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Esri South Africa Python for Everyone
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Esri South Africa Python for Everyone


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The Esri South Africa presentation given at our recent seminar entitled Python for Everyone

The Esri South Africa presentation given at our recent seminar entitled Python for Everyone

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Python for Everyone
  • 2. Introduction Presenters: Rudolf Eduard Matthew Lawrence
  • 3. Presentation Outline1. Introduction.2. What is Python?3. Why Python?4. Where does it fit in?5. Automate Workflow (Desktop)6. Automate Workflow (Server)7. ArcGIS Resources centres8. Training9. Closing
  • 4. What is Python?• Python was created in 1990 by Guido van Rossum“Python is an easy to learn, powerful language… (with) high-leveldata structures and a simple but effective approach toobject-oriented programming. Python’s elegant syntax anddynamic typing…make it an ideal language for scripting…in manyareas and on most platforms.” –• Scripting language of ArcGIS• Free, cross-platform, easy to learn, widely used, great community
  • 5. Why Python?• Automating workflow• Productivity (faster)• Cross platform• Industry and Open Standards• Scripting language• Extend Model builder• Scheduled tasks• Standard install with ArcGIS• Integrated with ArcGIS (ArcPy)
  • 6. ArcGIS integration (ArcPY)• Creates a useful and productive way to execute geographic data analysis, data conversion, data management, and map automation within the Python framework.• ArcGIS applications written with ArcPy provide access to numerous additional libraries available in the Python community.• GIS professionals and programmers can benefit from integration with these various disciplines.
  • 7. Where does it fit in?
  • 8. Automate Workflow (Desktop)• Extending Geoprocessing in model builder• Automating repetitive tasks• Scheduled tasks• Bulk metadata reporting• Multiple Layouts
  • 9. Automate Workflow (Desktop)• Attribute manipulation• Geometry manipulation & automation• Integrate 3rd party functions (non-Esri)
  • 10. Demo (Desktop)• Field calculator• From model to script• Script scheduling• Batch process with log• Batch process with email• Batch metadata extraction• Enhanced Data Driven Pages• Geometry operations• Sample Scripts
  • 11. Demo (Desktop)• ArcPY Documentation / Help reference• Python window – (run buffer example)• ArcPY list function – (list layers or MXD’s)• Working with selections – (sample from training)• Geometry – (sample from training)• Sharing Geoprocessing package – (buffer / clip tool)
  • 12. Automate Workflow (Server)• Geodatabase admin tasks (compress)• ArcGIS Server admin tasks (start /stop services, status, logs)• Geoprocessing – Data extraction (clip & ship)• Printing (script) Automate Workflow ArcGIS Server Geodatabase Geoprocessing Printing
  • 13. Demo (Server)• Geodatabase automation tasks − Compress − Replication − other• ArcGIS Server − Data extraction − Advanced printing − Administrative tasks
  • 14. Need more info on Python…?• − Concepts − Samples − Community − Video − Galleries• Desktop Help and Tutorials• Official Training courses
  • 15. Official Python Training• ArcGIS 3 Performing Analysis• Introduction to Geo-processing Scripts using Python.
  • 16. Are there any Questions?