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02/03 DWC+ Teleclass: Focus on Your Vision with Colette Ellis
02/03 DWC+ Teleclass: Focus on Your Vision with Colette Ellis
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02/03 DWC+ Teleclass: Focus on Your Vision with Colette Ellis


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02/03 DWC+ Teleclass: Focus on Your Vision with Colette Ellis

02/03 DWC+ Teleclass: Focus on Your Vision with Colette Ellis

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  • 1. Focus on Your Vision: A Positive, Practical Approach to Achieve Your Biggest Dreams … and Get the Results You Really Want!We’re living in a New Normal: 1. Technology has changed everything we do – all of the emails, tweets, and IM’s have affected the way we think. 2. We’re being asked to operate on all cylinders, at 100%, on a 24/7 basis. 3. Budgets are tight – we’re all scrutinizing every purchase. 4. The job market is tight – many businesses aren’t hiring, yet most are expecting MORE from their current employees.What does this mean? Keeping your head down, doing your work, and hoping your efforts will get recognizedwon’t get you to the corner office – not in a corporation and not even in your own business. Yet, the recent shiftin economic and workplace dynamics offers a PERFECT opportunity for you to reevaluate your priorities andrefresh your game plan!Do you know what it means to have 20/10 vision?It means being able to see things clearly at 20-feet, that other people can only see while standing 10-feet away.It’s literally like having a bird’s eye view of the world.  What would it mean for you to have 20/10 vision in your life?  Can you think of how much more you could accomplish with this level of attention and motivation?Four Steps to Develop 20/10 VisionClear Your Lens:Get centered and focus your attention on what’s really important. Track your schedule over the next few days tosee how you really spend your time, and to identify the times of day when you’re in your most focused zone.Reveal Your True Intentions:Revealing your true intentions can make it easier to choose between competing ideas, requests or tasks. Thinkagain about your daily and weekly schedule. Does it reflect your true intentions and priorities; i.e., do youallocate time to the most important people and/or tasks?Watch Out for Blind Spots:Even with the best laid plans, you might encounter situations where you hold yourself back from achieving yourgoals, or sometimes just get in your own way. Tune into your self-talk to become aware of the internal messagesyou project to yourself.Envision Your Future:Imagine your world as it will be when you have fulfilled your true intentions. Write down positive affirmationsand keep visual reminders to stay motivated throughout the year. © 2011 - InStep Consulting LLC – All rights reserved – – – (646) 450-4380
  • 2. About the Book In Focus on Your Vision, Colette shares detailed activities and insightful questions to help women authentically define and systematically achieve their goals. Based on her certifications in stress management and time management, plus over 10 years experience training executives and managers how to lead teams through change, Colette boldly empowers readers to ignore pessimists who suggest “it can’t be done!”She reveals a POSITIVE, PRACTICAL and STRATEGIC approach to support them in realizing their biggest dreams. All eBook purchases include a discount on an introductory coaching session. Available on Amazon at: D. Ellis helps women leverage their passion, power and relationships to achieve sustainable results. Adynamic communicator and trusted advisor to Fortune 500 and not-for-profit executives, she helps clients focuson what’s really important through executive coaching, interactive seminars, and targeted resources. Hercompany, InStep Consulting LLC, has provided Leadership Training and Strategic Planning services to retainedclients since 1998. Firm expertise includes Leadership Development, Team Building and Workplace Diversity. © 2011 - InStep Consulting LLC – All rights reserved – – – (646) 450-4380