Keeping Healthcare Documents Electronic


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EMR applications recently emerged as a tool for healthcare providers to consolidate information, reduce costs and improve services. However, many are still relying on complex and outdated software/hardware solutions to manage their document-based communications — what is the way forward?
Click through to learn why cloud automation is a secure, reliable and cost-effective solution for streamlining manual processes, improving patient care and meeting the necessary industry regulations.
There is a recorded webinar link at the end of the show. Be sure to click the download button in the upper right hand corner to view the entire presentation.

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  • Esker starts the presentation at this slide--I thought it might be helpful to give a brief overview to you of who we are and why we feel so strongly about this topic.At Esker, our mission is to help businesses “Quit Paper” — and improve processes by eliminating manual tasks. While we use the “Quit Paper” as a sort of battle call – it is really so much more than quitting actual “paper” because today it is not just paper but any document, including fax, secure email, and some electronic files that are received that create much of the manual tasks that are taking place in healthcare organizations to get to the “Electronic Record”.Esker has been recognized by Gartner, IDC and other analysts as a key player in the market for document process automation solutions. We work with healthcare organizations across the country with both on-site and cloud solutions for everything from basic faxing on up to full document automation.Esker has a patent on the core technology behind its document process automation solutions. And we’ve been a pioneer in Software as a Service. This isn’t a new thing for us … we’ve doing it for about 8 years.
  • As a part of the discussion– we’ll invite you to participate in a couple poll questions.Time for question #1—
  • Time for Poll Question #2 after this slide--Every day organizations are reaching out to other organizations trying to find the best way to handle various situations. Our customer service team probably talks to 5 healthcare companies every day calling in trying to determine the best method to handle documents because of changes that are being made in one area of their organization or another.A typical call begins with a discussion on a new system that’s being implemented that is no longer compatible with the old system and looking at ways to align with the new technology. That initial discussion then frequently moves to other topics where we find that there is a whole range of solutions in place requiring multiple servers, fax boards, maintenance agreements, renewals, and on and on.
  • Keeping Healthcare Documents Electronic

    1. 1. Keeping Healthcare Documents Electronic: How Document Automation Improves Patient Care & Compliance #quitpaper © Esker 2013 INBOUND DOCUMENT AUTOMATION
    2. 2. Introduction — About Esker #quitpaper  Esker helps organizations around the world Quit Paper™ by offering solutions (on-demand or on-premises) to automate virtually any manual document process. - Global headquarters in Lyon, France In business for 28 years In “the cloud” for 8 years 3,400+ of healthcare customers and 23 healthcare application partners - Distributors in over 50 countries - 4,500+ SaaS-based customers; 50,000+ SaaS-based users Keeping Healthcare Documents Electronic Inbound Documents
    3. 3. Introduction — About the Topic #quitpaper  Document automation throughout the healthcare continuum can help organizations meet their goals for maintaining quality patient care and safety, as well as assist in the movement to EHR (Electronic Health Records). Keeping Healthcare Documents Electronic Inbound Documents
    4. 4. Hot Topics in Healthcare — 2013 #quitpaper  ICD-10: What ramifications does this change have for your organization?  Trying to meet Meaningful Use criteria for Electronic Health Records  A push toward linking reimbursement to cost and quality outcomes  Healthcare Exchanges  Medicaid expansion in the states Keeping Healthcare Documents Electronic Inbound Documents
    5. 5. What’s the Result of So Many Changes Being Pushed in a Short Time Period? #quitpaper  Resources are strained from a financial standpoint.  Resources are strained from a time standpoint.  Talent with experience can be hard to come by.  Requirements that are being stated can be both confusing and seemingly impossible for compliance when looking across the technologies in use. Keeping Healthcare Documents Electronic Inbound Documents
    6. 6. What Has This Resulted In? #quitpaper  Organizations are searching for: Keeping Healthcare Documents Electronic Inbound Documents
    7. 7. What Can Be Done to Assist with Meeting These Various Goals? #quitpaper  Look for areas where a single solution can “fit” in with multiple systems.  Find areas where experts are available that have capacity to avoid having to build or maintain infrastructure.  Partner with organizations that are already proven in the field and understand the business climate for healthcare.  Move away from a “silos” approach to solutions in the organization towards a more “holistic” approach that can have overlapping benefits in enterprise initiatives. Keeping Healthcare Documents Electronic Inbound Documents
    8. 8. Healthcare Information Exchanges #quitpaper  Goal: Information to follow a patient where and when it is needed, across organizational, vendor, and geographic boundaries  Challenges  Data exchange standards, lack of interoperability with EHR’s  Financing, Sustainability, Government Issues Keeping Healthcare Documents Electronic Inbound Documents
    9. 9. Want to Hear More? #quitpaper Click here to watch the full recorded webinar here: mHN.wmv?n=61495245 *Be sure to click the Download Button And learn more about:  Key Performance Indicators  Meeting Compliance Goals with Automation  Solutions to Paper-Driven Bottlenecks  And more… For more information on Esker’s document automation solutions, please visit or Call us at 1-800-368-5283 Keeping Healthcare Documents Electronic Inbound Documents