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  • account receivables services. (helping the Bank with products by receiving/collecting money for business)
    accounts payable services (helping the Bank with products and solutions by making payments on their behalf)
    liquidity management services (helping the CFO of a company to manage short term assets and liabilities)

  • الأسهم تحسين تداول مع مصدر الرائدة في العالم من أخبار السوق، بالإضافة إلى البيانات والأدوات.
    الدخل الثابت كسب ميزة أكثر وضوحا مع مزيج فريد من اكتشاف والأدوات والتسعير، والنمذجة احتمال والتغطية الإخبارية.
    صرف العملات الأجنبية تحديد فرص جديدة، وأماكن جديدة، وزيادة السيولة جميع من سطح المكتب الخاص بك أو الهاتف النقال إيكون
  • السلع التنبؤ بشكل موثوق تحركات الأسعار، والظواهر الجوية وإدارة المخاطر.

    زراعة تكون أول من الوصول إلى الأخبار العاجلة، وتوقعات المحاصيل في وقت مبكر، تبادل البيانات العالمية وتحليلات الزراعة.
    طاقة تنافسية ميزة الفوز مع هذا الجمع من المحتويات الحصرية، ورسم الخرائط سلسلة التوريد والرسائل في الوقت الحقيقي
  • Charting visual insight made simple : virtualize data to spot opportunities interactive chart get you straight to the data , view different period in the same access and locate weakness and strength that effect pricing compare your curves soo many ways to discover opportunities
  • Example
    monitor the oil supply chain analyze the details and quickly understand constsawance
    track and analysis the stones historically
    C commodities flow ( shipment port track department and export to dynamic excel sheet modeling “see further , know earlier act quiker “
  • Eikon Messenger : build your network of contact and exchange real time data & trade idea with private and professional communities, forum industry expertise c how they react market event breaks u can also join the conversion

  • تولد الأفكار الجيدة أسرع مع تحليلات محفظة التي تجعل المعنى الاستراتيجي للخروج من عالم من البيانات والتطورات

  • يبرهن على وجود ثقافة النزاهة
  • Thomson Reuter Eikon (Market Analytics & Trading Software)

    1. 1. Market Analytics & Trading Software Powered by Eslam Abd Alla 1
    2. 2. Agenda • Treasury Functions overview. • Thomson Reuter Eikon. • Thomson Reuters Eikon market share. • Thomson Reuter Eikon Markets. • Thomson Reuters Eikon Features. • Thomson Reuter Eikon Modules (Sample). • Q&A 2
    3. 3.  Responsible for investment functions.  It provides transaction, investment information services to the chief financial officer (CFO).  The key functions of treasury include 1. account receivables services. 2. accounts payable services. 3. liquidity management services (helping the CFO of a company to manage short term assets and liabilities) Treasury Function overview 3
    4. 4. Thomson Reuter Eikon  Thomson Reuters Eikon client-server system that connects you to the right mix of news, data, analytics, markets and professional networks through B2B network or Internet network. 4  Filtered by business precise needs, and displayed on the world’s most intelligent/intuitive over open desktop or portable application.
    5. 5. Thomson Reuters Eikon market share  167 exchanges in 123 countries (99% of the total global market capitalization)  54,500 active companies and 22,500 inactive companies  167 Historical data going back to 1980 for many markets 5
    6. 6. Fixed Income Gain a sharper edge with a unique combination of discovery and pricing tools, probability modeling and news coverage. Thomson Reuter Eikon Markets Equities Optimize trading with the world’s leading source of market news, plus data and tools. Foreign Exchange Identify new opportunities, new venues, and greater liquidity all from Eikon desktop or mobile Metals Spot the new opportunities revealed through 1. on-the-ground reporting 2. proprietary pricing 3. mapping tools. 6
    7. 7. Agriculture Be the first to access 1. breaking news 2. early crop forecasts 3. global exchange data and agriculture analytics. Thomson Reuter Eikon Markets (Cont.): Commodities Reliably predict price movements, weather events and manage risks. Energy Competitive advantage win with this exclusive combination of content, supply chain mapping and real-time messaging. 7
    8. 8. Thomson Reuters Eikon Features • Reuters News – breaking more market-moving stories and sourcing more exclusives than any other provide. • Datastream Charting – with a vast database of time-series, including macro-economic data. • Company Events – be first to spot movements in the securities bank cover and act on them with coverage from Reuter highly regarded StreetEvents service. 8
    9. 9. • Smart Holdings – a global stock- selection model that ranks stocks based on the predicted future increase or decrease in institutional ownership. • Microsoft Office add-in – enabling you to utilize Thomson Reuters world-class content in Excel, with tools to efficiently build and update your models. • Interactive map – is the most direct visual way to see in the supply chain and factors that impact prices 9
    10. 10. • Alerts and Mobile access – be the first to know what’s happening in your markets, anywhere, anytime • Eikon Messenger – connect with the world through authenticated, instant messaging and chat rooms. • Text Mining Credit Risk Model – a unique model that mines textual information from hundreds of documents to gauge a company’s creditworthiness. 10
    11. 11. Thomson Reuter Eikon Modules (Sample) : 1.Corporate Treasury & Finance • forecasts and analysis from a single FX and cross-asset workflow solution. 11 2.Investment Management • Generate good ideas faster with portfolio analytics that make strategic sense out of a world of data and developments
    12. 12. Thomson Reuter Eikon Modules (cont.): 3.Equity Research • Differentiate your equity research • make informed investment recommendations 12 4.Compliance and Risk Management • Demonstrate a culture of integrity • stay audit-ready • manage all the compliance workflows.
    13. 13. Q&A Thank YOU 13