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Presentation - Klik Ekspo Group

Presentation - Klik Ekspo Group



Tirana International Trade Fair - Klik Ekspo Group

Tirana International Trade Fair - Klik Ekspo Group



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    Presentation - Klik Ekspo Group Presentation - Klik Ekspo Group Presentation Transcript

    •  Klik Ekspo Group is the only member of UFI in Albania - International Union of Fairs and Exhibitions (The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry); Klik Ekspo Group is the initiator of the International Exhibition Industry in Albania (1994); International Fair enjoys the status of an UFI Approved Event (May 2010); Selected member of CEFA – Central European Fair Alliance (2009); Co-founder of EASE - Exhibition Association of South East Europe (2002); Today, Klik Ekspo Group is actively involved in the network of the International Exhibition industry in the Balkans and Europe. 
    • The Event (star product) that better identifies the leadership of Klik Ekspo Group, is theInternational Fair, conceived in 1994 to live in symbiosis with the day the Albanian StateFoundation (November 28).Tracer of the country metamorphosis development and messenger of important economicachievements of the country, the International Fair is acting as: Attentive selector of the priority sectors to be promoted in important intervals bychanneling the attention & concentration of foreign investors: telecommunications,renewable sources of energy, road infrastructure and public works; processing of waste andenvironment, military goods and technology; Sensitive barometer of Albanias progress in relation to the international partnershipstowards Albania: the approach with the EU in the year of Belgium presidency, theattraction of Greek investments during the "Hellenistic crisis", the presence of Hungarianand Bulgarian investors after their EU membership, etc.. The International Fair is devoted to promote Albanian culture and history, providing hundreds  of  exhibitors  and  visitors,  as  well  as  representatives  of  international  media  with  a different approach to the “Land of Eagles"     
    • 19th Edition of the Annual International Fair, arrives punctual on 27-28-29-30 November 2012, at the Palace of Congresses, and will be organized under the special care of Prime Minister, Prof. Dr. Sali Berisha. 2012 Motto: Smart like 20, like Wise 100 2012 coincides with the 100th anniversary of the Independence of Albania 2012 coincides with the 20th anniversary of Independence of Free Initiative20 years of activity for Klik Ekspo Group, among the first companies to be"liberated" from the economic centralization that dictated the future of the"MADE IN ALBANIA", today englobing 70% of foreign exhibitors at annuallevel;100 years of Albanian State, which today is challenging the global crisis with aneconomic growth of 3.5% in 2010, and 3.9% in 2011 *, and 82nd ranked bythe World Bank report "Doing Business, 2012". (*source AIDA-Albanian Investment development Agency).
    • LAST EDITIONS IN FIGURES EXHIBITORS  EXHBITING AREA  320 10,500300 Signals of growth and 10,000 9,500280 economic stability of 9,000260 Albania, and non- 8,500240 infringement by the 8,000 2009 2010 2011 global crisis are now 7,500 2009 2010 2011 translated into a slight VISITORS  increase of statistics at40,000 the International Fair TRADE VISITORS 30,000 last three editions 30% 25% 2009-2010-2011. 20%20,000 15%10,000 10% 5% 0 0% 2009 2010 2011 2009 2010 2011
    • PECULIARITIES In the 2011 edition, Pavilion of the Hellenic Republic of Greece booked the largest exhibition area with over 100 exhibitors; In the Pavilion of Wallonia-Belgium (2009-2010), during the exhibition, four companies have signed agreements with the Government of Albania in the fields of medical and pharmaceutical sector, environmental safeguard and waste treatment processing; Graphically the Italian Pavilion was the most qualitative, and structurally with the best harmonized allocation of spaces among the individual exhibition stands; Austrian Pavilion, with wider perspective by extending the exhibiting strategy into the Macedonia-Kosovo- Serbia market, except the domestic one; Pavilion of Croatia, in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce has the highest longevity : 10 editions of uninterrupted participation; Bosnia & Herzegovina Pavilion, organized in alternate years under the care of the Chamber of Commerce of Bosnia and Herzegovina, fosters the relationship among our two so alike countries; Pavilion of Kosovo: Kosovos entrepreneurs were introduced into a Pavilion of the State of Kosovo before that Kosovo became an Independent Republic; Pavilion of the Republic of Serbia: all brands exhibited for the first time since 2005 are now active in the Albanian market; Pavilion of Argentina and Latin America, geographically the most remote but the most active in cultural and gastronomic activities;   
    • STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS   Thessaloniki International Fair, Interexpo together with the support of the Economic Chambers gave birth to a remarkable reoccurrence of the Hellenic Pavilion in Tirana; the merits for an yearly basis representation of the Serbian entrepreneurs are acknowledged to the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the USAID programs; Hungarian entrepreneurs are represented by the Hungarian Ministry of the Economy, HITA-Agency for Foreign Investments and MAC-Line; Croatian Chamber of Commerce is the engine which moves forward for almost a decade the interaction between our countries. The same goes for the Montenegrin Chamber of Commerce; Expo-Group and Velis ltd. the outstanding reporters from Bulgaria, and other partnerships worldwide such as: AWEX – Export Agency of Wallonia - Belgium, Institute of Foreign Affairs of Italy, Institute for Foreign Trade of Spain, Chamber of Commerce of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Embassy of Brazil, Embassy of Austria and the State Agency of Commerce AustrianTrade, Fiera del Levante Region of Puglia and Lazio / Italy etc.
    • EXPECTATIONS 19th edition of Klik Ekspo Group International Fair aims to host : 40% visitors more:because the event will be promoted within the chain of celebrations for the 100th anniversary of the Albanian State. Visitors inred and black are expected to arrive from Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and the immeasurable Albanian diaspora;Commitment and impressive advertising campaigns of Klik Expo Grouporganization of secondary events, conferences, economic forums, meetings B-to-G in collaboration with the Ministry ofEconomy and AIDA, festivals, art exhibitions, etc.; 25% exhibitors more: Taking into account the development policies initiated by the Government in the improvement of the socio-economic status,making the country attractive and easily accessible to foreign investors; Expansion of the strategic partners around the world: an example of the expansion of intercontinental presence are the presencesfrom Brazil, USA & Canada, Russia by emphasizing the presence of Peoples Republic of China; Participation of Klik in EU programs to promoting SMEs in Southeast Europe Diversity of Sectors: Tendency to Specialized Salons“Building & Construction’ will be the leitmotif of a specialized mono‐sectoral Salon : International Construction and Energy Salon“, a co‐organization with the chosen strategic partner, "Thessaloniki International Fair"; "LETS  GO  GREEN"  ‐  Environment  Pavilion,  come  back  of  one  of  the  initiatives  that  characterizes  the  innovative  spirit  of  Tirana International Fair. 
    • ECONOMIC FORUM 2012 AIDA with the support of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy willembrace the opening of the 19th edition of the International Fair on 27 Novemberwith the Business Economic Forum;International Fair, with the anticipated presence of over 400 exhibitors from 25countries, becomes the most favorable ground to reveal AIDAs and the AlbanianGovernment objectives in attracting foreign investors and internationalizing theAlbanian economy.In a Jubilee year for Albania, the Economic Forum 2012, will convey messages ofsupport and cooperation of the state institutions for the business community and byproclaiming challenging figures and facts aiming to the countrys development.
    • CEFA’s General AssemblyFor the first time:CEFA’s General Assemby will be organized in unision with the International Fair, onNovember 28-29-30;The Assembley is organized for the first time in a country chosen to represent agrowing market;CEFA’s most significant mission is help members offer high-quality gateways tobusiness in the growing markets of central and southeastern Europe .  INPUTS:CEFAs Assembly, will strongly influence the presence of specialized visitors, by alsoenhancing the "European“ map of participants;The presence of international market experts and representatives of the mostimportant names of the World Exhibition Industry, such as: Munich Fair, Vienna -Reed Exhibition, Bolzano, Milan, Skopje, Belgrade, Zagreb, etc.) having commonobjectives to achieve future strategic partnerships.