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Eska academia

  1. 1. ESKA® ACADEMIASmart E-Education & Educational Institution ManagementESKA® Academia is a state of the art software system forthe management and e-enabling of educational institutions,including schools and universities. The system helps in makingeducation an enjoyable experience and provides an easy-to-use suite of Web-based tools to perform the never-ending dailyroutines of such institutions.By providing advanced institutional management tools, up-to-date information, and a rich variety of online resources, ESKA®Academia takes its users a step further towards excellence.Built on a choice of databases and using the latest Microsoft.NET technology, ESKA® Academia provides a seamlessintegration of functions to maintain the best in the managementof educational institutions. The system serves an unlimitednumber of users and enables effective communication and E-Educational Institutioninteraction within the educational pyramid (students, instructorsand parents). Its flexibility and scalability allow for expansion, The E-Educational Institution part of ESKA® Academiawhich is achieved by adding new integrated modules and supports interaction between students, instructors, parents,making the system customisable to the optimal utilisation of and administrators through special Web-based modules.modern institutions. These modules can be accessed using a unique login name and password for each user, obtained upon registration. This access control provides reliable security and confidentiality ofBenefits the handled data.ƒƒEnhanced communication between parents, instructors, students and advisors via a variety of easy-to-use Students Area communication tools. The Students Area part of ESKA® Academia allows students toƒƒStreamlined integration of functions, by making information view their grades, schedules, attendance records, and calendars. seamlessly available for every department. Information can be filtered, sorted and presented in the form ofƒƒHigher work efficiency and accountability. professional reports which are easily understood by students. ItƒƒEfficient distribution and management of the academic staff’s also allows for interaction through text messages and discussion administrative workload. boards. In addition, students can view and print posted assignments and quizzes and submit their work to the instructors’ƒƒReduced result-processing and publishing time. inboxes.Key Features Instructors Area The Instructors Area allows instructors to record, analyse, andƒƒSupport for multi-level institution of structures and centralised report their students’ grades and attendance records in an administration. efficient and accurate way.ƒƒWeb-based application.ƒƒModular design. ESKA® Academia also provides instructors with a variety of tools to interact with students and keep parents updated withƒƒMultilingual support. the day-to-day activities and students’ performance. In addition,ƒƒSelf-management of user profile and services within given instructors can easily post quizzes and assignments to students authorisation. and receive students’ work through their inboxes.ƒƒAdvanced tools for users to dynamically generate the educational body structure (headquarters, institution branches and departments).
  2. 2. Parents AreaUpon the institution’s preference, parents are allowed to loginto the system anytime and view up-to-the minute records oftheir children’s progress by accessing student grades, schedules,events, and attendance records. Parents can also send andreceive messages, conduct chat sessions, and post messages tothe online message board.Advisory AreaThe Advisory Area in ESKA® Academia enables advisors toprovide assistance to students throughout their learning journeyin terms of education and conduct. This is achieved by guidingstudents to use the system for completing procedures such asadmission, registration, examination, evaluation, major transfer,institution transfer, and graduation.The system also allows advisors to guide and assist assignedinstructors and evaluate their performance periodically. OrganisationHigher Administration The Organisation module is where the organisational structure is defined. The module offers a tool that helps build theESKA® Academia caters for higher administration needs of organisational structure dynamically down to the designatedorganisations that have more than one educational institution, number of levels; this includes the internal organisationalsuch as groups of schools, ministries, and universities with presence.The Higher Administration features help centralise the The organisation’s staff are defined and assigned to roles, andadministration processes and monitor activities. The system system users can have full information about each defined entitydynamically defines the physical structure of the educational in the organisational structure.body, classifies and sets educational models (grades, coursesand streams), and provides the institution with administration Academic Affairscontrol over educational policies and regulations with the The Academic Affairs module is where academic data is definedinherited enforcement on the institutional system. in a way that would fit all related institutions. It covers the different programs that the institution(s) provides, and allows definingRules and Regulations streams and specialties under each program. The module alsoThe Rules and Regulations module incorporates the different provides full information about each available course and therules of an educational system and adheres to the diverse needs course equivalents in case of institution, stream or plan transfer.coming from different emerging education standards such asboards, grades, load and drop standards, and government Academic Calendarstandards and compliances. The Academic Calendar module manages the institution’sMoreover, the system enables educational institutions to academic years and semesters in addition to the events thatcustomise rules that fit for specific cases. the administration defines for admission, issuing certifications, exams, assessments, adding subjects, withdrawing subjects, graduations and holidays. Educational Institution Management ESKA® Academia provides advanced features that enable management of student transactions as well as interaction between parents, instructors, and students. Most system transactions take place through this working area of ESKA® Academia.
  3. 3. AdmissionThrough the Admission module, users can track detailedapplicant information, such as demographic information aboutthe student’s parents, sponsor (individual/ association), andguardian. It also enables users to track all processes concerningthe student transactions, including the waiting list featurewhich enables administrators to place students on waiting liststhroughout the academic year. Moreover, the system managesthe processes of rejecting, accepting and expelling studentspartially or completely.RegistrationThe Registration module facilitates students’ enrolment in theproper courses throughout the academic semester and year.The system offers students online registration services suchas student registration, group registration, and homeroom Student Affairsregistration. The Student Affairs module allows instructors to maintain student attendance logs for each class, and depict details concerningThe system also offers course management features to add, drop student performance and conduct through rewards and activities.and withdraw from courses. In addition it supports internal and It also maintains student health records in matter of medicalexternal transfer processes, plan transfers, and network transfers. history and taken vaccines.The module also manages graduation and annual promotionprocesses. In addition, the module maintains student records of incidents and disciplinary actions.CertificationThe Certification module manages grades through the following Sections Managementfunctionalities: The Sections Management module enables users to manage all issues related to sections, such as the creation, approval, andƒƒFills in grades according to academic subjects and rejection of sections, as well as the definition of section attributes. assessments.ƒƒAcquires the approval on student grades from defined Exam Scheduling instructors before submitting the grades live to be viewed by students and parents. The Exam Scheduling module automatically generates exam schedules according to the nature, class capacities and facilitiesƒƒAutomatically calculates percentages, average marks, of the exam, in addition to the period setup and exam policies. cumulative marks, and ranks in a class. The module also allows for modifying any course after theƒƒProvides statistical reports on marks and rankings. automatic generation of schedules to re-set the time and placeƒƒProvide many templates for certificates and reports to be used manually. by different schools and universities. CommunicationƒƒShows grades in points, symbols or percentage formats. The Communication tools of ESKA® Academia help theScheduling educational institution enhance interaction channels between all stakeholders and set the ground rules for building a collaborativeThe Scheduling module significantly reduces the time spent learning community.creating complex class schedules with sophisticated schedulingalgorithms, considering the instructor availability, class capacity, ESKA® Academia provides a variety of advancedfacilities types and sizes, course rules, and gender diversity. The communication tools including:Scheduling module is carefully designed to help with organisingthe students’ optional subject choices and creating all specific ƒƒInstitutional Calendar, which provides a full schedule fordivisions of classes into groups. the student during the academic year. ƒƒForums and Chat Rooms, which provide an interactiveFees Management environment for students, parents, and instructors toThe Fees Management module handles all student financial- communicate.related issues and enables easy fees settlement. All institutional ƒƒNews and Events Room, which enables the institutions tofees and discounts are defined at the beginning of each publish news and events online.academic year; the system provides the tools to create billstemplates, customise bills for each student and parent, and ƒƒMessaging Tool, that connects instructors with parents andmonitor all financial transactions between ESKA® Academia students, and vise versa through sending individual and bulkand the applied Financial System. emails.
  4. 4. Cafeteria Management The system supports the management of cafeteria stock, follows up on cafeteria transactions such as purchases, and places orders to other departments such as the kitchen and food stations. IBDP (Program Management for Schools) When the system is applied for schools, the IBDP module manages all students that are registered in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. This includes managing student program registration, syllabi, past papers, exam registration, in addition to all extended essay issues Integration ESKA® Academia offers tight integration with the Financial,ƒƒMarquees and Notifications, which provide a comprehensive Human Resources, Payroll, and Inventory modules of ESKA® communication tool that allows users to announce news and Business Manager. This advanced integration facilitates events by posting marquees online and sending notification the capture, consolidation, analysis and distribution of data emails. across the institution, thus allowing comprehensive and efficient processing of information.Internet-to-SMSThe system provides a Web-based SMS Notification modulethat allows targeted and direct transfer of messages to themobile phones of parents, instructors, administrators, andstudents, individually or by group (bulk SMS). Furthermore, the er In ag teadministrator can schedule the sending transaction for later an r Mdates and times. The system also provides reporting on the SMS ne s es t-delivery. ESKA Busin to- SMSE-Library ESKA® ® AcademiaThe E-library module enables users to check library informationand availability of books through the Web. Users can easily checklibrary hours, lending hours, and Frequently Asked Questions,and search for publications, in addition to the privilege of ESvirtually borrowing books. K A® C MSE-LearningThe E-learning module enables instructors to create e-forms(surveys, assignments, and quizzes) for different subjects. Studentson the other hand can log in to find and fill in the e-forms theyare eligible to use.Moreover, the E-learning module enables instructors to followup on exams and quizzes after they are corrected manually orautomatically by the system.Fleet Management IPR® -2004/12/2962 ESK/WA/FL-10:001 Uen-Rev AThe Fleet Management module assists institute administrators tomanage and follow up on their vehicles and student distributionon buses. Vehicle movements are tracked along with allocateddrivers from departure to arrival points. Vehicle history is recordedin details covering information such as vehicle insurance, traffictickets, drivers, supervisors, accidents, license, and fuel. ESKADENIA Software, P Box: 1555 Amman 11821 Jordan, Tel: +962 6 5510717, Fax: +962 6 5510719, E-mail: .O.