Building the Business Case for Cloud Fax


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Live Webinar: Simplification and Security: The Business Case for Cloud Fax

Your business needs fax. But what’s the best way to do it?

Cloud faxing can offer real advantages over fax machines and in-house fax server software, especially if you’re looking to:

Simplify your ERP landscape and consolidate servers
Free-up resources for core business activities
Reduce infrastructure costs and unbudgeted spend
Improve your disaster recovery strategy
Implement faxing as part of an ERP rollout or upgrade

Join us for this webinar to learn how you can deploy faxing for your entire organization — with features like real-time status and 24x7x365 availability — quickly, easily and cost-effectively. We’ll help you build your business case for moving to cloud fax. Hear about real customer case studies with business process landscapes just like your own.

Plus, find out how cloud services lay the foundation for data capture, workflow tools, postal mail automation and business process improvements that go far beyond fax.

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  • So, with specific regard to faxing technology, organizations face a variety of issues with the tools they rely on to support day-to-day business operations. Some key factors to consider include:Fax software company mergers and acquisitions, such as those involving RightFax and TOPCALL, creating uncertainty surrounding the future of installed fax server products.Customer support issues resulting from unresponsiveness and insufficient knowledge of the product in relation to organizations’ specific environments and business processes.Asset management and TCO — total cost of ownership associated with running and managing assets to support faxing, including server maintenance costs spiraling out of control along with telephony expenses and telecom charges.Stability issues with fax servers that may fail without warning, causing disruptions that ripple throughout the business.Functional limitations such as a lack of scalability to support growth, notification of fax delivery status, self-service capability for users to resend faxes if necessary, and support for technologies such as Fax over IP (FOIP).Too much paper as organizations still find it necessary to print hard copies and file fax documents manually.
  • So, what is causing more businesses to move towards using a service? Well, for one, budget cuts and constraints. Trying to do more with less. A lot of companies are on spending freezes or can only stick with what is allocated in the budget. Depending on the volume of faxes you are sending and receiving, switching from a server to a service can actually be less than what you are currently paying in annual maintenance for your server, plus you are saving on paper, toner, Telco costs, etc. The bandwidth and technology are there, as you already have an internet connection. And Esker will provide you with API files to be able to integrate this cloud based technology within your current software if need-be.
  • Let’s look a little closer at how you can use a Cloud Faxing tool to improve your business processes. On the business side there are all kinds of documents coming into the organization and going out of the organization and they’re in different formats through different channels. And they all have their own specific processing requirements. Inbound sales order go to customer service, or invoice sent to vendor from A/P, etc.
  • The issue here is you can end up introducing so many point-to-point solutions. On the left here is a high-level example of what a company’s IT infrastructure can look like. You have an ERP system where documents are entered and generated; there are also legacy applications, Customer Relationship Management, and custom-developed applications plus your email platform. And now you’re going to add to this a fax technology, an imaging technology, OCR, something to capture, and you need to be able to do formatting, you need to use all these tools to present fax documents to your people in a nice, friendly interface for things like data validation, for workflow, for exception handling. And once you’ve massaged and routed all this data, you need to be able to convert it so it makes sense to your ERP system so you can push the data in.That’s a lot to introduce into an already-complex infrastructure. It creates all sorts of bottlenecks and problems, and the cost is astronomical — not just to purchase the technology, but for IT to implement it and maintain it, and to train customer service to use it so you can automate fax. And if anything ever changes, and it always does, modifying the applications can be really expensive and take a long time because you have all these different pieces of the puzzle.
  • Building the Business Case for Cloud Fax

    1. 1. © Esker 2013 #QuitPaper Simplification and Security: Building the Business Case for Cloud Fax CLOUD FAXING Becky Mender August 2013
    2. 2. IT and Business Benefits of Cloud Faxing Cloud Fax #QuitPaper Webinar Agenda  What is the Cloud?  Ways to Send and Receive Fax  Fax and Beyond  Building a Business Case  Implementation Process  Customer Case Studies  Q&A
    3. 3. IT and Business Benefits of Cloud Faxing Cloud Fax #QuitPaper Why Fax is a Pain to IT Staff  Software vendor mergers and acquisitions  Products at end of life or no longer supported  Customer support issues  Asset management & TCO – Maintenance costs spiraling out of control – Multiple servers – Telephony costs – Telecom charges  Stability issues – What Disaster Recovery Plan?  Functional limitations – Scalability to support growth – Status notification – FOIP – Support for virtualization technologies  Too much paper – Hard copies – Manual filing
    4. 4. IT and Business Benefits of Cloud Faxing Cloud Fax #QuitPaper What’s Behind the Move to the Cloud?  80% of IT budgets go to maintenance  Bandwidth and connectivity is there  Integration technology is available  Security standards (SSL) are proven  Tough economic times demand cost control and process efficiency
    5. 5. IT and Business Benefits of Cloud Faxing Cloud Fax #QuitPaper Cost of Software vs. SaaS (Cloud Services) On Premise SaaS Hardware Purchase 9% Software License 16% Software Maintenance Implementation & Customization Hardware Maintenance Upgrade Costs 20% 25% 11% 19% Initial Set-up Traffic Fee 10% 65% Hidden Costs Customization 25%
    6. 6. IT and Business Benefits of Cloud Faxing Cloud Fax #QuitPaper Business Needs Beyond Fax Inbound Documents  Sales orders  Vendor invoices  Medical reports  Prescriptions  Claims  RFPs and RFQs  Contracts  etc. Outbound Documents  Purchase orders  Customer invoices  Statements  Acknowledgements  Confirmations  Collection letters  Quotes and proposals  etc.
    7. 7. IT and Business Benefits of Cloud Faxing Cloud Fax #QuitPaper  Complex IT environment  Point-to-point solutions create massive amounts of costs (administration, knowledge, maintenance, hardware, upgrades)  Application modification is costly and time-consuming  Ability to optimize processes/infra is strictly limited Fax Email Print Data Entry Mail Simplify ERP Landscape & Consolidate Applications
    8. 8. IT and Business Benefits of Cloud Faxing Cloud Fax #QuitPaper Watch the Webinar on Demand Click on the box below to watch the full webinar! Click Here!