Stimulate 10 Travel Guide


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Basic Travel tips for Stimulate Participants of VLIR- ITP at Vrije Universitiet Brussel

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Stimulate 10 Travel Guide

  1. 1. BASIC TRAVEL GUIDE FOR STIMULATE PARTICIPANTS ( From Jette Campus ) 1st edition Lauren P. Kipaan, STIMIUC 2009 ( BSU- Philippines )
  2. 2. Important Tips 1. Brings euro coins, you will need this if you will call and buy drinks thru machines in the Student home upon arrival. 2. Bring lots of foods ( noodles, Water base foods ) because we are not yet familiar with the place to buy things. 3. Bring spoon, plate, drinking and a small cooking pot. 4. Bring tooth paste, shampoo, and other hygiene related things. 5. Bring office Tools like paste, scissor, masking tape, etc. you will need this in many activities. 6. 70-100 euro is the safest amount that you will bring in to start a living. 7. Expect food adjustments. 8. Bring medicine for your usual ailments ( headaches , flu & etc. ). 9. If you bring liquid based products, put them together and sealed it thru masking tapes then put in a black plastic bag and sealed it again. As much as possible, put in a not noticeable part of your baggage. This might cause trouble in the Airport.
  3. 3. Before Travel Tips 1. Photocopy your travel documents and put in your hand carry bag and in the Check baggage. Don't forget the name tag of the baggage plus the contact person in Belgium and the email address. 2. In your hand carry bag, put some food to eat upon arrival in Brussels. You might miss your baggage in the Airport, at least you have something to eat in the student home. 3. If you come to Belgium during Winter, Put already your jacket, gloves, and bonnet in your hand carry bag. It is better also to bring belt bag for you to easily put and bring out your passport and other documents. 4. In your passport, insert or paste your address in the student home plus the contact no. of Sir Alexander Coppens ( Assistant to Prof. Neuwenhuysen ). 5. In Amsterdam Airport, you expect a long walk and puzzling signs. If you are not sure don't hesitate to ask the right person and always confirm.
  4. 4. 6. In Zaventem Airport, you will expect also a long walk in a more puzzling routes. Anyway, just follow the sign of the baggage ( uitgang ) and look for the baggage belts and read the scrolling place of origin of the baggage's. 7. If you can't find the taxi arranged for you, call sir Alexander Coppens. Maybe he will advise you to take a taxi and always choose the trusted face ( maybe the old ones ). Before riding in a taxi, call sir Alexander again and give the taxi plate number. On your way, give the driver something from your country ( food is better ). You represent the good image of your country by doing that. 8. If you arrived at night, and you didn't bring food, you buy in the airport or train station. There is no available store in the student home at night except for the readily available drink machines. 9. If you arrived during Saturdays and Sundays, Maybe you are still afraid to travel, You can buy some drinks and foods inside the Hospital entrance ( Building 1 ) at the back of ( building 6 ) bus stop but it is open only from 1pm. Their is also an ATM machine just beside the store. 10. Time setting in Belgium is Military time, meaning 1pm is 13:00 hour or 17:00 hour is 5pm.
  5. 5. ANATOMY OF VUB BUILDINGS Buildings in VUB are classified or named according to alphabets or numbers. You will usually see buildings with big letters or numbers in the building. An example would be; D.2.13 This illustrated alphabet and numbers tells us that the classroom is at building D and it is located in the second floor and room number 13. in short, D Building 2 Floor 13 Room number You can also search information of any VUB employees thru the website of VUB and click on the menu “WHO IS WHO”.
  6. 6. Time left before Destination departure Bus number
  7. 7. Insert your ticket here! Bus stop indicator Stop button
  8. 8. At the span of 9am, the bus will arrive at 9:19 am and 9:40 am.
  9. 9. Laarbeek- UZ Brussel is the name or the place of the bus stop. Number 13, 15, 53, 245, 820 and 84 are the number of buses that passes or stop at this bus stop. Noctis are night buses.
  10. 10. Bus 1 will arrive after six minutes
  11. 11. The Train starts at Antwerpen-Central at 8:42am and will arrived at Anvers-Central at 9:25 am. The train also stops at Vilvorde at 8:50, Mechelen at 8:58am … and Anvers-Berchem 9:19. The number 11, 12, 4, 8, and 4 are the number of Train tracks ( Spoor ).
  12. 12. CITY TRAVEL TIPS from VUB JETTE CAMPUS 1. Please observe the traffic lights in walking. 2. Inquire and ask people. 3. Memorize landmarks. To Simonis Maybe your first travel in the city is to buy foods. Go to the hospital entrance ( Building Number 6), this is the bus stop of Bus 14, 13 & 15 but take the Bus number 14 UZ BRUSSEL and drop off at Simonis. You will need to buy a ticket ( 2 euro ) to the driver and insert it in the machine. As you travel, the bus stops at Dieleghem, De rieveren, Legrelle, Spiegel, Broustin. if you see this bus stop, you are in the right direction. But sometimes the bus change routes, anyway you will go to Simonis. You will see many shops in the environment of Simonis. Shops in Belgium are normally within the building, unlike in the tropical countries that all are displayed in the streets.
  13. 13. To GB & ALDI Supermarket Take bus 14 at the hospital entrance, get off at Spiegel ( the moment the bus enter in the line track of trams ). As you step out, you will see the ENJOY VIDEO and the Church. go to the direction of VOSCA and CENTRE AUDITIF billboard and building with STELLA ARTOIS written on it. As you cross the street, go to right and go to the left upon reaching the street corner ( a tram line ). Take right upon reaching the BEL COMPANY & BLOKKER, you will see GB Supermarket. You will pass thru MOBISTAR, VIVALDIS & TWINS business shops. If you can't follow the first instruction, go to the wide parking area just in front of the gate of the Church, and there, you can see GB Supermarket. To go back, go to the bus stop in where you get off and wait again for Bus number 14- UZ BRUSSEL. You can also ride in the Bus 13 but it will pass thru many bus stops. TO BRUSSEL NORTH STATION Take bus 14 front of the hospital until the final destination to Brussel northstation. Get off the moment you see the WTC towers 11 & 111. Go up in the stairs towards the train station. If you start from VUB Etterbeek Campus, take the tram #25 direction Noordstation. To go up, take the escalator. Brussel Noord or Brussel North Station to UZ BRUSSEL ( VUB Jette ) At the exit S. Bolivar Plein overloooking WTC towers, look for the bus stop of Bus 14- direction UZ Brussell ( right side if you go down the steps of the North station). During the night, the bus #15 is available until 11pm. If you will go to VUB Etterbeek Campus, take the tram 25 just below the station. Take the escalator in going down.
  14. 14. Take bus 14 and stop at SIMONIS. As you enter in the gate of the Metro subway, go down to the left, this is subway line 2 and DELACROIX as destination. You will observe this following stops; Ribaucourt, Yser, Rogier, Botanique, Madou, Arts- Loi, Troon, Porte de Namur, Louise, Munthof, Porte de Hal, Zuidstation, and finally the CLEMENCEAU. Get off and go up and just follow the direction of many people ( with caddy ) or towards the basketball court, if you are not sure ask people. To go back, return to the same subway but take the direction of SIMONIS. Get off at Simonis and take the exit Avenue Jette-Jetse Laan / Leopold 11. Note: Clemenceau or Anderlecht Open Market ( Every Saturday/ Sunday ) The market is open in the morning until 14 o’clock in the afternoon.
  15. 15. TO INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS & MOBILITY OFFICE Take bus 14, get off at Simonis. Take the subway line 2 direction of Hermann Debroux. Get off at Petillion. Take the exit “Vrijwilligerslaan” and Walk straight to “ Avenue der Voluntaires” until you see VUB ( you will pass thru this shops; Texaco,Couture Jonistar, Lasagneria, Pharmacie Apoteek, Agra Indian Restaurant ) after this, just continue walking along Avenue Henri Schoofs Laan then cross the street and look for the building illustrated. It is near the oval. The International Relations and Mobility service is situated on the ground floor. Enter the building and enter in the door at your left side. You can also take the tram from Petillion by taking the exit “Louis Schmidt” and walk until you see the tram line. Take the inner track direction Boondaal Station and get off at Tweede Lanciers or Etterbeek station.