Candidate Platforms
Posi on Candidate Page
President  &  Vice  President Ashley  Carrington  &  Tyler  Pierce 3
President  &  Vice  Presiden...
President  &  VPAshley  Carrington,  Tyler  Pierce
Ashley  Carrington  is  a  third  year  dual  major  in  Finance  and...
President  &  VPAshley  Carrington,  Tyler  Pierce
My  name  is  Joe  Sciandra  and  I  am  interested  in  running  for  the  posi on  of  president.  I  am  a  third  ye...
President  &  VPJoe  Sciandra,  Jim  Francesca
CASTKelsey  Kiefer
My  name  is  Kelsey  and  I  am  a  third  year  in  ESHS  with  a  dual  degree  in  Interna onal  ...
CHSTKimberly  Duru
My  name  is    Kimberly  Duru.  I  am  a  3rd  year  biomedical  sciences  major  and  I  was  born ...
CHSTKimberly  Duru
Andrea  ShaverCIAS
As  CIAS  Senator,  I  want  to  engage  CIAS  students  more.  I  want  
to  let  them  know  that ...
CIASAndrea  Schaver
COLAZoe  Gordon
I  am  a  first  genera on  college  student  and  have  man-­‐
aged  to  stay  above  a  3.0  acquiring...
COLAZoe  Gordon
COSSarah  Wang
I  am  the  COS  senator  for  spring  semester  2014,  
was  Vice  President  of  the  class  cabinet  ...
COSSarah  Wang
GCCISNathan  Castle
As  an  involved  member  of  the  RIT  community,  I  have  enjoyed  contrib-­‐
u ng  to  the  Com...
Kathleen  TigueGCCIS
My  name  is  Kathleen,  but  most  of  my  friends  call  me  Ka e.  
I’m  a  third  year  Game  ...
GraduateKshij  Luthria
Apart  from  having  the  academic  proficiency,  I  was  ac vely  involved  in  various  extra-
GraduateArun  Raj  Rajanna
1. Ac ve  involvement  of  students  in  the  ac vi es  of  the  student  body  (acce...
Peter  Ryan,  Jr.  Greek
I  am  Peter  Ryan,  Jr.  and  I  am  running  for  Student  Government  Greek  
Senator  for ...
To  accomplish  these  goals  I  would  draw  on  my  experience  which  I  have  listed  below.  A  more  detailed  re...
GreekNetanya  Lerner
I  am  a  second  year  Biomedical  Photographic  Communica ons  student.  I  am  currently  an  a...
The  second  step  is  educa on.  I  would  like  the  Greek  coun-­‐
cils  to  be  educated  about  each  other.  I  t...
KGCOEFlo  de  Sande
Hi,  my  name  is  Maria  Florencia  de  Sande,  but  every-­‐
one  calls  me  Flo.  I  am  origina...
KGCOEFlo  de  Sande
I  would  like  to  run  for  KGCOE  Senator  because  I  believe  that  students  should  get  mor...
NTIDFranly  Ulerio  Nuñez
My  name  is  Franly  Ulerio-Nuñez.  I  am  involving  NSA  
(NTID  Student  Assembly)  mee n...
Joyce  KasabWomen’s
Hello!  My  name  is  Joyce  Kasab.  I  currently  serve  as  the  Social  Chair  for  
ritGA,  as ...
Nicole  HowleyWomen’s
I  have  been  a  member  of  the  Center  for  Women  and  Gender  Student  
Advisory  Board  fo...
Women  and  members  of  any  gender  deserve  respect,  ac-­‐
ceptance,  and  equal  opportunity,  but  in  some  area...
Saturday,  April  12,  2014
Campus  Center,  03-1710
127  Lomb  Memorial  Drive
Rochester,  NY  14623
Phone:  (585)  47...
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2014 Student Government Elections Candidates


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Learn more about the student's running for next year's Student Government!

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2014 Student Government Elections Candidates

  1. 1.   Candidate Platforms
  2. 2. 2 Posi on Candidate Page President  &  Vice  President Ashley  Carrington  &  Tyler  Pierce 3 President  &  Vice  President Joe  Sciandra  &  Jim  Francesca 5 CAST Kelsey  Kiefer 7 CHST Kimberly  Duru 9 CIAS Andrea  Shaver 11 COLA Zoe  Gordon 13 COS Sarah  Wang 15 GCCIS Nathan  Castle 17 GCCIS Kathleen  Tigue 19 Graduate Kshi j  Luthria 21 Graduate Arun  Raj  Rajanna 23 Greek Peter  Ryan,  Jr.   25 Greek Netanya  Lerner 27 KGCOE Flo  de  Sande 29 NTID Franly  Ulerio  Nuñez 31 Women’s Joyce  Kasab 33 Women’s Nicole  Howley 35 Table of Contents
  3. 3. 3 President  &  VPAshley  Carrington,  Tyler  Pierce Ashley  Carrington  is  a  third  year  dual  major  in  Finance  and  Management  Informa on  Sys-­‐ tems.  Since  freshman  year  Ashley  has  been  involved  in  a  wide  variety  of  ac vi es  from  being   the  President  of  Delta  Sigma  Pi  to  a  MCAS  and  McNair  Scholar.  As  the  Director  of  Finance  for   Student  Government,  Ashley  was  able  to  gain  a  year  worth  of  experience  and  knowledge  in   the  organiza on.  Each  ac vity  and  leadership  role  she  has  taken  on  has  served  as  stepping   stones  for  her  next  big  endeavor  as  President  of  Student  Government. Tyler  Pierce  is  a  third  year  Management  Informa on  Systems  major  who  has  always  been  a   leader  in  business  and  a  man  known  to  get  things  done.  His  leadership  began  as  the  Vice   President  of  Lowenthal  Service  Group  and  branched  off  when  he  became  the  Senior  Vice   President  of  Delta  Sigma  Pi.  Tyler  has  had  countless  experiences  working  with  administra on   on  campus  through  his  posi on  in  the  President’s  office.  All  of  his  ac vi es  up  un l  now  have   prepared  him  to  become  the  next  Vice  President  of  Student  Government. Ashley  and  Tyler  chose  to  come  to  RIT  to  get  a  great  educa on  and  have  fantas c  experiences.  During  their  journey  here  their  ex-­‐ periences  and  educa on  served  as  a  pla orm  for  them  to  get  involved  on  campus.  Through  their  involvement  they  realized  that   they  wanted  to  make  a  larger  impact  on  RIT  by  using  their  skills  to  provide  students  with  fair  representa on  and  administra on.   Student  Government  is  a  well-func oning  machine  but  like  any  machine  with  the  right  mechanic  that  piece  of  equipment  can  be   fine-tuned  and  primed  to  give  its  best  possible  performance.  Together  Ashley  and  Tyler  can  drive  this  machine  to    new  heights.   They  are  constantly  looking  for  new  ideas  from  students  so  if  you  have  something  that  you  would  like  to  see  done  on  campus  con-­‐ tact  Ashley  and  Tyler  at  
  4. 4. 4 President  &  VPAshley  Carrington,  Tyler  Pierce
  5. 5. 5 My  name  is  Joe  Sciandra  and  I  am  interested  in  running  for  the  posi on  of  president.  I  am  a  third  year  Manufacturing  Engineering   Technology  major  from  Livonia,  NY.  My  involvement  and  ac vi es  include  being  a  past  CAST  senator  for  SG  as  well  as  many  other   things  which  include  the  student  advisory  board  for  RLI  and  CSC,  being  an  OA  for  New  Student  Orienta on,  a  member  and  past  ser-­‐ vice  chair  of  Pi  Kappa  Phi  and  recruitment  chair  for  Relay  for  Life  with  Colleges  against  Cancer.   My  name  is  Jim  Francesca  and  I  am  interested  in  running  for  the  posi on  of  vice  president.  I  am  a  second  year  Biomedical  Scienc-­‐ es  major  from  Rochester,  NY.  I  am  involved  in  the  Upsilon  Tetarton  chapter  of  Phi  Sigma  Kappa,  serving  on  the  execu ve  board  as   the  secretary,  as  well  as  serving  as  the  chapters  philanthropy  chair  and  as  the  past  scholas c  excellence  chair.  I  am  heavily  in-­‐ volved  with  the  Special  Olympics  and  was  the  RIT  Polar  Plunge  team  captain  this  past  winter,  and  currently  I  am  a  part  of  a  com-­‐ mi ee  planning  a  Special  Olympics  track  meet  to  be  hosted  here  at  RIT  later  this  spring.  In  addi on,  I  am  the  Team  Development   chair  for  Relay  for  Life  with  Colleges  Against  Cancer.   President  &  VPJoe  Sciandra,  Jim  Francesca We  have  decided  to  run  for  this  posi on  in  order  to  be er  the  amazing  campus  environment  that  we  already  have  and  to  be  the   best  we  can  be  in  this  posi on.  Having  someone  with  SG  experience  as  well  as  a  new  perspec ve  gives  us  an  opportunity  to  open   new  doors  that  others  may  not  have  been  able  to  accomplish.   Our  pla orm  is  taking  a  different  approach  than  others  would  usually  do.  Instead  of  hav-­‐ ing  one  singular  goal,  we  are  opening  it  up  to  more  of  an  advocacy  environment.  Most   candidates  and  previous  presidents  based  their  pla orm  off  a  singular  goal  and  push  to-­‐ wards  that,  but  my  goal  is  rather  to  be  someone  who  pushes  your  ideas.  Student  govern-­‐ ment  is  for  the  students,  not  for  what  we  personally  want  as  president  and  vice  presi-­‐ dent.  Being  an  advocate  means  listening  to  your  ideas,  taking  them  and  building.  Each   and  every  idea  is  a  building  block,  which  together  form  the  thriving  a  beau ful  brick  city   that  we  call  RIT.  From  those  ideas  and  with  the  posi ons  ought  we  plan  to  fully  and  ac-­‐ vely  seek  ways  and  plans  of  ac on  to  achieve  those  goals  of  students.  We  do  not  want   to  just  base  our  campaign  on  singular  goals  because  a  narrow  scope  forces  only  one  goal   to  the  fore,  le ng  others  fall  to  the  wayside.  With  our  open  approach,  we  have  the  abil-­‐ ity  to  expand  our  horizons  and  be  the  student  government  that  students  need.  
  6. 6. 6 President  &  VPJoe  Sciandra,  Jim  Francesca
  7. 7. 7 CASTKelsey  Kiefer My  name  is  Kelsey  and  I  am  a  third  year  in  ESHS  with  a  dual  degree  in  Interna onal  Studies.  On  campus  I  am  involved  in   Orienta on,  I  am  a  Year  One  peer  advisor,  and  a  COLA  Peer  Mentor.  I  will  have  also  served  for  one  semester  as  SG  sena-­‐ tor,  a er  spending  a  semester  with  the  On-Campus  Apartment  Student  Associa on.   I  would  like  to  be  senator  again  because  I  made  big  goals  this  semester  and  I  would  like  to  see  them  through.  I  love  the   posi on  and  I  love  being  part  of  Student  Government.  I  hope  to  make  my  college  even  be er  than  it  is  and  enrich  the  ex-­‐ perience  of  all  the  students  in  CAST. My  pla orm  is  very  similar  to  what  it  was  when  I  ran  in  January.  My  goals  will  hopefully   change  the  college  in  the  long  run.  First  of  all,  hopefully  my  research  and  encouraging   students  to  consider  a  student  advisory  board,  I  can  implement  that  in  the  fall.  CAST’s  As-­‐ sociate  Dean  decided  it  was  best  for  the  department  to  wait    to  start  the  SAB  then,  if  stu-­‐ dents  show  interest,  so  I  had  to  unfortunately  hold  off.  Also,  I  hope  to  have  a  professional   website  for  CAST’s  book  share.  This  spring  I  will  do  a  more  homegrown  approach,  and  if  it   is  successful,  I  hope  to  beau ful  it.  Also,    next  year  we  may  be  able  to  make  it  campus- wide,  and  I  will  be  thrilled  to  take  on  the  challenge.  A er  being  part  of  the  bike  com-­‐ mi ee  this  fall,  I  will  work  hard  to  keep  the  program  running  and  keeping  students  cam-­‐ pus-wide  more  involved  with  all  events.  On  a  more  local  level,  I  just  want  to  make  CAST   students  feel  like  they  have  a  say  in  what  is  happening  on  campus.  I  want  them  to  have   personal  rela onships  with  their  departments.  Because  the  college  is  spaced  out  over   campus,  I  want  us  to  feel  united  like  all  the  colleges  who  have  a  central  learning  loca on   (ex.  College  of  Science,  CHST,  KGCOE,  etc.).
  8. 8. 9 CHSTKimberly  Duru My  name  is    Kimberly  Duru.  I  am  a  3rd  year  biomedical  sciences  major  and  I  was  born  and  raised  in  Nigeria.  I  am  the  treasurer  of   RIT  Organiza on  of  African  Students  and  one  of  the  community  service  representa ve  for  RIT  PSA.  I  am  also  the  financial  secre-­‐ tary  for  the  Omicron  Beta  Chapter  of  Alpha  Kappa  Alpha  Sorority,  Inc.  I  am  a  recipient  of  the  Nathaniel  Rochester  Society  merit   scholarship  award  and  I  am  an  MCAS  League  scholar.  In  the  future,  I  hope  to  go  on  to  medical  school  and  eventually  work  for  an   interna onal  organiza on.   As  an  ac ve  member  of  CHST,  I  have  been  able  to  recognize  and  share  with  my  colleagues  some  of  the  problems  encountered   as  students  of  the  college.  Being  the  CHST  senator,  I  would  be  able  to  represent  CHST  student  body  and  make  their  voices  heard   by  bringing  their  needs  to  the  forefront.  I  would  like  to  increase  student  sa sfac on  and  be  instrumental  in  making  effec ve   changes.  In  addi on,  I  would  be  able  to  step  out  of  my  comfort  zone  and  greatly  improve  my  leadership  skills.   Campaign  theme:  Bringing  the  needs  of  students  of  RIT’s  newest  college  to  the  forefront  and  working  to  improve  student  sa s-­‐ fac on  and  influence  wanted  change.   Kimberly  Duru  should  be  elected  as  CHST  senator  because  of  her  passion  and  desire  to   improve  the  resources  available  to  CHST  students  and  create  a  be er  learning  environ-­‐ ment.  Kimberly  is  greatly  involved  in  CHST  affairs  mainly  through  club  memberships  and   in  a  few  other  ways.  She  is  interested  in  improving  the  college’s  reputa on  throughout   the  RIT  community.  CHST  students  are  facing  various  obstacles  such  as  lack  of  essen al   Goals: Graduate  school  symposiums Representa on  by  CHST  students  at  na onal  conferences  beneficial  to  CHST  students Computer  Lab Study  Lounge Improved  vending  machine  service/varie es Career  support  for  CHST  students Subsidized  MCAT/GRE  prep  books  for  CHST  Students
  9. 9. 10 CHSTKimberly  Duru
  10. 10. 11 Andrea  ShaverCIAS As  CIAS  Senator,  I  want  to  engage  CIAS  students  more.  I  want   to  let  them  know  that  if  they  have  ideas  and  concerns  for  the   be erment  of  RIT,  that  RIT  will  listen  to  those  ideas  and  con-­‐ cerns  so  that  the  school  con nues  to  improve.  I  also  plan  to   work  closely  with  the  correct  people  to  address  the  following   concerns: 1. Make  Booth  and  Gannet  look  more  like  an  art  building–   The  current  CIAS  senator  is  also  working  on  this  ini a ve,   and  I  want  to  con nue  this  during  my   me  as  senator. 2. More  food  op ons  in  7A  &  7B–  Booth  and  Gannet  are   currently  one  of  the  only  buildings  on  campus  that  do  not   have  their  own  restaurant  or  small  snack  shop.  As  senator,   I  hope  to  work  with  the  necessary  people  to  bring  this   concern  to  the  table.  Whether  more  vending  machines   are  placed  throughout  the  building,  or  plans  for    anew  coffee  shop  go  into  place,  all  CIAS  students  will  benefit  from  hav-­‐ ing  this  concern  brought  up  to  higher  administra on.   3. Improve  SIS  func onality,  par cularly  for  finding  studio  and  CIAS  specific  classes.   CIAS  students  struggle  naviga ng  the  system  to  find  specific  classes.  CIAS  students   struggle  naviga ng  the  system  to  find  specific  classes  that  meet  requirements  for  their   studio  elec ves  and  concentra ons.  I  hope  to  work  in  collabora on  with  students  and   staff  to  bring  sugges ons  to  the  table  on  how  to  improve  SIS. Though  these  changes  will  not  come  over  night  or  completely  go  into  effect  in   the  coming  year,  I  hope  that  ge ng  the  ball  rolling  on  many  of  these  projects   will  have  a  posi ve  influence  on  all  future  CIAS  students.  
  11. 11. 12 CIASAndrea  Schaver
  12. 12. 13 COLAZoe  Gordon I  am  a  first  genera on  college  student  and  have  man-­‐ aged  to  stay  above  a  3.0  acquiring  two  Dean’s  List   Awards.  I  am  involved  in  the  Gospel  Ensemble,  Phi   Alpha  Delta  Law  Fraternity  and  MCAS  (Mul cultural   Center  for  Academic  Success)  as  a  MCAS  Scholar.   A er  gradua on  my  hopes  are  to  get  into  law  school   and  be  ac ve  in  my  community  as  representa ve  for   those  who  don't  have  a  voice  or  whose  voice  is  not   heard.   I  am  running  to  ensure  that  the  College  of  Liberal   Arts  has  a  voice  on  a  campus  such  as  this.  Being  a   part  of  general  studies  on  a  campus  whose  main  fo-­‐ cus  is  technology  our  presence  can  be  over  looked.   So  I  am  running  to  say  we  are  here  and  we  do   ma er.   “We  are  here  and  we  do  ma er”-  Reassuring  that  we  have  a  strong  voice  and  an  open  ear  for  next   year’s  senate.  I  plan  to  listen  to  the  wants,  needs  and  concerns  of  the  student  and  make  sure  they  are   heard  as  well  as  make  sure  they  are  kept  in  the  loop  about  what’s  being  done  on  campus  as  it  relates  to   mo ons  or  sanc ons  of  the  senate.  
  13. 13. 14 COLAZoe  Gordon
  14. 14. 15 COSSarah  Wang I  am  the  COS  senator  for  spring  semester  2014,   was  Vice  President  of  the  class  cabinet  for  2012- 2013  at  Houghton  College  where  I  organized  a   Community  Service  Day  for  the  whole  college.  I   am  running  because  of  a  desire  to  serve  part  of   the  ins tu on  I  belong  to,  to  learn  more  about   college  opera ons,  to  be  involved  with  the  work-­‐ ings  of  Student  Government  and  my  college,  and   to  increase  COS  presence.   One  of  my  goals  is  be er  networking  and  coop   services  for  COS  students  including  increasing   opportuni es  like  career  fair  styled  recruitment   for  COS.  Another  goal  is  to  improve  interna onal   student  coop  opportuni es  (currently,  its  frus-­‐ tra ng  to  get  coops  in  US  for  interna onal  stu-­‐ dents).    Addi onally,  I  want  to  get  more  club   presence  and  Imagine  RIT  involvement  in  COS.
  15. 15. 16 COSSarah  Wang
  16. 16. 17 GCCISNathan  Castle As  an  involved  member  of  the  RIT  community,  I  have  enjoyed  contrib-­‐ u ng  to  the  Computer  Science  Community  and  Reporter  Magazine.  I   have  invested   me  in  Student  Government,  and  I  strive  to  be  an  ac ve   member  of  the  RIT  community.  I’m  a  very  big  believer  in  the  value  of   strong  communi es.  The  GCCIS  Senator  posi on  is  well  aligned  with  my   goals,  beliefs,  and  values.   The  theme  of  my  campaign  is  excellence  driven  by  data  and  achieved   through  coopera on.  I’d  like  to  push  transparency  by  collec ng  and  pub-­‐ lishing  meaningful  data  about  student  concerns.  I’d  like  to  focus  on  em-­‐ powering  GCCIS  students  to  become  involved  with  issues  that  are  im-­‐ portant  to  them.  As  a  Senator,  I  see  my  role  as  being  the  navigator,  help-­‐ ing  students  find  where  they  can  have  the  greatest  impact.  A  key  part  of   that  is  ac ve  collabora on  with  faculty  and  staff.  
  17. 17. 19 Kathleen  TigueGCCIS My  name  is  Kathleen,  but  most  of  my  friends  call  me  Ka e.   I’m  a  third  year  Game  Design  and  Development  student.   I’m  a  student  ambassador  for  the  IGM  department.  I  was   recently  elected  to  into  the  eboard  for  the  largest  club  on   campus,  Humans  vs.  Zombies.  On  the  weekends  I  can  be   found  in  the  Corner  Crew! I  want  to  be  a  part  of  Student  Government  because  I’m   very  integrated  into  the  community.  I  know  students  from   every  department,  club,  or  even  ac vity.  I  feel  that  I  can   represent  them  and  their  opinions  to  help  make  RIT  a   be er  place.   I  want  to  help  all  of  the  students  of  Golisano  feel  equal,  both  from  different  departments  and  different  genders.  I   could  help  the  women  in  the  community  have  their  voices  heard.  Even  though  I’m  a  Game  Design  Student,  I  want  to   help  the  other  students  from  other  departments  feel  represented.  I  know  those  students  have  different  opinions  on   the  IGM  department,  and  I  would  want  to  help  their  departments  feel  as  appreciate  as  we  are.  
  18. 18. 21 GraduateKshij  Luthria Apart  from  having  the  academic  proficiency,  I  was  ac vely  involved  in  various  extra- curricular  ac vi es  right  from  my  schooling.  During  my  undergraduate   me,  I  organized   various  events  during  the  annual  college  fes val  drawing  crowds  in  the  range  of  200-300   for  every  event.  I  have  been  an  ac ve  member  for  the  Rotact  Club  and  subsequently  the   Being  an  industrial  Engineer,  we  are  trained  to  observe  a  process  or  system  and  find  the   gaps  that  exist  in  the  system  and  fill  the  gaps  to  improve  the  system.  Havign  studied  at   RIT  for  over  a  semester  as  a  Graduate  student,  I  believe  the  interests  of  the  graduate   students  needs  to  be  be er  represented  at  the  levels  of  the  RIT  community.  As  the   Graduate  community  is  not  strong  as  the  undergraduate  community  I  feel  we  are  some-­‐ Campaign  theme-  “Ac on  Expresses  Priori es” I  believe  these  three  words  my  Mahatma  Gandhi  perfectly  summarize  the  theme  and   message  along  with  my  goals  for  the  Graduate  Senator  2014-2015. Goals  for  Graduate  Senator  2014-2015   To  represent  the  Graduate  community  and  represent  their  interests  at  the  student   government  level. To  solve  and  help  graduate  students  overcome  any  problems  they  may  face,  may    it   be  educa onal  or  personal,  specially  for  the  interna onal  graduate  students.   NTID  at  RIT  is  ranked  as  one  of  the  top  20  colleges  na on  wide  for  “Best  Career  Ser-­‐ vices”,  there  are  around  100  NTID  Graduate  students  studying  at  RIT,  one  of  my  goals  as  the  graduate  senator  will  be  to  represent   the  special  interests  of  this  group  as  they  are  general  ignored  due  to  being  a  minority.   RIT  is  a  college  of  the  21st  century  with  extensive  research  and  efforts  being  made  to  me  the  campus  sustainable  and  green.  I  would   like  to  work  on  these  ma ers  and  help  the  RIT  community  become  a  greener  and  cleaner  place.   I  will  also  carry  on  the  good  work  done  by  the  previous  Graduate  Senators.   Every  passing  year,  RIT  expands  its  horizon  and  we  see  a  higher  number  of  students  entering  the  RIT  Graduate   family.  I  believe  I  am  the  right  candidate  to  represent  the  interests  of  this  fast  growing  community.  
  19. 19. 23 GraduateArun  Raj  Rajanna Goals: 1. Ac ve  involvement  of  students  in  the  ac vi es  of  the  student  body  (accessibility). 2. Being  efficient  and  smooth  in  the  problem  solving.   Career  goals: To  be  an  entrepreneur  and  philanthropist  ,  to  open  up  a  new  NGO  or  be  part  of  one  specific  to  one  whose  priority  is  to  try   and  fund  kids  below  12  years  of  age  in  poverty  line,  so  that  they  get  educa on.   Ac vi es: Par cipated  in  landmark  forum  on  workshops  (leadership)   Par cipated  in  the  RIT  Connectology  Leadership  Conference.  
  20. 20. 25 Peter  Ryan,  Jr.  Greek I  am  Peter  Ryan,  Jr.  and  I  am  running  for  Student  Government  Greek   Senator  for  the  2014-2015  Academic  Year.  I  have  been  a  brother  of   the  Sigma  Chi  Fraternity  since  fall  of  my  first  year  and  have  since  be-­‐ come  quite  involved  with  the  greater  Greek  Community.  I  believe   that  I  have  the  skills,  drive,  and  ability  to  best  represent  Greeks  to  SG   and  to  support  and  accomplish  Greek  Community  goals.   If  I  were  to  be  elected,  these  would  be  my  goals  as  Greek  Sena-­‐ tor: 1. Connect  Greeks  with  administra on  and  represent  them:  my   first  and  foremost  duty  would  be  to  the  Greek  Community  in   ensuring  that  their  voices  are  being  heard  by  Student  Govern-­‐ ment  and  the  RIT  Administra on. 2. Bring  Student  Government  and  Office  of  Fraternity  and  Sorori-­‐ ty  Life  resources  to  the  table  in  planning  and  execu ng  service   events  held  by  the  Greek  Community. 3. Inventory  and  present  community  resources:  review  what  the   strengths  and  weaknesses  of  the  Greek  Community  are  and   work  to  address  them. 4. Increase  coopera on  between  Greek  Councils.   5. Work  with  RIT  en es  like  the  Office  of  Admissions  and  New   Student  Orienta on  to  promote  Greek  Life  as  a  whole  com-­‐ munity  to  new  students. 6. Encourage  coopera on  between  councils:  work  to  ensure  that   council  officers  have  the  resources  they  need  to  work  with   each  other  between  councils. 7. Encourage  and  support  coopera on  between  chapter  Presi-­‐ dents  and  run  the  monthly  President’s  Roundtable  Mee ngs.   8. Offer  more  leadership  and  personal/group  skill  development   opportuni es. 9. Reach  out  to  Sandra  Johnson,  the  new  Senior  Vice  President   for  Student  Affairs  and  discuss  her  goals  and  expecta ons  for   the  Greek  Community. 10. Work  to  adopt  North-American  Interfraternity  Conference  Co-­‐ ali on  Assessment  Project  Report  recommenda ons  and  sug-­‐ ges ons. 11. U lize  the  Greek  Calendar  to  be er  aid  planning  of  inter- Greek  events.   12. Work  to  put  the  Greek  Community  in  a  posi on  to  win  awards   from  relevant  Fraternity  and  Sorority  Life  conferences  and  as-­‐ socia ons  (e.g.  NALFO,  NGLA,  NIC,  NPC,  NPHC). Con nues  →
  21. 21. 26 To  accomplish  these  goals  I  would  draw  on  my  experience  which  I  have  listed  below.  A  more  detailed  resume  can  be  found  on  my   LinkedIn  profile.   1. Greek  Programming  Board  Leadership  &  Development  Coordinator 2. Office  of  Fraternity  and  Sorority  Life  Leadership  &  Development  Coordinator 3. Interfraternity  Council  Recruitment  and  Bylaw  Ad  Hoc  Commi ees 4. Undergraduate  Interfraternity  Ins tute  Graduate 5. Sigma  Chi:  Recruitment  Chairman,  Public  Rela ons  Chairman,  Interfraternity  Council  Representa ve,  Derby  Days  Chairman 6. Ad  Hoc  Greek  Representa ve  to  Student  Government  Finance  Commi ee 7. Finance  and  Administra on  Behind  The  Bricks  Team  Member 8. Office  of  Admissions  Student  Ambassador  (Tour  Guide  and  Social  Media  Team) 9. Greek  Community  Service  Team Please  feel  free  to  email  me  at  to  discuss  ideas  further  or  to  give  any  feedback. Peter  Ryan  Jr.  Greek
  22. 22. 27 GreekNetanya  Lerner I  am  a  second  year  Biomedical  Photographic  Communica ons  student.  I  am  currently  an  ac ve  member  of  Delta  Phi  Epsilon  and   have  been  elected  as  the  Vice  President  of  Opera ons  for  2014.  Besides  DPhiE,  I  am  also  a  newly  inducted  member  of  the  Na onal   Society  of  Leadership  and  Success.  I  also  work  at  BeanZ,  a  coffee  shop   on  campus.  In  high  school  I  earned  the  Bronze  and  Silver  awards  in  Girl   Scouts.  In  the  future  I  would  like  to  work  somewhere  in  the  medical   field  with  my  camera.  I  am  interested  in  ophthalmic  or  surgical  pho-­‐ tography,  but  I  am  s ll  trying  to  figure  out  what  I  want  to  do.   My  reason  for  being  a  candidate  is  that  I  joined  Greek  life  my  first   quarter  here  at  RIT  (Fall  2012).  I  have  been  an  involved  member  in   my  sorority,  and  I  care  about  the  Greek  community.  I  would  like  to   be  more  involved  and  I  would  like  to  push  for  one  unified  Greek   community.  I  strongly  believe  that  I  could  help  lead  us  toward  a  uni-­‐ fied  Greek  community.   I  do  not  feel  as  if  the  Greek  community  is  a  true  unified  com-­‐ munity  and  I  would  like  to  push  towards  a  community  by  using  these   three  steps.   The  first  step  is  involvement.  I  would  like  each  president  to   bring  a  chapter  report  to  the  President’s  Round  Table.  This  report   would  be  about  big  events  going  on  for  the  chapter  (for  example:  philanthropic  events  or  fundraisers).  I  would  like  discussions  at   President’s  Round  Table  to  be  about  current  Greek  issues.  At  the  end  I  would  like  everyone  to  come  together  and  discuss  key   points  brought  up  in  discussion.  A er  the  President’s  Round  Table  I  would  put  together  a  document  of  all  the  chapter’s  reports   and  the  key  points  from  discussion.  This  document  could  act  as  minutes  or  a  newsle er  for  chapters  to  read  and  be  aware  of  what   is  going  on  in  other  organiza ons.  This  would  be  an  a empt  to  improve  organiza ons  a ending  events  across  councils.  If  people   are  aware  of  events  that  are  going  on,  they  will  be  more  likely  to  a end  more  events  across  councils.   Con nues  →
  23. 23. 28 The  second  step  is  educa on.  I  would  like  the  Greek  coun-­‐ cils  to  be  educated  about  each  other.  I  think  it  would  be  benefi-­‐ cial  to  have  some  more  Greek  only  events  during  the  year.  Greek   only  events  would  allow  Greeks  to  get  to  know  each  other  be er   and  become  more  educated  about  the  different  organiza ons.   These  events  could  include  barbecues,  games  of  Frisbee  or  flag   football,  and  some  general  mixers.  At  the  beginning  of  the  year   an  execu ve  board  mixer  could  be  put  on  so  that  all  the  execu-­‐ ve  boards  of  each  organiza on  get  to  come  together  meet  with   each  other.  Another  way  to  help  with  educa on  would  be  to  con-­‐ nue  the  close  rela onship  with  the  Office  of  Fraternity  and  So-­‐ rority  Life.  It  is  beneficial  to  help  the  office  with  their  ini a ves.  I   think  it  would  also  help  to  maintain  the  connec on  with  Eric   Pope  because  h  along  with  the  rest  of  the  FSL  staff  can  help  to   determine  areas  that  require  improvement  and  a en on. The  third  step  is  understanding.    I  believe  that  we  need  to   know  the  councils  and  the  different  cultures  within  the  different   councils  in  order  to  become  more  united.  If  we  are  able  to  associ-­‐ ate  more  with  each  other,  we  could  learn  the  different  values   that  each  organiza on  holds.  Understanding  also  means  being   able  to  understand  how  we  are  viewed  as  to  non-Greeks.  If  we   can  understand  this,  we  can  work  together  to  ensure  that  we   give  off  a  posi ve  image  to  the  rest  of  the  RIT  community.  Under-­‐ standing  also  has  to  do  with  knowing  the  needs  of  the  overall   Greek  community.  I  would  like  to  u lize  commi ees  within  Stu-­‐ dent  Government  to  serve  on  those  that  pertain  to  Greek  Life.   For  example,  the  Greek  Senator  has  served  on  the  Finance  Com-­‐ mi ee.  A  new  commi ee  for  next  year  that  might  be  important   for  the  Greek  Senator  to  serve  on  is  the  Academics  commi ee   because  next  year  RIT  will  be  switching  to  the  plus/minus  system,   and  academics  is  important.   I  firmly  believe  that  these  steps  would  lead  us  closer  to  a   unified  Greek  community.  If  elected  Greek  Senator  I  know  that  I   would  be  able  to  be  impar al,  unbiased,  and  able  to  fully  repre-­‐ sent  and  support  each  organiza on.   Netanya  LernerGreek
  24. 24. 29 KGCOEFlo  de  Sande Hi,  my  name  is  Maria  Florencia  de  Sande,  but  every-­‐ one  calls  me  Flo.  I  am  originally  from  Argenitna,  but  also  lived   in  Brazil  and  Maralynd  (US),  so  I  am  trilingual  and  took  French   in  high  school  so  I  am  also  proficient  in  French.  I  par cipate  in   Class  Board  in  high  school  and  was  an  official  my  senior  year.   Addi onally,  I  was  very  involved  in  Interna onal  Club  (a  club   geared  around  increasing  awareness  about  interna onal  top-­‐ ics  and  helping  the  global  community)  all  four  years  and  was   an  officer  junior  and  senior  year.  I  was  a  three  sport  athlete  in   high  school,  and  am  set  to  be  the  Vice  President  of  the  RIT   Field  Hockey  club  (current  state  champs!)     As  far  as  jobs  go,  I  worked  as  a  lifeguard  the  summer   of  my  freshman  year  and  have  been  a  swim  coach  since  2008   un l  this  past  summer.  I  also  worked  at  the  Johns  Hopkins   Hospital  Biophysical  Chemistry  Laboratory  the  summer  a er   Junior  year  on  carcinogenic  research  pertaining  to  the  use  of   using  insect  cells  for  research  to  further  the  limits  of  research   that  ethics  puts  on  technological  advancements.  Subsequent-­‐ ly,  I  was  taking  engineering  classes  at  the  University  of  Mary-­‐ land  at  College  Park.   I  have  two  high  school  diplomas:  one  from  the  state  of   Maryland  and  one  from  the  Argen nean  Embassy.  I  took  clas-­‐ ses  on  Saturdays  and  was  elected  as  class  speaker  and  earned   the  honor  of  being  the  Escuela  Argen na’s  (Argen nean   School)  valedictorian  for  the  gradua ng  class  of  2013.    In  the   Escuela  Argen na  I  was  involved  with  a  group  called  CEDA   which  get  us  in  contact  with  a  school  in  rural  Buenos  Aires.   We  helped  this  school  expand  their  facili es  as  well  as  pro-­‐ vide  them  with  fundamental  learning  materials  that  they   were  lacking.  This  past  summer  my  gradua ng  class  took  a   trip  to  Argen na  to  visit  the  school  and  see  the  city.   My  career  goals  aren’t  well  defined  yet.  I  am  planning   on  gradua ng  and  ge ng  my  masters  in  either  Mechanical   Engineering  (through  a  dual  degree  program)  or  in  Fire  Pro-­‐ tec on  Engineering.  From  here  I  would  like  to  work  in  a  large,   defense  oriented  corpora on,  or  going  into  academia  and   teaching  and/or  conducing  research  Although  I  don’t  have   any  future  perfectly  planned  out,  I  definitely  know  that  engi-­‐ neering  and  the  KGCOE  is  the  right  place  for  me.   Hopefully  this  gives  some  insight  into  who  I  am  as  a   person,  my  past  experiences,  and  my  ambi ons.   Con nues  →
  25. 25. 30 KGCOEFlo  de  Sande I  would  like  to  run  for  KGCOE  Senator  because  I  believe  that  students  should  get  more  of  a  say  about  what  happens  on  cam-­‐ pus  as  well  as  the  resources  that  are  available  to  them.  Addi onally,  I  believe  that  students  (especially  in  the  engineering   school)  have  the  ability  and  poten al  to  become  more  involved  on  campus.  I  would  like  to  make  this  happen.  By  being  the   student  representa ve  of  the  KGCOE,  I  believe  that  I  can  make  students  become  more  involved  and  overall  more  excited   about  school.   I  have  two  main  goals  that  I  would  like  to  make  a  reali-­‐ ty  by  the  end  of  2014-2015  academic  year  if  elected.  First  and   foremost  is  helping  students  be  more  ac ve  on  campus.  On  a   day  to  day  basis,  students  at  RIT  are  learning  skills  that  could   be  implemented  now  to  be er  the  University,  enrich  their   resumes,  or  even  meet  new  people.  It  is  hard,  however,  to   take  the  ini a ve  and  do  something  about  those  ideas.  If   elected,  I  will  organize  events  or  provide  resources  for  stu-­‐ dents  to  point  out  areas  of  RIT  that  could  be  improved  and   make  groups  with  various  ranges  of  experience  and  exper se   levels  in  order  to  take  ac on.  Addi onally,  I  would  like  to  con-­‐ tact  faculty  in  order  to  advise  these  sessions  so  that  they  can   be  another  reference  and  point  out  what  the  best  course  of   ac on  would  be  to  carry  the  idea  trough  so  that  it  become  a   reality.  I  strongly  believe  that  ini a ves  such  as  this  one  can   help  students  in  KGCOE  become  be er  prepared  for  the  fu-­‐ ture  as  well  as  enjoy  their  years  at  RIT  to  their  fullest  extent.   Secondly  I  would  like  to  make  resources  available  to   all  students  no  ma er  their  year  or  the  course  load  that  they   have  taken.  By  resources  I  am  referring  to  tools,  equipment,   databases,  laboratory  supplies,  etc.  Of  course,  students  will   have  to  go  through  a  training  session  to  use  tools  and  certain   equipment,  but  a  lot  of   es  students  don’t  know  where  to  get   access  to  these  resources  or  whom  to  ask  for  help  in  order  to   use  them.  By  allowing  students  to  use  more  resources  and  by   helping  students  be  more  informed  about  learning/research   aids  that  are  available,  RIT  is  sending  a  message  that  the  stu-­‐ dents  are  the  upmost  priority  for  the  ins tu on  and  that  our   educa on  comes  first.  This,  I  believe,  will  not  only  increase   school  spirit,  bu  also  the  applica on  numbers  of  students  try-­‐ ing  to  gain  admi ance  into  the  ins tu on.   I  can’t  wait  to  help  RIT  become  a  be er  ins tu on   and  to  make  KGCOE  students  excited  about  ge ng  involved.   Feel  free  to  contact  me  at  any   me.  
  26. 26. 31 NTIDFranly  Ulerio  Nuñez My  name  is  Franly  Ulerio-Nuñez.  I  am  involving  NSA   (NTID  Student  Assembly)  mee ng  on  every  Tuesday.   My  major  is  Laboratory  Science  Technology.  My  career   goal  is  to  ge ng  Biology  major  for  Bachelors  degree  in   RIT.  My  acheivements  are  outstanding  cumula ve  GPA   and  receive  the  Deans  list  award.  I  was  coach  for  my   Beast  Frog  team  under  Deaf  Basketball  Associa on  in   last  Fall  Semester.  I  am  currently  member  of  English   Resolu on  Commi ee  (ERC). NTID  Senator  is  match  my  leadership.  I  know  how  NTID  sys-­‐ tem  and  most  policy  work  for  AOS/AAS  students.  I  want  to   find  a  way  to  meet  NTID  community’s  need.  I  have  a  net-­‐ work  with  student  leaders  and  NTID  facul es  during  aca-­‐ demic  year.  My  friends  encourage  me  to  take  this  posi on   for  gain  my  ability.  My  passion  is  working  with  students  and   facul es  together  as  a  big  team.   My  goals  for  this  posi on  are  improving  the  informa on   exchange  between  students  and  professors.  The  colleges   like  NTID  provide  the  great  opportunity  for  Deaf  and  hard  of  hearing  community.  RIT  have  a  great  social  life  and  academy.  I  am   just  providing  the  NTID  student  the  leadership  experience  by  having  teamwork,  intern-personal  growth,  and  crea vity.  I  want  to   work  with  research  is  any  standing  commi ees.  Moreover,  each  clubs  and  organiza on  create  an  open  door  for  first  year,  or   freshmen,  NTID  students  for  develop  the  social  life.  Otherwise,  I  want  to  find  common  issues  in  Dining  Services  and  create  the   solu ons  for  each  issue  in  the  Dining  Service.  I  collected  the  complaints  from  Deaf  and  HH  employees  about  communica on  and   training  before  first  duty  on  work  day  or  night.  I  have  many  ideas  to  solve  these  ideas.  
  27. 27. 33 Joyce  KasabWomen’s Hello!  My  name  is  Joyce  Kasab.  I  currently  serve  as  the  Social  Chair  for   ritGA,  as  well  as  co-founder  and  VP  of  the  Labrys  Women’s  Alliance.  I  am   also  involved  with  Hillel,  Women’s  Rugby,  Mental  Graffi ,  and  New  Stu-­‐ dent  Orienta on.  My  major  is  Biomedical  Photographic  Communica ons   with  the  ul mate  goal  of  going  to  optometry  school.   I  am  running  for  this  posi on  because  I  believe  myself  to  be  an   educated,  compassionate,  and  inclusive  person.  I  am  a  feminist   and  care  deeply  about  issues  regarding  sex  and  gender  equality,   as  well  as  many  other  social  issues.  Being  very  involved  in  the   LGBT  community  also  provides  me  with  an  important  viewpoint.   I  am  prepared  to  fully  represent  all  my  cons tuents.   Inclusivity  is  key.  I  would  like  to  provide  opportuni es  for  members  of  CPC  and  NPHC  sorori es  to  get  to  know  each  other   (working  with  the  Greek  Senator).  I  also  want  to  raise  awareness  of  women’s  health  resources  available  on  campus.  I  also   want  to  have  a  social  media-based  project  of  “what  it  means  to  be  a  woman  at  RIT”.  The  main  message  of  my  campaign  is   that  every  student  voice  ma ers.  I  believe  strongly  in  empowering  women  and  celebra ng  all  our  differences.  I  hope  to,  in   the  future,  to  create  many  events  and  programs  to  increase  posi ve  female  par cipa on  on  campus.  
  28. 28. 35 Nicole  HowleyWomen’s I  have  been  a  member  of  the  Center  for  Women  and  Gender  Student   Advisory  Board  for  two  school  years  now  and  I  have  been  working   with  the  Feminist  Coali on  on  campus  since  its  founding  last  year.   Currently  I  am  in  the  process  of  organizing  events  for  the  last  two   weeks  of  April  (Sexual  Assault  Awareness  Month)  through  the  Cen-­‐ ter.  These  events  include  a  screening  of  Miss  Representa on,  a  panel   on  how  sexual  assault  is  handled  on  campus,  and  the  third  annual   slut  walk.  I  have  also  wri en  several  ar cles  on  gender  issues  during   my   me  at  Reporter  as  a  writer,  sports  editor,  and  features  editor.   Although  we  have  come  a  long  way  in  terms  of  gender  equality,   there  are  issues  that  persist.  On  a  campus  with  a  rather  uneven  gen-­‐ der  ra o  (especially  in  the  STEM  majors),  I  believe  that  some  of  these   issues  become  more  pronounced  but  less  acknowledged.  Recently,   popular  culture  has  started  to  recognize  and  accept  more  genders  as   well  (which  is  pre y  fantas c)  but  there  is  s ll  a  great  deal  of  confu-­‐ sion  and  understanding  about  these  genders  in  our  society  and  eve-­‐ ryday  life.  Although  I  can’t  fix  all  of  these  issues  in  the  next  year,  I   hope  to  make  a  difference  at  least  at  RIT.   Con nues  →
  29. 29. 36 Women  and  members  of  any  gender  deserve  respect,  ac-­‐ ceptance,  and  equal  opportunity,  but  in  some  areas,  we  are  s ll   lacking.  I  have  spoken  with  some  of  the  women  in  STEM  majors  at   RIT  for  instance,  and  they  have  told  me  that  they  o en  experience   what  is  referred  to  as  imposter  syndrome  where  they  feel  as   though  they  are  not  accepted  in  their  field  by  their  peers  and  some-­‐ mes  their  department  as  well.  I  want  to  work  with  the  suppor ve   groups  we  already  have  on  campus  such  as  Women  in  Engineering,   in  Compu ng,  in  Science,  and  in  Technology,  to  help  women  feel   accepted  and  capable  in  their  fields  and  to  encourage  their  peers  to   appreciate  these  women  as  professionals  as  well.   I  also  want  to  support  gender  equality  for  transgender  and   other  LGBTQ  individuals  on  campus.  Although  RIT  is  a  fairly  progres-­‐ sive  campus,  there  is  s ll  inequality  that  affects  these  every  day.   One  of  my  goals  fo  rnext  year  is  to  work  with  housing  to  creat  poli-­‐ cies  that  treat  people  of  any  gender,  trans*  or  not,  equally  and  with   respect.  I  support  and  would  love  to  work  towards  the  crea on  of  a   gender  neutral  floor,  however,  I  beliee  hat  this  project  is  addressing   the  symptom  rather  than  the  root  cause  of  the  issue.  This  is  why  I   plan  to  put  my  main  focus  on  equal  treatment  of  the  genders  within   housing  opera ons.   In  addi on,  I  hope  to  organize  events  to  talk  about  consent,   women  in  gaming,  and  many  other  topics.  In  order  to  facilitate  thse   events,  I  plan  to  meet  with  the  different  women’s  groups  including   those  listed  earlier,  Women  in  Business,  the  Center  for  Women  and   Gender,  the  new  Labrys  Women’s  Alliance,  and  the  Feminist  Coali-­‐ on,  which  I  am  also  planning  to  a ain  club  status  for.  I  also  plan  to   work  with  ritGA,  OUTspoken,  Spectrum,  Tangent,  and  the  GLBT   Center  to  organize  events  about  gender  iden ty.  Although  I  will  not   be  able  to  a end  every  one  of  those  groups  mee ngs  every  week,  I   plan  on  visi ng  each  and  every  one  of  them,  if  my  schedule  allows,   throughout  the  school  year  in  order  to  hear  from  cons tuents  and   make  sure  that  their  interests    are  being  represented. My  overall  message  to  the  student  body  will  be  that  gender   affects  all  of  us  throughout  our  lives  but  it  should  not  be  the  decid-­‐ ing  factor  in  how  we  are  treated.  Everyone  deserves  opportuni es   and  respect.  My  goal  is  to  make  sure  that  everyone,  regardless  of   their  gender,  receives  them.   Women’sNicole  Howley
  30. 30. 38 Saturday,  April  12,  2014 Campus  Center,  03-1710 127  Lomb  Memorial  Drive Rochester,  NY  14623 Phone:  (585)  475-4043 Videophone:  (585)  267-5798 Student  Government