Earning An Ethical Living As A Sexuality Professional

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Kali Williams presentation for AASECT 2013 "Earning An Ethical Living As A Sexuality Professional"

Kali Williams presentation for AASECT 2013 "Earning An Ethical Living As A Sexuality Professional"

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  • 1. Earning An Ethical Living As A SexualityProfessional#EthicalSexPro
  • 2. The majority of what we’ll be talking about isthe act of building a business & the specificaspects of ethics that are involved in the sexualprofessional field.
  • 3. In the professional sexuality world, there isvery little business instruction.Through branding, marketing andmonetizing you’ll find the best way toethically establish the kind of valueexchange that adds to your bank account.#EthicalSexProBy default, mostsexualityprofessionals areentrepreneurs.
  • 4. Self EmploymentA large percentage of sexuality professionals areself-employed.However very little, if any, training goes into thebusiness side of being a sexuality professional.As a result, manyprofessionals struggle withthe aspects of theirprofession OTHER THANsexuality related training.#EthicalSexPro
  • 5. What have you heard?Do you think of your practice as a business?What have you been told you “HAVE” to do?What scares you about building your business?What would you like to improve in your business?#EthicalSexPro
  • 6. Normative ethics is the study of ethical action. Itis the branch of philosophical ethics thatinvestigates the set of questions that arise whenconsidering how one ought to act, morallyspeaking.#EthicalSexPro
  • 7. Frequently the ethics of therapy getset apart from the ethics of valueexchange & that’s unfair topractitioners.#EthicalSexPro
  • 8. My Goal Today+ Help alleviate the seemingly contradictoryexperiences of applying the ethics required as asexuality professional and the ethics of earning aliving.+ The are both necessary foryou to maintain a healthy, activepractice.#EthicalSexPro
  • 9. Earning a LivingIn many ways money can be, and is demonizedin the social services arena.We are all passionate about what we do & tendto feel a ‘calling’ to our careers.
  • 10. However enjoying your work & doing work thathelps others does NOT preclude you fromvaluing the services you offer.#EthicalSexPro
  • 11. Industry StandardsMy background is in an industry that isn’t exactly know for itsethics, so I’ve had to figure out my own structure & boundariesto create a system that I call the“Ethics of Earning”.This has allowed me to wield great ‘power’ over my clientswhile keeping both of us assured that I willhave their best interests at heart without de-valuing my work.#EthicalSexPro
  • 12. “Ethical Earning”Is my customer getting a perceived value equal to whatthey are spending?Am I using my knowledge, experience & skill to providea high degree of value to my customers?Am I charging a price that is in line with my own skillsthat is achievable for the clients I seek?#EthicalSexPro
  • 13. How do you feel about the Ethics of Earning?What issues or struggles have you had withbuilding your business in a financiallysustainable way?
  • 14. ObstaclesWhat are the biggest obstacles standing in yourway of a financially successful business?How do you define “success”?What have you proactively doneto create a financially sustainable business?#EthicalSexPro
  • 15. Passion =/= ProfitYes, it is important to be passionate about yourwork, but passion alone won’t build a profitablebusiness & you can’t pay your electricity bill with‘passion’.You have to be proactive when reaching out toyour client base, let the passion guideyou but be sure to have a strategyto put that passion to use#EthicalSexPro
  • 16. Building Your BusinessDefine Your Personal Story/Brand
  • 17. Building Your BusinessDefine Your Personal Story/BrandFind Your Niche & Your Ideal Customer#EthicalSexPro
  • 18. Building Your BusinessDefine Your Personal Story (Brand)Find Your Niche & Your Ideal CustomerCreate Marketing Opportunities#EthicalSexPro
  • 19. Building Your BusinessDefine Your Personal Story (Brand)Find Your Niche & Your Ideal CustomerCreate Marketing OpportunitiesMarket according to a pre-decided strategy#EthicalSexPro
  • 20. The differences…• Advertising – one way: you  potential client• Branding – The over-all ‘story’ for your business to beused in all communication• Marketing – Engaging customers in a two waycommunication about your business• Permission Marketing – Newsletter sign-ups#EthicalSexPro
  • 21. AdvertisingThese are: Magazine & Radio AdsPaid Banners on WebsitesBe careful of who you allow to advertise onYOUR site as well, any affiliates should be in linewith your brand regardless of payout.#EthicalSexPro
  • 22. Define Your Personal Story (Brand)A “brand” is simply a consistent image/story that ispresented by a business (or in this case, you)What is your story? What makes you different fromyour colleagues?How is your perspective & training unique?#EthicalSexPro
  • 23. Find Your Niche & Your Ideal CustomerDon’t try to be everything to everyone. Specialize.What is your absolute favorite, most inspiring challengeto help your clients with?What ‘type’ client do you lookforward to working with?Is there a niche within a niche thatyou can specialize in?#EthicalSexPro
  • 24. Marketing 101• Don’t just talk about what has “made youqualified”• Talk about why your qualifications make YOUthe right solution for THEM.#EthicalSexPro
  • 25. When it comes to marketing your services youneed to remember that your value is not in whatyou do, but what you do for others.Potential customers want to know directly howyou’re going to help them solve their problem.It’s about them – NOT you…#EthicalSexPro
  • 26. StrategyA strategy is just a plan, it doesn’thave to be complex, but it doesneed to be a guide to achieve yourgoals.There should be room for growth.As you track what works & whatdoesn’t you’ll adjust your strategy.#EthicalSexPro
  • 27. Strategy includes…Defining your message.Choosing the best platforms to spread yourmessage & find your ideal clients.Measurements that can be documented.Conscientious collaborations & networking#EthicalSexPro
  • 28. Defining your message.What is the message you’re trying to convey toyour potential clients?#EthicalSexPro
  • 29. Choosing the best platforms to spreadyour message & find your ideal clients.There are a number of social media options now.Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr…There are also lots of website optionsBuild your own, Pay someone else, Include ablog, have a newsletter…Plus: Presenting at events, joining organization#EthicalSexPro
  • 30. Don’t Use them All!Social Media is the new MUST-DO ofbusiness, but it’s VERY easy to getoverwhelmed by all the options and decidingwhat, if any, you should use.How to Decide What To UseHow does your personality best translate?Which format best suits your communication style?Where are you most likely to find potential clients?Which format will be the easiest & most consistent to upkeep?How does the platform fit in with your brand?#EthicalSexPro
  • 31. Websites & new media are a vital part ofgrowing a business in the Internet Age.If you don’t have a website yet, get one. Now. Itdoesn’t have to be complicated & there are anumber of ways you can build & maintain it yourselffor free or a nominal cost.Let me repeat, you MUST have a website.It should be consistent with your brand.It should have all necessary infofor potential clients#EthicalSexPro
  • 32. Sexuality has limited options for advertising, soknowing how to incorporate “story-telling” (akabranding) can contribute greatly to your financialsuccess.The internet is the most useful toolto tell your story, you just need tomake it work for you#EthicalSexPro
  • 33. Organizational ToolsI use a paper calendar to schedule mymarketing & outreach.Google Calendar is a VERY popular toolfor keeping track of necessary dates &deadlines.Use a calendar to SCHEDULE yourmarketing. Blog posts, socialmedia, newsletters#EthicalSexPro
  • 34. Measurements that can be documentedOn your site (either the one you have or the oneyou’re going to build ASAP) make sure you haveGoogle Analytics.For social media sign up for HootSuite tomanage your accounts, schedule posts inadvance & learn analyticsfor your social media traffic#EthicalSexPro
  • 35. If you don’t know what’s working…Then you won’t be able to focus your energyeffectively. I also consider this to be a part of“ethical earning”. You owe it to yourself to spendyour time wisely & make the most money in theprocess. So choose a few statistics to measureand start with that#EthicalSexPro
  • 36. Conscientious collaborations &networkingCollaborations can be a major contributor tosuccess. Finding peers that align with your brand& are complimentary to your services give you abroader reach.Networking can happen in person atevents like this or online through socialmedia. Take advantage of theseopportunities!#EthicalSexPro
  • 37. Where do you go from here?What are three simple goals to set for your business?How can you realistically achieve those goals?#EthicalSexPro
  • 38. The Two-Way Street of EthicsEthical behavior towards your clients is a muchdiscussed topic in the industry.But it is also about treating yourself ethically.You can take care of your clients & patientsrespectfully, ethically & profitably.#EthicalSexPro
  • 39. Kali Williams (aka Princess Kali)EroticationOnline@Gmail.com@CoachingByKalihttp://www.CoachingByKali.comhttp://www.Erotication.com#EthicalSexProSlide Show & Resource Listhttp://coachingbykali.com/aasect-earn-an-ethical-living-as-a-sexuality-professional/Poster Sessionhttp://coachingbykali.com/aasect-poster-presentation/