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Cadbury Chocolate Research Plan presentation

  1. 1. PURPOSES OF RESEARCH AND IMPORTANCE IN ADVERTISING • Know more about your product • Learn more about your target audience • To show off your product to the public • To attract and gain people attention • History of your product • What is popular in advertising • • Successful advertising techniques Helps to increase sales to your product • Creates a brand
  2. 2. PRIMARY RESEARCH  Primary research is investigation or experiments which is carried out to find first-hand data.  Primary research is useful because it much more reliable due to it being direct information to build up a brand
  3. 3. MY PRIMARY RESEARCH  For my project, the primary research which I will be doing is a focus group and a questionnaire to the public.  From my primary research I am hoping to find out what the public think of Cadbury's chocolate and what it reminds them of. Especially in my focus group, I hope to find out what they think of a few of my ideas for the advert animation.  Primary research is appropriate because
  4. 4. QUANTITATIVE AND QUALITATIVE  Both the questionnaire you can get both qualitative and quantitative. Where as in a focus group it is mostly qualitative  Questionnaire you are able to get both because you are able to get a numerical figure to present a question but also qualitative as you are able to gain certain pieces of evidence which is not presentable e.g. important or key words.  In a focus group it is mostly qualitative as like the questionnaire you can gain key elements from it which you can remember to make your project even better.
  5. 5. PRESENTING MY OUTCOMES AND EVALUATION  I will present my result through bar chats, pie charts etc to show my information from my questionnaire. For example the showing the different ages who eat Cadbury chocolate, also showing the favourite chocolate they like to eat  I will also do a wordle, to show the most common word used when describing Cadbury chocolate and Marvelous Cadbury Creations. Strengths of Questionnaire • Many people can do it and can easily analyses it • Convenient • Can quicker sometimes Weaknesses of Questionnaire • Open end questions can be hard to analyse it • Some people may lie on their questionnaire
  6. 6. SECONDARY RESEARCH  Secondary Research is existing data which has already been collected by someone else, which you can use for research for example journals, magazines, books and websites  Secondary research which I intend to use is past people results so people who have asked the same sort of questions. I will also use the the cadbury website to see their history of adverts.  I will also look at past adverts on YouTube, to get some inspiration from it.
  7. 7. QUANTITATIVE AND QUALITATIVE  Secondary research can be both Quantitiave and Qualitative as if it is a paper they have written it can be qualitative so that would be from my second research of blogs. But Quantitive would be past survey results which have been created into blogs.
  8. 8. PRESENTING MY OUTCOMES AND EVALUATION  I will present my outcomes by using their results to create charts and then compare mine to there to see if similar. I will also analyse their data or video and saying how effective their was and why it was effective. Strength • • • • Easy to access • Normally free Help to clarify any answers • Shows different ways of • conducting primary research • Weaknesses Their quality may not be so good May be outdated Incomplete information given to me Not specific enough
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