DKM, State of the Art and beyond…


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iNTeg-Risk Conferences, Stuttgart, May 2013
Espen Kon –EKON, Israel

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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DKM, State of the Art and beyond…

  1. 1. DKM, State of the Art and beyond… iNTeg-Risk Conferences, Stuttgart, May 2013 Espen Kon –EKON, Israel iNTeg-Risk: Early Recognition, Monitoring and Integrated Management of Emerging, New Technology Related Risks
  2. 2. Can you ‘see’ your data? DKM, State of the Art and beyond… and maybe we are only touching the tip of the Big-Data iceberg…?
  3. 3. iNTeg-Risk Data… What is needed? When is it needed? What purpose? Which manner? Needs Regulations Research Marketing Financial Personal interests Other… The information R/evolution: So, when we arrive at a new project, what do we really know about our data needs?
  4. 4. iNTeg-Risk The “Knowledge jungle” is everywhere.. Or is it merely a “Data Jungle”, and our challenge is really to create Knowledge Models? Currently we experience marketers-role-in-big-data/ February 13th, 2013
  5. 5. iNTeg-Risk Challenges we faced here… In this project, we identified from day one the challenge of dealing with the “knowledge jungle” “The Integ-Risk project is creating a huge quantity of information in an innovative conceptual framework supporting a new risk management paradigm. Providing access to this information beyond a mere collection of texts is a challenge. Several tasks of the project are dedicated to the elaboration of tools for an enhanced access to data. Technologies of the semantic web are foreseen as a key to introduce order and guide the risk management scientist into this knowledge jungle.” (from 3rd iNTeg-Risk conference, June 6-8, 2011)
  6. 6. iNTeg-Risk Example of needs survey in CI
  7. 7. iNTeg-Risk Can it be solved (with the current KM tools)? Yes? No? Well…. …and is the fact that we managed to archive our data enough for Knowledge Creation?
  8. 8. iNTeg-Risk How to tackle it… Mapping a Model Sharing the Model Apply it to different contexts Maintain it…
  9. 9. iNTeg-Risk Data Perception We grasp data by building a Model in our mind…
  10. 10. iNTeg-Risk DKM - first step To create a web- based tool, which can facilitate and visualize a Model Enhance context with dynamic pages setup and dynamic relations between pages Enhance co-existence of structured and non- structured data
  11. 11. iNTeg-Risk Future work?... Horizon 2020 We seek partners for projects We seek to apply DKM innovation and to develop it further We are looking forward to joining you on new proposals!!! Thank you!
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