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  • 1. Operating System Harley Jay D. Manuel BSIT-31A
  • 2. Wolfer • Wolfer is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx. Wolfer made with the focus to be used by Linux users who are new to linux and want to learn to use Linux as an operating system from a paid alternative.
  • 3. • Apart from being the home of the Wolfer Linux project, Wolfer Linux website made to facilitate the users to interact or make friends with other users, through some social networking content. Apart from the functions of social networking, Wolfer Linux website provides the support facilities like any other distro website.
  • 4. Wolfer Default Application • Most of them are the same as those available in Ubuntu, but there are a few differences. Wolfer replaces the Firefox web browser with Google's Chrome, version 7. Also in the Internet menu you will find the Transmission BitTorrent client, the Gwibber social media client and Pidgin for instant messaging. OpenOffice is installed, as is the Evolution e-mail client, the VLC multimedia player and a disc burner. The GIMP image editor is included, as are a document viewer, the GNOME configuration tools and the usual small apps for editing text, adding numbers and working with file archives. For fun, a few games are included and, in their effort to make Wolfer easy to use out of the box, the developers have included a Flash plugin and codecs for playing popular media formats.
  • 5. Wolfer Default Interface • Taking the default option boots us into a GNOME 2.30 desktop environment. The menu bar and task switcher sit at the bottom of the screen, an icon for browsing the file system and another for launching the installer sit on the desktop. The theme is big on grey; the wallpaper is grey, the menu bar is grey and the icons feature grey. The application menu uses a high-contrast combination of black text on a white background and it crams a lot of items into the small space.
  • 6. Wolfer System Settings
  • 7. Wolfer Package Manager
  • 8. Wolfer Linux Application Menu