GIS as a Platform by Sam Viana (Esri Inc)


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Keynote address given by Sam Viana at the 2013 Esri South Africa Summit

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GIS as a Platform by Sam Viana (Esri Inc)

  1. 1. Sam VianaEsri IncGIS as a Platform
  2. 2. GIS Is Transforming Into a PlatformIntegrating Software and Services1960’s 1980’s 1990’s 2000’s 2010’s1970’sMainframeMinicomputerWorkstationDesktopClient/ServerWeb ServerCloud/Device
  3. 3. This New PlatformConnects and Leverages Existing GIS InvestmentsPervasiveEnterpriseServerDesktop
  4. 4. Providing Mapping and GISTo the Entire OrganizationEnabling Access by EveryoneProfessional GISExecutiveAccessPublicEngagementEnterpriseIntegrationWorksAnywhereKnowledgeWorkers
  5. 5. This Platform Leverages Many TrendsPervasiveGeographicUnderstanding
  6. 6. Enabling Pervasive AccessIntegrating Traditional GIS with a Whole New World of Apps
  7. 7. GIS Implementation PatternsRe-Occurring Problems in GIS ImplementationsCore Solution for Each One of Those Problems
  8. 8. Data ManagementAt the center of it all: DataImageryDBMSServicesSensorNetworksBig DataSpreadsheetsMapsSocial Media
  9. 9. ArcGIS Provides Storage for GIS DataGeoDatabase• Validation Rules• Replication• Multi-Editing• 3D StorageEditorTomBillJoeEditingData Interoperability
  10. 10. ArcGIS Integrates with Big Data• Hadoop Applications can provide Spatial Analysis• GeoProcessing environment integration• Geometry API for Java• ST_Geometry (SQL) in Hive
  11. 11. ArcGIS Is a Strong Imagery PlatformIntegrating all Types, Sources and Sensor Models. . . Making Imagery a Fundamental Part of the SystemsThermalPanchromaticMulti-SpectralRADARFull Motion Video (FMV)AerialSatelliteLiDAR
  12. 12. Data Intelligence: AnalysisTools and Methods for Advanced Analytics• Faster• SimplifiedAdvancing Geographic Science . . .. . . Solving Complex Problems64-Bit Geoprocessingfor the DesktopTime Aware RoutingGPSPhotosBetterKriging3D AnalysisFastAllocation1 Mile¼ Mile ½ MileClusterAnalysisExploratory RegressionV1=f(V2)+f(V3)+f(V…)V1V3V…V1 V2 V3 V…V2
  13. 13. ArcGIS Provides Analysis AutomationScripting MechanismsToolsModelBuilderPython Windowarcpy.Describe("c:/data/Portland.gdb/Sidewalks")arcpy.Clip_analysis (“Sidewalks”, “StudyArea”, “c:/data/output.gdb/SidewalkClipScripts
  14. 14. ArcGIS Integrates with Leading Enterprise SystemsBusiness AnalyticsMapping and Spatial AnalysisBI PlatformsMicrosoft Office• IBM Cognos• SharePoint• MicroStrategy• SAPAvailable With Online
  15. 15. ArcGIS Integrates Real-Time ProcessingArcGIS ServerMassive Volumes• Inline Processing• Geo-Triggers / Geo-FencingIntegrates and Exploits Streaming Data . . .. . . Including Social Media and Sensor StreamsGeoEventProcessorContinuous Processingand Analysis ResultsStreamsGeoEvent Processor Extension (10.2 – beta now)
  16. 16. ArcGIS Supports 3D Analysis and DesignIterative analysis while designingMass modeling Visibility analysis Shadow analysisFaçade design Detailed Façades Skyline AnalysisDesign Analyze Compare
  17. 17. VisualizationWeb Maps Are the New MediumMaking Intelligent Geographic Information Available AnywhereDesktopsTabletsSmartphonesWebsitesAny DeviceBrowsersSocial MediaIntegrating ServicesWeb MapSupporting Visualization,Query, Editing, and Analysis
  18. 18. ArcGIS Includes Solution TemplatesApps, Maps, Data Models and ToolsLeveraging Best Practices . . .. . . Helping Partners Be SuccessfulUtilitiesEmergencyManagementGovernment• Free to Users• Easily Configured• Fully Supported• Open SourceMilitary/Intel
  19. 19. ArcGIS Includes Web AppsEasily Configured and DeployedMappingLeveraging Web Maps and Web ScenesSimpleEditingQueryComing• New / Improved Templates- Editing- Social Media- Crowd Sourcing- Map Stories- Parcels• New Functionality- Routing- Spatial Analysis- Real-Time3D Visualization(Web Scene)TemporalMappingMashupsServer Analytics(coming)Web Devices
  20. 20. Mobile SupportArcGIS comes with Device AppsDashboardViewingEditingField DataCollectionQueryExtending ArcGIS with Ready to Use SolutionsComing• Disconnected Editing• Routing• KML Support• Presentation Mode• ArcPad Integration“New App”CollectorAndroidiOSWindows
  21. 21. Enabling New User Experiences
  22. 22. ArcGIS Leverages CrowdsourcingArcGIS Content Is Growing Rapidly. . . Providing a Foundation for Your WorkMany Community ContributionsDynamic ImageryLandscapeElevation
  23. 23. ArcGIS Leverages Geo-LocationTwitter Analysis through GeoEvent ProcessorTwitter Monitorimws://GeoEvent ProcessorReal-time data
  24. 24. The future of interaction is locationWhat could your app doif it knew where it was
  25. 25. GeoTrigger – Leveraging Location Awareness
  26. 26. Public Alerts
  27. 27. Localized Advertising
  28. 28. Conditional Access
  29. 29. Hospitality & Customer Service
  30. 30. GIS as a Platform Changes OrganizationsBreaking Down Barriers Between Workflows, Disciplines and CulturesEnabling Collaboration, Sharing, and Holistic Approaches
  31. 31. Organizations Are Rapidly Adopting This PlatformOrganizing and Sharing Their Information. . . Building Shared InfrastructureUS GovernmentEurope UnionEye on Earth NetworkUNEPThe World BankStatesCities
  32. 32. ArcGIS VisionA Complete Geospatial PlatformEasy, Open and Cloud Enabled . . .. . . Providing Transformational OpportunitiesOnlineServerDevicesDesktopWebContentInfrastructureApps
  33. 33. ArcGIS Desktop AppsContinue to ImproveSupporting GIS ProfessionalsAdvanced CartographyEditing and Data ManagementModeling & Spatial Analysis(Now 64 bit)1 Mile¼ Mile ½ Mile3D VisualizationCityEngineComing• New Analytics• PKI / single sign on• Image Search• Tile creating• Performance & Quality• CityEngine Integration
  34. 34. • Easy To Deploy• Very Fast• Highly Scalable• Native 64-Bit• Deployable In CloudArcGIS Server – Geospatial InfrastructureProviding Data Management and ServicesEnabling Real-time GISReal TimeSensor DataArcGISServerDynamicImageryComing• PKI (Security)• Teradata• Hadoop Integration• FISMA• Real-time ProcessingNew Spatial DataBig Data
  35. 35. Providing• Easy Mapping• Sharing• Open Data• Cloud Services• Content ManagementArcGIS Online – Geospatial InfrastructureIntegrating Cloud ComputingComing• Analytics• GeoEnrichment• Support for- GeoRSS, WMTS- PDF, XLS, DOC . . .• Federated Identities• Portal ImprovementsProfessional GISExecutiveAccessKnowledgeWorkersPublicEngagementEnterpriseIntegrationWorksAnywhereArcGIS Server
  36. 36. ArcGIS Is a Platform for DevelopersProviding Creative Opportunities for Building Apps• Runtimes and APIs• Online Services• New Documentation• Tools for Apps Mgt.• Marketplace (coming)Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android PlatformsSilverlightRESTHTML5/JSFlexWeb.NETDesktopJavaObjective-CWPFDeviceJavaWPFObjective-C
  37. 37. Resources for Developers
  38. 38. Comes withContentAppsTemplatesGeographic Science Is the FoundationFor Understanding Our WorldA Platform for Dramatically Growing GIS. . .. . . Creating a Better FutureArcGIS as a Platform . . .. . . Makes it PervasiveSupports GIS WorkflowsMappingData ManagementAnalysis3D VisualizationImage ProcessingGeoprocessingSupports EnterpriseGeo-Enablement(Location Analytics)MappingAnalysisIntegrationSupportingGovernmentBusinessUtilitiesScienceNGO’sFor DevelopersServicesTemplatesAPI’s
  39. 39. • GIS as a Platform• GIS Implementation Patterns• ArcGIS Complete Enterprise Solution• ArcGIS as the Framework for the PlatformSummary
  40. 40. Making a Difference . . .. . . And Contributing to SocietyEsri Continues to Serve Our UsersCreating and supporting the ArcGIS platform . . .. . . Partnering to address problems, issues and challengesAdvancing GIS . . .. . . and Spatial Literacy