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Teaching children about money
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Teaching children about money


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. AJAPAWORLDCLUBBe Smart, Be Wise…. Be successful!1
  • 2. ABOUT AJAPAWORLDAjapaworld is based on thecharacter of Ajapa the tortoise –the age-old Nigerian folkloreicon.Our products and services havebeen around since 2003 with thepublishing of the book Ajapa; theDay Tortoise Broke His Shell,authored by Akin Braithwaite.2
  • 3. The brand essence istaken from the traits ofthe folklore characternamely: - longevity,intuitive wisdom,intelligence, fun, can do,resilience.3
  • 4. Ajapaworld engageswith its primaryaudience - Children andearly Teens throughvarious formsincluding: FolkloreBooks, TelevisionPrograms, RadioShows, Stage DanceDrama, NewspaperActivity pull-out pages,Animation, SchoolClubs. Sunday Radio: Unilag FM, Metro FM Online: : @AjapaNG : Ajapaworld : Ajapaworld : Ajapa_World TV: Applications: GOOGLEPLAY& MTN EDUCATIONAL BUNDLE4
  • 5. AJAPAWORLD CLUBOur Club is an activity basedlearning club that teacheschildren:•Responsibility•Networking•Protecting the environment•Save money, delayedgratification and about money•The entrepreneur sprit•Learn to earn money5
  • 6. OUR STRATEGIES•Our Club is free•Members who subscribe to the financial literacyclub will receive:•A journal (Monthly)•A tortoise Bank•Wristband•Create more interactions between the parents,the school, Ajapa and the child. Through ourpoint earning system•Children who interact with Ajapa will receivefreebies from Ajapa•Children who also teach other children Ajapaprinciples will also receive rewards from Ajapalike:•Featuring in Ajapaworld Media•Earning badges•Prizes6
  • 7. REWARD JOURNAL•Fun Activities for children•Helps a child keep records of his expenditure•All the monies he/she receives, spends andhow much he is able to keep for the future•To help set and keep track of targets set bychildren•To help define chores that can earn the childreward and focus on developing skills•To help keep record of the child’s performanceby both school, parents and Ajapa in daily,weekly and monthly tasks•Entrepreneur guides to help empower thechildren and teach other children7
  • 8. HOW IT WORKS!•Children can receive a maximum of 100 pointsevery week from both the school and the home.•Parents agree with their children on how muchthey are willing to give per point weekly.•i.e if the parents are willing to give eachchild N200 maximum weekly , it will beN200 ÷ 100points = N2 per points•The school will give the child a total of 40points weekly while the child will earn a total of60 points weekly from his home.•Children are graded in the following categories•Not At all 0•Ok - 1•Very Good- 28
  • 9. HOW IT WORKS (SCHOOL)•The school will grade the children on a weeklybasis on four main activities which includes•Teamwork and Class participation•Homework•Obedience•Punctuality•Children give their teachers their journals to fillat the end of each day•The school will give the children a maximum of8 points daily and 40 points weekly.9
  • 10. HOW IT WORKS (HOME)For the parents:• parents agree with the children on whatchores or activities they will earn points for• Children will earn daily points from theirparents on the agreed parameters.• Parents can give the children a maximum of10 points a daily and 60 points weekly.Points the child earn from school and homeare combined and the child can receive amaximum total of 100 points every weekParents are expected to convert this pointsto cash or whatever reward they have earlieragreed with the child.10
  • 11. GETTING YOUR REWARDS!•The child’s total points arecalculated weekly Parent will convertthe points to cash for the children•Children will take out the percentagethey wish to spend and keep the restin the Tortoise Bank•Parents are advised to open a bankaccount of their choice for thechildren•Children will be able to take theirsavings under the supervision of theparents to the bank and watch itgrow!!!11
  • 12. AJAPA REWARDS•Ajapa rewards children forparticipating in club activities such as:•Participating in or sending contentfor the Ajapa media•Protecting the environment•Using technology to participate inactivities•Teaching other children saving andentrepreneur activities.•Children will be featured in AjapaMedia and will receive gifts from Ajapafor participating in Ajapa activities12
  • 13. CLUB ACTIVITIESChildren meet weekly and are taught the following bythe Ajapa Champion :-• Goals Setting• Savings• Converting and idea into money• Writing business plan• Developing a Product• Importance of advertising• Responsibility• Marketing your products• Business ethics & laws*note this lessons are tailor-made to suit each agegroups13
  • 14. COMPETITIONSchools and Children can register for our yearlycompetition. Schools and children who havebeen able to develop their own business will beable to competition in this category where theywill be expected to tell us their business stories;their experiences, challenges and they havediscovered about running the business.7 years and under- will make a video and tell ustheir experience8- 12 years old- Write a story about what theexperience was like13- young adults – will give a business reportand can also source for partnerships14
  • 15. REASON TO BECOME AJAPAWORLD CLUBMEMBERS!•Children become more responsible•Children learn how to save•Children learn the entrepreneur spirit•It is an activity based learning that involvesthe 3 major learning facilitators in a child’s life.The Parents, the teachers and Ajapa!•Children will be able to develop skills that willhelp them make effective career choices•Children are able to translate what they havelearnt and use it for both entrepreneur andwork place skills•Children learn financial terms and how thereal financial system works•Children are able to be come effective leaders15
  • 16. THANK YOU!!!16Partners!  Contact Us: Ese: Tinu: Sam: Sanmi: Office lines 081-0- MY- AJAPA - 081-069-25272 081-0- HI- AJAPA – 081-044-25272 01-9501130Office Address15 Okesuna StreetLagos Island