Whats New in ArcGIS 10.1


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Whats new in Esris Benchmark GIS Software, ArcGIS 10.1

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Whats New in ArcGIS 10.1

  1. 1. What’s new in ArcGIS 10.1 Marius Burger & Liezel Botha
  2. 2. Presentation Outline ArcGIS 10.1 - General Data Management Mapping & Visualisation Geoprocessing & Analysis GIS on the Web
  3. 3. ArcGIS 10.1 Net CDF Improvements Areal Shadow Amazon Edit Kriging WPF 3D Volume Windows Tracking Buffer &Ubutu Geodesic DBMs Buffer Statistical Table Heat Improved Android Access Maps KML Microsoft Azure LIDAR 3D Campus Image Mosaic Lightweight Native 64-Bit Key Editing Mensuration Runtime Servers Web Numbering/ Printing Labeling Disconnected Lightweight Advanced Mobile GDB Server Map Content Admin Automation Tools Java Generalization Visibility Performance Dynamic Volume iPhone Legends Clustered Space-time Deployment clusters Web Linux HTML 5 Thematic Windows Mapping Phone . . . Focused on User Needs
  4. 4. New Naming Convention ArcGIS Desktop ArcGIS for Desktop ArcInfo ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced ArcEditor ArcGIS for Desktop Standard ArcView ArcGIS for Desktop Basic
  5. 5. New Naming Convention ArcGIS Mobile ArcGIS for Windows Mobile ArcGIS Mobile for Tablet ArcGIS for Windows Tablet PC’s
  6. 6. New Naming Convention ArcGIS Server ArcGIS for Server ArcGIS Server Advanced Enterprise ArcGIS for Server Enterprise Advanced ArcGIS Server Standard Enterprise ArcGIS for Server Enterprise Standard ArcGIS Server Basic Enterprise ArcGIS for Server Enterprise Basic ArcGIS Server Advanced ArcGIS for Server Workgroup Advanced Workgroup ArcGIS Server Standard Workgroup ArcGIS for Server Workgroup Standard ArcGIS Server Basic Workgroup ArcGIS for Server Workgroup Basic
  7. 7. New Naming Convention ArcGIS Spatial Analyst for Spatial Analyst Desktop/Server 3D Analyst ArcGIS 3D Analyst for Desktop/Server ArcGIS Network Analyst for Network Analyst Desktop/Server ArcGIS Data Interoperability ArcGIS Data Interoperability for extension Desktop/Server ArcGIS Data Reviewer extension ArcGIS Data Reviewer for Desktop/Server ArcGIS Workflow Manager ArcGIS Workflow Manager for extension Desktop/Server ArcGIS Server Image extension ArcGIS Image extension for Server
  8. 8. Some stuff goes away…… ArcInfo Workstation
  9. 9. Presentation Outline ArcGIS 10.1 - General Data Management Mapping & Visualisation Geoprocessing & Analysis GIS on the Web
  10. 10. Data Management Feature edit tracking Editor • name of the user who created it Tom • date and time it was created Bill Joe • name of the user who edited it • date and time it was last edited Forward Compatibility ArcGIS 10.0 ArcGIS 10.1 clients clients Topology… 10
  11. 11. Data ManagementIdeas.arcgis.com Rename fields
  12. 12. Data ManagementLidar LAS Dataset Analyses LAS Dataset Profile View 3D View
  13. 13. Data ManagementImagery FunctionsMeasurement Tools(Censor information required) Integrates video (ArcGlobe) 2 Window Georeferencing
  14. 14. Data ManagementWhat users have asked for: Interface for ArcSDE management
  15. 15. Data ManagementDatabase Connection Create Geodatabase
  16. 16. Data Management Locks Connections Privileges Versions
  17. 17. Data ManagementSpatial Data Server (SDS) Serve spatial data from a DATABASE Direct DBMS Access Custom editing application Part of ArcGIS Server
  18. 18. Presentation Outline ArcGIS 10.1 - General Data Management Mapping & Visualisation Geoprocessing & Analysis GIS on the Web
  19. 19. Mapping & VisualisationImproving Visualisation….. Feature countsDynamic Legends Word wrapping Column wrapping
  20. 20. Mapping & Visualisation Calibration Angle Scale Align to zero Additional unit placement options Fractions
  21. 21. Mapping & VisualisationSearch Coordinates Spatial data
  22. 22. Mapping & VisualisationLabeling & Symbology Straddle lines PNG & JPG marker symbols Borders and Junctions Key numbering
  23. 23. Mapping & VisualisationMaplex Arcview (Basic) ArcEditor Maplex (Standard) ArcInfo (Advanced)
  24. 24. Presentation Outline ArcGIS 10.1 - General Data Management Mapping & Visualisation Geoprocessing & Analysis GIS on the Web
  25. 25. Geoprocessing & Analysis• 85 New Tools• 117 New parameters Python add-in
  26. 26. Geoprocessing & AnalysisSharing GIS Professionals Package Analysis Share as… Service Everyone
  27. 27. Geoprocessing & AnalysisEasier to work with attachments Create, Delete, Add & RemoveEasier to work with GPS data GeoTag Photos Match photo to GPS time & GPX to layer
  28. 28. Geoprocessing & AnalysisMore accurate bufferingGeodesic Buffer Easier to do complex workflows Tabulate Intersection
  29. 29. Presentation Outline ArcGIS 10.1 - General Data Management Mapping & Visualisation Geoprocessing & Analysis GIS on the Web
  30. 30. GIS on the WebSetup distinguished by Operating System ArcGIS Server for the Microsoft ArcGIS Server for Windows .Net Framework ArcGIS Server for the Java ArcGIS Server for Linux Platform
  31. 31. GIS on the WebSome stuff goes away….• Web ADF• SOC & SOM• MXD’s & MSD’s for Publishing
  32. 32. GIS on the WebWeb applications are an important part of ArcGISFlex Silverlight JavaScript Explorer SharePoint Easily configured and deployed
  33. 33. GIS on the WebDramatically Improving Server WMS HTML• Much Easier WCS JSON WPS• Faster WFS REST WMTS KML• Native 64-Bit• Highly Scalable• Linux and Windows Improved Standards Support Web Printing Desktop Viewers Devices ArcGIS Simpler Administration Updated Apps & APIs
  34. 34. GIS on the WebSimplifying Authoring and Serving Server Desktop • Maps • Data • Analysis Packages Online Making It Easier to Share
  35. 35. GIS on the WebWeb Adaptor• Distributes incoming requests to GIS servers• Expose GIS server through organizations standard web site and port.• Use the Web Adaptor if you dont want users to see the default port 6080 or the default site name arcgis.• Block the ArcGIS Server Administrator Directory and ArcGIS Server Manager external users.• Block ArcGIS for Desktop users from establishing administrative or publisher connections to ArcGIS Server.
  36. 36. GIS on the WebManaging service dataCopy data to server Registering data with ArcGIS Server
  37. 37. GIS on the WebCloud GIS is Emerging as the Next PlatformBecoming a System for The Entire Organization Public Executive Engagement Access Works Anywhere Knowledge Workers Enterprise Integration Professional GIS ArcGIS Online - Enabling Everyone to Access and Use GIS
  38. 38. What can you do with ArcGIS Online?Publish maps and data as web services ArcGIS for Desktop ArcGIS.com
  39. 39. What can you do with ArcGIS Online?Manage geospatial content Share contentFlexible data storage, User roles Secure
  40. 40. What can you do with ArcGIS Online?Configure ArcGIS Online Website Gallery Home page, Unique URL Maps Security
  41. 41. What can you do with ArcGIS Online?Create Maps and Apps Configurable Templates, API’s Embed maps in websites
  42. 42. What can you do with ArcGIS Online?Esri Maps for Office Make Maps in Excel • Color-coded Maps • Point Maps • Clustered Point Maps • Heat Maps Impact Your Audience • Share map images ‒ Static ‒ interactive • Create Power Point slide
  43. 43. ArcGIS OnlineArcGIS Online expands the reach of Geographic Information
  44. 44. Discussion