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in3Dexpo is a platform designed primarily for meetings between professionals

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  1. 1. “in3Dexpo”An important moment of aggregation
  2. 2. What is a virtual fair? the most practical and fast way to take part in special eventsA virtual space, organized using stands which can be customizedin appearance, size and products.
  3. 3. A simple browsingStunning environments, interaction between users and much more ...The visitor moves in the 3D fair with a personalized avatarallowing users to visit the stands, view information aboutexhibitors and products on display (prices, photos, name, etc ...)and interact with other avatars in real time.
  4. 4. different kind of access users can enter freely as guests or after a loginUsers may access the platform, as exhibitors, through a simplelogin (password required). All users can otherwise visit the virtualfair as “Guests” submitting their personal informations for theregistration.
  5. 5. Business card automated vcard generatorin3D Expo is a platform designed primarily for meetings betweenprofessionals, for this reason it is essential to provide users theability to use an exchange of business cards . Each user may download the business card (vcard) of other users participating in the conference and store them automatically in the phone address book.
  6. 6. Easy registration automized generation of v-cardsRegistration can be done manually or by using the credentials ofFacebook and LinkedIn, or, otherwise, loading pre-existingvcards. The data entered during registration will generate thevirtual business card.Each user can modify thedata relating to him and Lucia Rossiload a personal image to Esimple lucia.rossi@xx.itshow to the other •••••• •••••• Medicinabusiness men.
  7. 7. A well organized space easy access to stands and conference roomsEvery pavilion may have a matrixwhith more than 40 exhibitionstands. Stands mey have differentsizes (eg: 6X6, 6X9, 6X12) to sutisfythe client’s needs.Each pavilion will have a commoninformational and advertising area.
  8. 8. Stands and Pavilions Easily customizable systemFor large events the administratorcan buy many pavilions to createa modular and expandable Pad. C Pad. Bplatform.Visitors can walk through the exhibition spacejust like in real life, or move from one stand toanother by selecting it from a special menu. Pad. A
  9. 9. A customized pavilionSpectacular exhibits for a beautiful 3D Fair Stands will be: ๏ S e l e c ta bl e f ro m a l i b ra r y o f templates ๏ different in sizes ๏ Completely personalized in furnishing, materials and color finishes (service quoted separately) ๏ Customizable with logos and images
  10. 10. Supported platforms no compatibility problemThe virtual fair can be easily integrated into every pre-existingwebsite, using the "embed" technology (as it is now for: youtube,google maps, etc...).The in3Dexpo can be Sito del clienteplaced directly into adedicated Expo site orembedded in thecustomer’s website. FIERA3D
  11. 11. Why should we? Because it is convenientThe expo organizer has many possible sources of income. He canearn money from:๏ Renting booths for exhibitors๏ Selling advertising space inside the virtual show (rotating, information point, banners, etc ...)๏ Selling banner on the website that hosts the ExpoIn addition, the organizer can save on all the costs a real exhibitionwould bring.
  12. 12. What can the organizer do? Centralized management and Highly functionalThe organizer can use the control panel to:๏ Manage pavilions๏ Place stands into the grid๏ Organize advertising spaces๏ Manage users and statistics
  13. 13. What can the exhibitor do? Easy access to datas from the control panelExhibitor can:๏ Choose the favorite stand starting from a library of templates๏ Manage products within the virtual space๏ Place posters and images in his own stand๏ Answer to requests for information and display the contacts data๏ Check statistics and contacts
  14. 14. A multilevel platfom Access to different kind of informationsWho enter in3Dexpo can decide todo it as registered or non registereduser.Non-registered users will haveaccess to less informations thanthose registered, whom will insteadbe able to chat in real time, sendrequests and documents, etc ...
  15. 15. Exhibitors and database ore informations about clients and visitors ti non registraExhibitors can view the data of utenti registratiregistered users who come to espositorivisit the stand, this allows thec re a t i o n o f a f u n d a m e n ta luserdatabase for targeted andrecurrent marketing actions.
  16. 16. A new business frontier discover new economical realities and new markets๏ No limitsin3Dexpo can be visited by users from all over the world, unlike realexhibitions. In fact, a virtual fair does not create traveling problemsand can be visited at any time, leaving full freedom to both visitorsand exhibitors.๏ New solutions and partnershipsin3Dexpo allows you to get in touch with alarger number of business contacts than realtrade shows.This translates into greater chances toestablish new professional relationships thatcan grow your Company.
  17. 17. flexible events Live events able to attract an awesome amount of usersin3Dexpo can be visited during all the year. The organizer may, usingthe control panel, determine the days when live events are expected(the live events have users who interact in real time amongthemselves or with the staff present in the stands) and the dayswhen, instead, the fair will be open without a direct interactionbetween users.If the exhibition is composed of more than one pavilion,the organizer can select few areas to show and leaveopen to the public only certain sections of the fair.
  18. 18. “Specifications”
  19. 19. User interaction multiplayer strengthsThe virtual fair will have a form that will enable multi-userinteraction between users simultaneously connected; usersaccording to their level of access may be able to:๏ Registered users: they may see other avatars and read the public chat (pop-up above the head), send and receive documents, etc... Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla๏ Exhibitors: They may use public Bla and private chat and visualize user’s infos.
  20. 20. Advertising management an additional source of revenueThe organizer may increase the revenue from in3Dexpo managingvarious advertising spaces, both in 2D and in 3D, directly from thecontrol panel. banners 3D infopoints 3D Banner
  21. 21. Pavilion specifications An easy and modular systemEach virtual pavilion will have a standard graphic (unless otherwiseagreed) with the following specifications:๏ more than 40 booths (min. 6x6)๏ more than 15 info points๏ more than 12 banners
  22. 22. A new business frontier the fastest way to know and be known by other CompaniesEvery single booth may share with visitors the followinginformations and documents:๏ Company profile and photo Gallery๏ Official Company videos (thanks to youtube and vimeo connection)๏ documents such as brochure - vcard - etc๏ exhibitor’s email, telephone number, etc...๏ file .pdf๏ links to the Company social fanpages
  23. 23. Informations ready at hand A 3D info point will give users all the informations neededInside each pavilion an info point will help users to find all theinformations and details required about the virtual expo.๏ exhibition’s general informations๏ pavilion interactive map๏ in3dexpo calendar๏ booths list and main infos
  24. 24. Customizations To make every event special and uniqueSplash Screen: you can customizethe home screen of welcomevisualized before launchingin3Dexpo;Navigator: you can customize thelogo to the left of the navigator.In the area below the menu therewill be a "sponsor" area,manageable directly from thecontrol panel. banner
  25. 25. “add-ons”
  26. 26. Conference room Beautiful 3D environments to host business meetingsExhibitors will be able to rent the Conference Room for meetingsand informational events designed to raise the brand awareness oftheir Companies and in which they can talk of common topics ofpublic interest.The Conference Room is a great marketing toolfor companies wishing to leverage thistechnology to increase sales and it’s anadditional source of income for the organizer.