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  • 4. Not enough headroom Space around the edges distracts from the model. Shot from upward angle so the model is made to look less appealing. Intruders in frame looks unprofessional. Too much headroom Wind direction means model 2’s hair looks strange and distracts from the image. Just enough headroom Model’s hairline is shown which is distracting and off putting Colours are washed out and there is not enough contrast Initial photographs
  • 5. I wanted my magazine to look like something young people would want to read. I find the most common issue with common school magazines is they patronise the reader by producing editorials about “youth” topics. The issue with these is they also try to be parent friendly and so are often lost in translation resulting in a disjointed brand image. For my magazine I aimed for a bright appealing youthful look, which advises readers without telling, it also features light relief from the respite of school life by providing stories that interest students. School is such a large part of student life that to overwhelm them with a magazine fuelled by school alone would be both naive and ill-planned. I was aiming for a legitimate student magazine and so I chose a fashion photography picture, which frequents the cover pages of Vogue, among other popular editorials. The decision for this was to create a more grown up brand which didn’t play to stereotypical trends The colours were also important because often school magazines are very formal, making them hostile to young people. I stuck with bold, stylised, almost cartoon text so that it stood out, as well as bright colours so it was eye-catching. I wanted to involve fashion as well as interesting topics and avoid condescending and off-putting “advice” stories. Hence why the photograph focuses on the model’s look. I wanted the school to play a small part in the overall magazine so, though it is present, I made itt’s involvment subtle. This is to avoid asscosiating it with the concept of schooling and the formality that derives from it. Having studied magazines like wired I decided that the Primary Kicker needed to be both succinct, to the point, and also visually incising. If the brand is sound enough the kicker should be what sells the magazine. An introduction to my magazine
  • 6. Revisions to the original The date line was too small and featured an almost unreadable font which looked out of place when grouped with the hyper-modern and youthful text around it. This has been sized down and matched with the other fonts in the magazine. The gaps between the kicker were too large and lacked any symmetry, this has been resolved making it clearer and more striking. The stretched barcode has been replaced and made to look more natural. The identity of the brand was clear from the first attempt so few revisions were needed, the text required minor attention and small issues such as the stretched barcode had to be resolved.
  • 7. EYE FLOW The title is bright and catching so that is where the eyes are immediately drawn to, then they flow down through the model’s eyes, to the secondary kickers and finish on the large primary kicker. We read left to right so that is why the kickers are positioned as they are, so that the eyes finish on the main story. The bright colours lead the way and the secondary kickers are slightly out of line, so that they lead the eye down and across.
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  • 10. Excellent layout and eye flow Good imagery Consistent fonts from cover Appealing strapline Good caption Interesting editor’s note Good editorial pillars Page numbers missing from articles Off-black lines at the top right “ Features” could be lighter Try to balance the images with more contrast, less brightness In future: vary the locations, very the shot and angle.
  • 11. Final TOC The black has been darkened so as to match the rest of the page Page numbers added Colour changed so it has a larger contrast with the ‘whats inside kicker’
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