Mobile World Congress 2014 - Creafutur Report


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Brief report on the higlights of the Mobile World Congress 2014

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Mobile World Congress 2014 - Creafutur Report

  1. 1. Mobile World Congress Report
  2. 2. Introduction The Mobile World Congress is a conference held annually in the city of Barcelona, ​​the Mobile World Capital, where mobile companies present the latest technological innovations and generates exchange and collaboration between international companies. This document covers the latest trends and developments presented in this last edition, held from 24 to 27 February 2014 at Fira de Barcelona.
  3. 3. Mobile Technology The most important innovations on devices in Mobile Technology are: Sony Xperia Z2 The display has grown to 5.2-inches giving plenty of space, with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset and 3GB of RAM. It’s waterproof with more storage and a 3200mAh battery. It includes a 20.7-megapixels camera including 4K video capture. Samsung Galaxy S5 The big rival to the Sony Xperia Z2. There is a 5.1-inch display and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset with 2GB of RAM. The 2800mAh battery is accessible so you can switch it out, it comes with Android 4.4 KitKat and is also water resistant. Includes a new 16-megapixels with AF system. Huawei Media Pad X1 This new 7-inch compact tablet is fully phone enabled and has 4G LTE connection. There is a 1920x1200 resolution display with a 1.6GHz quad-core chipset and 2GB of RAM. New Models Samsung Galaxy S5 Sony Xperia Z2 Huawei Media Pad X1
  4. 4. Mobile Technology Wearable Accessories Wearable accessories have gained importance in this fair, some companies such as Samsung, Sony or Huawei have has introduced their smartbands. For instance, the new Samsung Gear Fit clock is able to control movements and recognize physiological needs and has been a highlighted innovation. Google Glass Google Glass, although not yet on sales, has been one of the stars of the Congress due to the presented applications. They can be used for some different objectives: pay and pick up products on vending machines, get more information about products while shopping, sharing content on social networks or facial recognition. Operating Systems We have seen that many new models of devices, such as Alcatel and ZTE, incorporate the new operating system from Mozilla Foundation, Firefox OS launched at Mobile World Congress 2013. Samsung dismissed Android for their smart watches, which offer the free operating system Tizen. Connectivity Neelie Kroes, European Commission Vice President, announced the funding of 50 million € for the 5G development in Europe. Universities of Great Britain and Germany joint efforts in developing this new mobile technology to make Europe pioneer in this new service. New Devices New Technology Google Glass Samsung Gear Fit 5G Technology
  5. 5. World App Fetch – Best App of 2014 It allows you to be alert to the latest applications of Google Play depending on our interests. Just pick the types od apps you like and Fetch will keep searching for you, looking for the best matches. Only on Fetch you can search more than 100 different traits to get the type od apps and games that you like. Mis Reuniones – Audience Award By means of this Mexican application, meetings can be managed much more effectively. It offers a modern and intuitive interface and strategic information day-to-day. Social Diabetes – Big Impact Award This Spanish application helps people with diabetes Type 1 and 2. It works offline or in real-time with their doctor to improve their quality of life. It offers insulin recommendations based on the individual’s actual intake of carbs and blood glucose levels, exercise tracking and patterns of behaviour. It is available in 10 languages. WhatsApp (acquired by Facebook) will include a free voice calling service in the second quarter of the year, and Shazam has gone through a redesign process to improve the user experience, including lyrics among other features. In this year’s editions, the applications linked to the world of education or with a high social component, are remarkable. These two categories are the ones that have grown within the frame of leisure and entertainment. Some examples are: Nott Won’t Sleep, interactive bed-time stories for kids. Sparkvue HD, a real-time sensor-based data collection which is a physics and life sciences education application. AidApps, that allows to contribute to your favourite cause or NGO through mobile payment. Mobile Premier AwardsApps Innovation
  6. 6. The purpose of Connected City stage is to represent an urban environment with mobile connections with products and services to demonstrate how mobile technology is improving our lives. For instance: The connected home which displayed their wireless solution for home control and monitoring of alarm systems, temperature and security. The new sport t-shirt (D-Shirt), which allows for monitoring of the wearer’s temperature, heart rate, speed, acceleration and geolocation. New Facilities BMW with SAP are developing two software prototypes: • The first one is for parking search by location and profile of the car driver. • The second one let you receive coupons and offers based on the marked route and preferences of occupants. Entertainment Platforms Other technology companies have presented their new car entertainment platforms. Telefonica in collaboration with Tesla have presented a full connected car with a 17-inch touchscreen used to control the temperature from the distribution of sound. Telefonica will provide Internet connection permanently to the car. Connected City Connected Car Connected Living
  7. 7. New InitiativesNew Solutions Green Technology One of the most eco-friendly initiatives has been the eco-chargers from Green Solution company, that allows you to charge the battery of any mobile device with solar energy for free. It has also been presented the application Join Up Taxi! that aims to optimize the use of personal or business transport to reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere and reduce travel costs. A Carbon Neutral Event The organizers of the Mobile World Congress implemented a plan to minimize emissions or carbon footprint during the fair, encouraging the re-use and recycling materials at the venue, utilising digital signage and electronic tools.
  8. 8. Payment via smartphone has been one of the stars of this year's congress. G&D technology group presented the latest technologies to deploy mobile payment commercial services through NFC ((Near Field Communication). Samsung and PayPal presented a partnership to develop the mobile payment through a fingerprint sensor. In addition, MasterCard has purchased C-SAM, the software and services provider of mobile payment, to accelerate the development of its service of digital payment. The Municipal Transport Company (EMT) from Valencia has recently launched the payment of the bus through the smartphone using NFC. Mobile Payment New Technology
  9. 9. Mobile City Tour In the framework of MWC 2014, the Mobile Word Capital Barcelona activated the “Mobile Transformation Program”, which included some different actions to make Barcelona an example and a reference in transforming and generating new mobile ideas. One of these actions was the organization of various Mobile City Tours where national and international attendees enjoyed a lot of mobile experiences in the fields of shopping, art, culture and innovation. A unique and exclusive experience, organized by the Mobile World Capital Foundation. . Shopping Experience VIP Visit Casa Batlló VIP Tour MACBA Innovation Showroom Route for the most important fashion stores in Passeig de Gràcia, where technology partners have installed mobile shopping solutions to improve the user experience. VIP guided tour that includes the MACBA Expo Mobile Antoni Abad. Visit to the Mobile World Centre where several brands present its technological innovative solutions.VIP guided visit in Casa Batlló, to enjoy the Art Nouveau and discovery Gaudi's architecture in augmented reality.
  10. 10. Mobile & Food Creafutur carried out the m-Smartfood event, for the MWC: it was focused on the latest facts and trends in food, nutrition, gastronomy and food service related to technology and consumer behavior. In addition, some disruptive technologies that will impact the next two years in how consumers select, buy, eat and share what people eat, both at home and in a restaurant, were shown, including Google Glass technology. We had the attendance of some of the most relevant companies of food industry. On April, a new workshop event based on new technologies and food, will be carried out at Creapolis facilities. More information coming soon…
  11. 11. Edifici ESADECREAPOLIS Av. Torre Blanca 57, local B15 08173 Sant Cugat del Vallès T +34 93 206 17 50 F +34 93 205 96 11