ESKA® Business ManagerEnterprise Resource PlanningHaving the right software tools is no longer a luxury but a keyto succes...
Main FunctionalitiesGet visibility and control over your FinancialManagement effortsGeneral LedgerThe General Ledger modul...
Fulfil the “perfect order” with ESKADENIA’sSupply Chain Management modulesInventoryThe Inventory module is a multi-locatio...
The Human Resources module also keeps track of employee                Go the extra mile with the management of yourdesign...
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Eska business manager


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Eska business manager

  1. 1. ESKA® Business ManagerEnterprise Resource PlanningHaving the right software tools is no longer a luxury but a keyto successful business management. Whether the need is totrace every penny in or out of your company, monitor humanresources transactions, control procurement and inventory, orreport organisational performance, the winning factor here is torun it all efficiently.ESKA® Business Manager is a fully integrated Web-basedsoftware suite designed to help you manage your businessefficiently, streamline your financial operations, and retrieveup-to-date reports on all your enterprise main functions. Thesystem’s flexibility also helps you smoothly adapt to the changingrequirements of your industry.Strengths Integration with other ESKADENIA SystemsƒƒWeb-based systemƒƒModular design ESKA® Business Manager tightly integrates with otherƒƒMultilingual support ESKADENIA software products, empowering comprehensive management of all operations within the company.ƒƒMulti-company and multi-branch supportƒƒMulti-currency support ƒƒIntegration with ESKA® Insures (General, Medical, Life and Travel Insurance Systems) provides insuranceƒƒMulti-user support with user-level access authorisation companies with up-to-the-minute accurate financialƒƒCost centre accounting information, ready for retrieval and display at anytime.ƒƒEasy and quick configuration ƒƒIntegration with ESKA® CRM (Customer RelationshipƒƒHigh level of security and access authorisation Management System) provides CRM teams with updated financial information of accounts when respondingƒƒExtensive reports and statistics with graphical views of results to customers and tracks resulting revenues of marketingƒƒGeneration of user-defined transaction vouchers through an campaigns for future detailed reporting. advanced Voucher Builder ƒƒIntegration with ESKA® Workflow and ESKA® Docs (Document Management System), which provides users of ESKA® Business Manager with supporting toolsKey Features to define, automate, and manage work processes from start toƒƒInsight and control over Financial, Supply Chain, Human end to reflect the way business activities are executed through Resources, and Fleet data a paperless environment. This integration also streamlines collaboration between team members. In addition, papers,ƒƒImproved operational efficiency forms, and photos can be digitally stored and archived forƒƒDecision-making support by use of strong reporting tools easy retrieval and reduction of document loss.ƒƒBetter control over processes ƒƒIntegration with ESKA® Academia facilitates the capture, consolidation, analysis and distribution of data across theƒƒEliminated time-consuming duplicate data entry educational institutions, thus allowing comprehensive andƒƒReal-time reporting of business results efficient processing of information.ƒƒEasy identification of opportunities for cost savings and ƒƒIntegration with the Management Information System efficiency improvements (MIS) provides flexible reporting that assists high-level management to make decisions based on precise statistical analysis of the company’s performance.
  2. 2. Main FunctionalitiesGet visibility and control over your FinancialManagement effortsGeneral LedgerThe General Ledger module is the core of ESKA® BusinessManager. Its reliable transaction processing, flexible accountformatting, and extensive reporting provide comprehensivefinancial control.The user can build a flexible Chart of Accounts and a consolidatedChart of Accounts to maintain overall balances and financialstatements of all companies.The General Ledger supports allocation processing to enablethe user to distribute the value of a single account into a seriesof accounts based on certain criteria. Moreover, adding andclosing fiscal years is easily managed in the module. be applied on invoice and item levels. In addition, users can effectively distribute payments to be scheduled and reflected onBalances and summaries can be provided at cost centre levels. a future financial period.In addition, financial statements and reports can be easilygenerated, including Statements of Accounts, Trial Balances, Cash ManagementIncome Statements, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow Statements,Cost Centre Statements, and Account Comparisons. Using The Cash Management module provides an effective and easythe advanced reporting tool of ESKA® Business Manager, way to manage the company’s cash transactions. Throughusers can generate financial reports that best meet the business integration with the AP and AR modules, the module providesrequirements, corporate identity, and documentation standards quick analysis of the enterprise’s cash requirements to ensureof an organisation. optimal use of cash resources. Budgeting is also supported and can be done in multipleAccounts Payable/ Receivable (AP/ AR) currencies by referring to current account balances or previouslyThe AP and AR modules in ESKA® Business Manager created manage the company’s cash flow process. They simplify Users can group payables and receivables into aging periodsentry of supplier/ customer invoices, maintain flexible cash to track outstanding balances of suppliers/ customers baseddisbursements, and manage post-dated cheques. on the transactions in the statement of accounts. The user canUsers can define an unlimited number of suppliers/ customers freely define aging periods and the aging report will be affectedand keep history of financial transactions and balances. accordingly.Customers can be defined in a hierarchal manner showing the The Cash Management module also provides comprehensiverelation between customers and subsidiaries. Moreover, users bank reconciliation features, allowing for automatic bankcan create detailed customer contracts and manage multiple- reconciliation, where users can import bank statements and thepayment scheduling through user-defined payment terms. system takes care of the matching process.The AP and AR transactions supported by the system includeDebit/ Credit Notes, Invoices, Receipts, Payments, Cheques and Fixed AssetsCredit Cards. Users can specify different taxes and discounts to The Fixed Assets module provides accurate management and tracking of the company’s fixed assets. The user can define detailed profiles of the company’s fixed assets and classify these assets into different categories. Location and custody of each asset can be well managed for every period of time. In addition, a number of transactions can be performed, such as opening balances per branch; purchasing assets; changing asset cost; asset transfer within the same branch; inter-branch asset transfer; selling assets; writing off; donations and monthly depreciation. Upon approval, transactions are posted to the financial modules and relevant financial vouchers are created.
  3. 3. Fulfil the “perfect order” with ESKADENIA’sSupply Chain Management modulesInventoryThe Inventory module is a multi-location inventory managementmodule that integrates comprehensively with the SalesManagement and the Purchase Order modules. It deliversdetailed and timely information about inventory items and keepstrack of stock levels, inventory receipts, shipments, returns andinventory adjustments.Items are defined and classified according to commoncharacteristics, and item assemblies can be easily arranged. TheInventory module also provides manual and auto generation ofitem codes and supports integration with barcode readers.The module takes into consideration the expiry date of eachitem, if it has one. Items can be dispatched based on FIFO orLIFO rules or according to their expiry dates. Moreover, themodule supports flexible costing methods for valuing inventory Sales Managementand determining the cost of goods sold. The Sales Management module handles all sales quotations,For accurate matching between system records and actual stock orders, invoices, order tracking needs, and cash sale transactions.levels, the module supports automated stock taking where the It is fully integrated with the Inventory and AR modules to providesystem can generate adjustment vouchers on store, location, up-to-date reports of inventory levels and the status of customercatalogue and items. accounts.Purchase Order The module keeps track of basic information and sales statistics for each salesperson including yearly targets and commissions.The Purchase Order module provides control over the purchasing In addition, it provides sales reports per customer, item andcycle and automates a range of purchasing activities. It integrates market and allows users to inquire about the overall companywith the Inventory, AP and General Ledger modules to maintain sales performance.updated records of inventory levels and supplier balances. Using the booking facility in the Sales Management module,Item re-order levels are automatically checked in the module users can hold inventory balances with the ability to automaticallyand purchase orders are prepared accordingly. The Purchase release booked items once they reach their booking expiry dates.Order module also supports item requisition, full and partialreceipt of ordered items, and handling of item returns. The module handles prepayments, backorders, returns, credit notes, and tax calculations. It also allows the definition ofThe module manages additional costs such as freight and different customer price lists, including taxes and discounts forcommissions, deals with multiple suppliers and price lists, each item.and can automatically update prices according to the cost ofpurchase. The module is equipped to calculate incentives; these calculations can be user-defined with reference to targets or actual sales. The module provides a purchase price inquiry mechanism, where the system can help decide the best price and comparison of all the provided offers, and convert the offer into a purchase order automatically. Cater for your Human Resources timely and professionally Human Resources The Human Resources module helps companies achieve workforce optimisation by providing the tool to efficiently manage human capital. This module records and tracks employee information and transactions. At the same time, employee performance evaluation, development, training, and associated costs are maintained. The module integrates seamlessly with the Payroll module to transfer related information like exemptions and unpaid vacations.
  4. 4. The Human Resources module also keeps track of employee Go the extra mile with the management of yourdesignations, work locations and contracts. FleetMoreover, vacation and leave records are kept and managed,and balances can be rounded to next year according to the Fleet Managementorganisation’s policy. The Fleet Management module provides a repository of dataThe module also allows employees to check on their personal needed to track fleets, including vehicle definition, vehicledata, salary slips and vacation balances. license, traffic tickets, and the routine vehicle check-up needed. The module integrates seamlessly with the inventory, maintenancePayroll and financial modules of ESKA® Business Manager.The Payroll module gives high control over payroll processes andquick access to employee pay details including basic salaries, Maintenancemonthly earnings, allowances, deductions, saving funds, The Maintenance module keeps records of maintenance workexpenses, social security shares, and income taxes. The system is performed on any vehicle or fixed asset item. The moduledesigned to provide flexible definitions of amounts, percentages, is fully integrated with the Inventory module which allows theworking days or even working hours. maintenance department to order spare parts or return repairedOnce confirmed and approved, payroll slips can be automatically items easily.sent to employees via e-mails. One of the main features of this module is that it enables users toThe module integrates seamlessly with the General Ledger define routine checks for each technical workshop.module to transfer payroll information into the financial system. The system keeps detailed vehicle records including costs andAlso, the module supports issuing employee loans and repairs as well as other important information.automatically follows-up on repayments. The module also calculates the cost of maintenance and repairsTime Attendance per technician.The Time Attendance module tracks employee daily attendanceand keeps record of employee leaves and vacations. It allows Transportationthe definition of various shift and leave types as well as the The Transportation module facilitates the process of booking thearrangement of various work schedules. The attendance seats for passengers on buses of various tracks with classificationadministrator can easily review transactions and check for any of the pricing and cost incurred.errors. The module handles two-way tickets; return tickets, and damagedThe system is equipped to communicate with any type of modern tickets. Moreover, costs for drives and bus maintenance areattendance machines and allows direct smooth access from the reflected through integration with the financial modules.machine to the database.RecruitmentThe Recruitment module provides HR staff with the neededplatform to cater for job vacancies announced by departmentmanagers.Interviews can be set and managed through this module and theinterviewing committee rating of candidates can be recorded forfurther consideration by department managers. For interviews,the system automatically checks for available meeting roomsand any booking conflicts.In addition, the Recruitment module allows users to create offersand contracts that can be sent to candidates. Upon requirement, IPR® -2004/12/2959 ESK/WA/FL-10:002 Uen-Rev Aaccepted candidate records are converted to employee recordswithout the hassle of re-entering their data, as the systemautomatically retrieves all relevant information. ESKADENIA Software, P Box: 1555 Amman 11821 Jordan, Tel: +962 6 5510717, Fax: +962 6 5510719, E-mail: .O.