006, P. 24).Upon his mother inquiring about Jonathan unique behavior, Jonathan informs the mother abouthis determination. His determination about learning about what he can do in the air.
  3. 3. Jonathan Livingston Seagull 3 Jonathan hard work is evidenced by the number of times he tries to fly. He is injuredseveral times. He makes several mistakes and is even informed that he does not have wings likethose of falcons. He intends to exploit his full potential and not to be extraordinary. He realizesthat other gull‟s live a shorter life. Therefore, he decides to teach himself other methods throughwhich he can get food. Jonathan mission is to learn how to fly. Through flying, he intends tomake life a more exciting life. He anticipates enjoying other delicacies that other gulls do notenjoy. His determination and hard work make Jonathan unique. His efforts make him be expelledfor “violating the dignity and tradition of the Gull Family” (ibid, p. 34). It is through thoseprinciples that Jonathan learns how to fly. Jonathan mission statement is that; to exploit my full potential through hard work anddetermination, and there become the fastest flying gull. Jonathan applied management concepts and principles effectively. He realizes that thereare limited resources and lays a strategy to overcome the challenge. The limited resources are thefood which the seagulls feed on. The food is limited, and this makes the seagull to scramble forthe foods. To overcome the problem, Jonathan decides to teach himself how to fly. Uponlearning how to fly, he can dive into deep waters where he can catch fresh fish and fly in the airto catch insects. Jonathan has several resources that enable him to succeed. Among them are his wings.By learning how to control his wings, he learns how to fly at a terrific speed. Jonathan is aresource by himself. It is through his self drive that enables him to prove all odds wrong bylearning how to fly. “He folded his wings, rolled, and dropped in a dive to a hundred ninetymiles per hour. They dropped with him, streaking down in flawless formation (ibid, 46).
  4. 4. Jonathan Livingston Seagull 4 Jonathan has exceptional decision making skills. Though there are obstacles the adverselyevaluating the surrounding circumstances, he sticks to his decision even after his parents try topersuade him to live like other gulls. After his speed break all existing records, he embarks ontraining other gulls. He knows that other gull will enjoy learning how to fly. He planned aheadwith an end in mind. It is though planning that he decides to learn how to fly and enjoy lifeunlike other gulls who spend time eating. Jonathan is an exceptionally polite gull who knowshow, to effectively, communicate with his seniors and peers. He profoundly respects his parentsand responds to them politely. As he communicates with his parents, Bach notes that “Jonathannodded obediently” (ibid, 15).He, Jonathan, is an effective communicator. This is illustrated where he teaches other gulls.Among his first student who becomes a teacher to other gulls is Fletcher. To „sharpen the saw‟,Jonathan practices severally until he breaks all records. Jonathan believes that practice makesperfect. He learns from his mistakes and continuously improves his skills. Jonathan is anaccomplished manager. This is evidenced by the fact that makes a solution to the existingproblem. The problem is limited food that makes the gull always scramble for the food. Hemakes a working decision which he implements. The strategy works and other gull later acceptto learn his skill. As a good manager, he overcomes resistance from other gulls. I like this book for several reasons. The book teaches the reader that Jonathan had adifferent ideology from other gull. Rather than living to eat like other gull, Jonathan eats to live.It is his passion to fly that makes him different from other gulls. Though they are from the sameflock, Jonathan decides to pursue a different orientation. Among the principles that Jonathanteaches me is the importance of hard work and determination. He teaches the reader on theimportance of making an extra step in order to achieve his full potential. Through Jonathans hard
  5. 5. Jonathan Livingston Seagull 5work and determination, he become more satisfied with his life than other gull. He lives longerand teaches other gulls how to fly after breaking all the records. The book teaches me on the importance of striving to achieve a goal. Despite thechallenges that Jonathan faces, he triumphs to become the fastest flyer. In addition, it teaches meon the importance of dedication and how solve problems. He also teaches me to be loving andgenerous to other. This is evidenced by Jonathan‟s love towards other flock even though theyhad expelled him, he loves them and teaches them how to fly. The book is extraordinarilyinfluential and will remain in shelves 25 years after it was published. This is because it requirespeople to find their potential and not just live to eat.
  6. 6. Jonathan Livingston Seagull 6 ReferencesBach, Richard. (1970). Jonathan Livingston Seagull. NY: Simon & Schuster.