VMworld2011 Recap


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VMware: VMworld 2011 News, Product Updates and Much More!

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VMworld2011 Recap

  1. 1. VMworld 2011“Highlights”Vadim Shvarts, Sr. Strategic Systems EngineerVMware–Eastern Canada vshvarts@vmware.com © 2011 VMware Inc. All rights reserved
  2. 2. The Cloud Era is Transforming Business Connected, Mobile, Information-Centric World Business Reduction in Complexity via New IT Architectures and Business Models2
  3. 3. The First Comprehensive Cloud Infrastructure Suite Cloud Infrastructure Suite Policy, Reporting, vCloud Director Self-Service Virtualized Security & vShield Security Edge Functions Monitoring & vCenter Operations Management vCenter SRM Business Continuity High Performance vSphere 5 Resource Control, Pooling & Scheduling3
  4. 4. Delivering Choice: Hybrid Cloud Model Apps Apps vCloud Partners: e.g. Private Cloud vCloud Service Provider VMware vCloud = Cloud Infrastructure Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure4
  5. 5. vSphere 5What’s New? •  Virtual Appliance vCenter Server •  Web Client •  New HA Architecture •  32 way SMP •  ESXi Firewall •  vMotion over •  1 TB VMs higher latency links Application Services Availability Security Scalability VMware vSphere 5 Compute Storage Network Infrastructure Services •  Storage DRS •  Network I/O Control •  ESXi Convergence •  Profile-Driven Storage (per VM controls) •  Auto Deploy •  HW version 8 •  VMFS 5 •  Distributed Switch •  Storage I/O Control (NFS) (Netflow, SPAN, LLDP)5
  6. 6. vSphere 5 Most TrustedESXi Convergence Overview §  vSphere 5.0 will utilize the ESXi hypervisor exclusively §  ESXi is the gold standard for hypervisors vSphere ESXi Benefits §  Thin architecture §  Smaller security footprint §  Streamlined deployment and configuration §  Simplified patching and updating model6
  7. 7. vSphere 5Auto Deploy Overview vCenter Server §  Deploy and patch vSphere hosts in with Auto Deploy minutes using a new “on the fly” model §  Coordination with vSphere Host Profiles Image Profiles Host Profiles Benefits §  Rapid provisioning: initial deployment and patching of hosts vSphere vSphere vSphere §  Centralized host and image management §  Reduce manual deployment and patch processes7
  8. 8. vSphere 5Storage DRS and Profile-Driven Storage Overview High IO §  Tier storage based on performance Throughput characteristics (i.e. datastore cluster) §  Simplify initial storage placement §  Load balance based on I/O §  Resource alignment with SLAs Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Benefits §  Eliminate VM downtime for storage maintenance §  Reduce time for storage planning/ configuration §  Reduce errors in the selection and management of VM storage §  Increase storage utilization by optimizing placement8
  9. 9. vSphere 5Performance Guarantees – Network and Storage I/O Control 3. w/ Other VMs can 2. I/O controls, Overview give VIP VMs 1. VM requests are starved preferential access more resources §  Set up SLAs for use of storage and for resources network resources §  Added per virtual machine settings for Network I/O Control §  Added NFS support for Storage I/O Control Benefits §  Eliminate the “noisy neighbor” problem §  More granular SLA settings for network traffic §  Extend Storage SLAs to more VMs9
  10. 10. vSphere 5Scaling Virtual Machines Overview §  Create virtual machines with up to: §  32 vCPU §  1 TB of RAM Benefits §  4x size of previous vSphere versions 4x §  Run even the largest applications in vSphere, including very large databases §  Virtualize even more applications than ever before (Tier 1 and 2)10
  11. 11. vCenter 5vCenter Server Appliance (Linux) Overview §  Run vCenter Server as a Linux-based appliance Benefits §  Simplified setup and configuration §  Enables deployment choices according to business needs or requirements §  Leverages vSphere availability features for protection of the management layer11
  12. 12. vCenter 5Flex-Based Web Client Overview §  Run and manage vSphere from any web browser anywhere in the world Benefits §  Platform independence §  Replaces Web Access GUI §  Building block for cloud based administration12
  13. 13. vSphere 5 Kit Lineup – Multi-CPU Bundle Kit Feature and Scale Overview Essential Kits Acceleration Kits All editions include: Thin Provisioning, Update Manager, Storage APIs for (up to 3 hosts) (unlimited hosts, extensible management) Data Protection, Image Profile, and SLES (except Ess and Ess +) Essentials + Enterprise + New in vSphere 5.0 Essentials Standard AK Enterprise AK (ROBO) AKPrice (license only) - - - - -Includes - - - - -Entitlements per CPU license•  vRAM Entitlement 32 GB 32 GB 32 GB 64 GB 96 GB (144 GB max) (144 GB max)•  vCPU 8 way 8 way 8 way 8 way 32 wayFeatures•  Centralized Management•  High Availability•  Data Recovery•  vMotion•  Virtual Serial Port Concentrator•  Hot Add•  vShield Zones•  Fault Tolerance•  Storage APIs for Array Integration, Multipathing•  Storage vMotion•  Distributed Resource Scheduler & Distributed Power Management•  Distributed Switch•  I/O Controls (Network and Storage)•  Host Profiles•  Auto deploy•  Policy-Driven Storage•  Storage DRS 13
  14. 14. Cloud Requires a New Approach to Automation and Management Traditional IT Cloud Management Management •  Applications managed at the •  User access to applications individual device, usually the and data managed across desktop, with limited data multiple devices ensuring portability availability anytime, anywhere •  Ad-hoc, manual approaches •  Applications developed and to building, testing, releasing released on consistent, complex applications based standardized, fully on monolithic architectures automated application platforms •  Static, traditional •  Highly virtualized infrastructures with low levels infrastructures (>80%) with of virtualization resulting in embedded management complex, often manual resulting in high availability management processes and greater agility Services and assets tied Service components aretogether in complex, brittle, abstracted and sourced fromvertical stacks that are hard dynamic resource pools with to change and manage Business agility IT able to keep up with the horizontal layers loosely bound suffers speed of the business into services14
  15. 15. Unique Approach to Automating Operations for Private Cloud Patented ANALYTICS Powerful VISUALIZATION Performance Progressive INTEGRATION + Capacity Configuration + •  Actionable intelligence from a sea of data •  Comprehensive visibility across the entire stack •  Rapid problem resolution for greater productivity and less cost •  Proactive approach to ensure infrastructure / app performance15
  16. 16. How vCenter Operations Automated Operations for the Private Cloud Integrated Performance, Capacity and Configuration Management vCenter Operations Enterprise vCenter Operations Advanced vCenter Operations Standard Operations Management for Operations Management for VMware environments For smaller (<1,500) VMware heterogeneous environments deployments VC Ops Advanced VC Ops Enterprise VC Ops Standard VC Ops Standard VC Ops Ent Standalone CapacityIQ CapacityIQ VCM Bundle A-la-carte16
  17. 17. SRM 5vCenter Site Recovery Manager Ensures Simple, Reliable DR Site Recovery Manager Complements vSphere to provide the simplest and most reliable disaster protection and site migration for all applications Provide cost-efficient replication of applications to failover site •  Built-in vSphere Replication Site A (Primary) Site B (Recovery) •  Broad support for storage-based VMware Site Recovery VMware Site Recovery replication vCenter Server Manager vCenter Server Manager Simplify management of recovery and VMware vSphere VMware vSphere migration plans •  Replace manual runbooks with centralized recovery plans •  From weeks to minutes to set up new plan Servers Servers Automate failover and migration processes for reliable recovery •  Enable frequent non-disruptive testing •  Ensure fast, automated failover •  Automate failback processes17
  18. 18. SRM 5SRM Provides Broad Choice of Replication Options Site A (Primary) Site B (Recovery) Site Site vCenter Server Recovery vCenter Server Recovery Manager Manager vSphere vSphere vSphere Replication Storage-based replication vSphere Replication Simple, cost-efficient replication for Tier 2 applications and smaller sites Storage-based Replication High-performance replication for business-critical applications in larger sites18
  19. 19. SRM 5Simplify Replication Management With vSphere Replication Storage-based Replication Overview SharePoint Datastore Group VMFS A vSphere Replication provides simple management Web Datastore of replication LUN 1 §  Managed directly from vCenter App VMFS B Datastore Hub §  Managed at the individual VM-level LUN 2 SQL vSphere Storage Admin Admin Benefits vSphere Replication SharePoint §  Eliminate complex interactions between vSphere and storage teams to set up Web replication §  Eliminate need to shuffle VMs between App datastores to map applications to replicated LUNs vSphere SQL Admin19
  20. 20. VSAvSphere Storage Appliance: Shared Storage for Everyone VMware vSphere Storage Appliance (VSA) §  Lowers capital costs to get to virtualized IT §  Drops knowledge barrier for virtualization adoption §  Enables more SMBs to benefit from unique vSphere capabilities (e.g., vMotion, High Availability, automated resource management) Revolutionary software that delivers shared storage capabilities without the cost and complexity20
  21. 21. VSAvSphere Storage Appliance – How does it work? VSA runs as a virtual machine 1 on vSphere, in multiple hosts VMware vSphere Storage Appliance provides virtual shared storage volumes without the hardware. Enabling key features from vSphere Editions: 2 §  Essentials Plus, Standard Uses server •  High Availabilityinternal hard •  vMotion disk – no additional §  Enterprise hardware •  Fault Tolerance required •  Distributed Resource Scheduler §  Enterprise Plus •  Storage vMotion Clusters storage 3 across server nodes21
  22. 22. VXLAN: Enabling Elastic Compute Encapsulate Layer 2 packets in Overview Layer 3   VXLAN allows mobility across subnet boundaries VDC   Foundation for elastic portable VMware VDC’s vCloud Cluster 1 Cluster 2 Benefits Cloud Infrastructure Cross cluster mobility within or across datacenters On demand networks without physical network configuration Massive scale for multi-tenant environments22
  23. 23. VMware vFabic Data Director App App App App App App App App vFabric Data Director Graphical User Interface/API Self-service IT Control vSphere-Optimized VMware vSphere 523
  24. 24. End User Computing: What Do Users Demand Today? Diverse Diverse Devices Access Diverse Apps24
  25. 25. View 5 Feature Summary End User Freedom : User Experience •  PCoIP Optimization Controls (Reduce bandwidth use up to 75%) •  View Media Services (3D graphics, Unified Communications integration) •  PCoIP Continuity Services •  View Client for Android (Q3) •  Addition of Korean Language support IT Control : Management •  View Persona Management •  PCoIP Optimization Controls •  PCoIP Extension Services •  Enhanced Security Client Certificate Handling Cloud Infrastructure : Platform •  vSphere 5.0 Platform Support25
  26. 26. Horizon: Bridge to the Cloud and Mobile Simplify Manage Connect Win Win Desktop Service Horizon SaaS Mobile App Catalog Service Users, Application, Entprs Entprs Data Policies Secure Data Service Universal Access26
  27. 27. Horizon: Setting Application, Data and Device Policies Simplify Manage Connect Federated User Usage Device File/Data Payment Directory Desktop Service Tracking Policies Policies Services Entitlements, Services Settings, and and Win Entprs Reporting Horizon SaaS Policies Mobile Win Entprs App Catalog Service Users, Application, Data Policies Secure Data Service Universal Access27
  28. 28. Horizon: User Workspace Delivered as a Service to Any Device Simplify Manage Connect Desktop Service Entprs Horizon SaaS Win Mobile Win Entprs App Catalog Service Users, Application, Data Policies Secure Data Service Universal Access28
  29. 29. Project Horizon Vision: Admin Control for End User Services Cross-Platform Portal SaaS Applications Mobility and Offline Enterprise App Store Virtual Desktops View End User Workspace (VDI) ThinApp App Management horizon App Publishing Admin Console AD Directory Federation User Data Mgmt License Tracking Collaborative Workspace Access Management29
  30. 30. Project Horizon: Enterprise AD federation to SaaS SharePoint Email HR App AD horizon Secure STS Salesforce.com Hosted Workday Future SharePoint SaaS Apps30
  31. 31. VMware Project AppBlastProject AppBlast willprovide the universaldelivery of anyapplication, includingWindows-basedapplications, to any off-the-shelf browser ordevice supportingHTML 5, enablinginstant remote accessto non-HTML basedapplications. For a collection of information on AppBlast (including demo) head to: http://mattlesak.com/virtualization/2011/9/2/its-all-about-appblast.html31
  32. 32. Project AppBlast: Universal Application Access Simplify Manage Connect HTML 5.0 Desktop Service SaaS Entprs Win Universal Services Win Mobile Entprs Broker HTML App Catalog 5.0 Service Users, Application, Secure Data Policies Universal Access Data Service Access Windows, Linux Apps from the Browser32
  33. 33. Project Octopus: Secure Data Sync and Collaboration Service Simplify Manage Connect Desktop Service SaaS Entprs Win Universal Services Win Mobile Entprs Broker App Catalog Service Users, Application, Data Policies Secure Data Service Universal Access33
  34. 34. What Your Users Are Doing Today Unsecure Unsanctioned File Access and Sharing §  Users are frustrated with their file- sharing experience and are less productive §  Leveraging multiple unsanctioned services to meet needs Internal Users 37% of U.S. information workers use do-it- yourself technology!* Unsanctioned File Servers Access *Forrester34
  35. 35. VMware Octopus Technology Preview Access & Share IT Control Anytime & Anywhere Remote Device Control & Device Wipe Storage, Retention, Sharing and Versioning Policies Auditing Personal and Shared Data; Collaboration with Real-Time Notification35
  36. 36. Octopus Native Client Views36
  37. 37. Summary: The VMware Platform for the Post-PC Era Simplify Manage Connect View AppBlast ThinApp Desktop Service Univers Horizon Mobile HorizonApplication al Manager Service Fusion App Catalog Service s Workstation Broker View Client Octopus Users, Application, Data Policies Secure Data Service Universal Access37
  38. 38. View 5 with Unified Communications Seamless and Scalable38
  39. 39. View 5 with Unified Communications User interacts with “user interface” on virtual machineLaptop UC Call RTP media encoded/decoded Control on client terminal WANMedia No “hairpinning” QoS for high-quality voice and video Thin Client Reduces server load and Remote Office Datacenter maintains consolidation ratio Media Call Signaling Remote Session39
  40. 40. Horizon Mobile: Bridging Personal, Enterprise Mobile Workspaces Enterprise Personal §  Virtual “Work” Phone –§ Unrestricted access to fully-encrypted, runs locally personal data and §  Fully managed by IT applications §  Corporate applications and§ Make calls, share pictures infrastructure support§ Personal (“home”) phone §  Complete separation cannot be viewed/altered and Iilation by the enterprise 40
  41. 41. Test Drive a vCloud Public Cloud41
  42. 42. Thank You! Questions?42