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The most honest customer index in the world - Good vs Bad. Dashboard for retailers and brands to view analytics of their index; it's a mashup of multiple social media services.

The most honest customer index in the world - Good vs Bad. Dashboard for retailers and brands to view analytics of their index; it's a mashup of multiple social media services.

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  • 1. The most honest customer index in the world
  • 2. What is the challenge?Retailers loose more than $44 billion annually due to bad customer experiences
  • 3. You are loosing money now
  • 4. With Good vs Bad -You spend 10x less compared to your current customer service burn
  • 5. Good vs. Bad index combines datafrom the most popular social sites
  • 6. What is your index?
  • 7. We have indexed over 100 million venues and brands with a reach of 400 million users worldwide
  • 8. Good vs. Bad dashboardfor SMEs, brands and retailers
  • 9. Master feedback easilyView consolidated customer feedback ofyour business from top review sitesMobile channel for collecting instant honestfeedback for any of your business locationsAutomated system allowing you to managereputation proactively and motivatingcustomers to return to your shop
  • 10. We turn negative feedback into positive
  • 11. Some interesting facts…92%of buyers regularly check online reviews before making a purchase80%consumers reverse their purchase decisions based on negative reviews
  • 12. 95% of our customers see an immediate increase in their index81% of the feedback is positive andconstantly growing on a 10% rate Growth Loyalty Sales Customer index
  • 13. How does it work? Intuitive user experience encourages users to share feedback across social media See with a glance what is trending (Good or Bad) and identify problems faster and better Our platform understands to push right incentives to right users; turning negative feedback into positive and driving repeat sales for you
  • 14. Impact of negative feedbackAverage purchase per consumer 150 $Number of customers (per store) annually 8800Annual revenue 1 320 000Percentage of negative customer experiences 10 %Number of customers facing problems 880Number of friends told about the negative experience 2Number of potential customers who hear of problems 1 760Lost revenue in total (per one store) 79 200 Research shows that on average 1 negative feedback leads to 8-15 additional negatives and 25 % drop in loyalty Source: CTMA
  • 15. Wouldn’t you rather win this money?
  • 16. Getting started is freeSign up for a 30-day trialAccess dashboard and start updating your Good vs. Bad index – inviteyour customers to tell what they think of you!(built-in templates for social media, email and web)Turn bad experiences into goodCreate trackable (LBS) campaigns and have the system running on thebackground.Access to “Peer Group”Good vs Bad has a community for shop owners to share experiences
  • 17. We‘ll reward your customers!
  • 18. Leverage our partner networkAccess to +400M users to Reward Track everything & earn incremental revenue acquire new customersTargeting based on app (e.g. Sponsor in-app Leverage our dashboard to Pandora), location, gender, missions across analyze the data collected to age and context 1000s of apps based optimize campaigns and customer on users’ behavior service!
  • 19. Sign up!
  • 20. Thank you! Erno Tauriainen 212-203-3117Good - let’s do business!