Lago Vista Life September 2013


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Lago Vista Life September 2013 Issue. The only free, monthly booklet for the North Shore area.

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Lago Vista Life September 2013

  1. 1. September is… National Apple Month! Discover a Yummy Apple Crisp Recipe & Truth Behind an Old Saying! Lago Vista Life BIGFOOT Beat Have Your Best One Yet! 30 Minutes a Day Challenge!
  2. 2. P a g e | 2 This ad space available! Did you know that under the Table of Contents is the best place for an ad on the interior of a publication? Contact Erin at 512-243-8586 to grab this spot! Conventional & Home businesses! Contents North Shore Spotlight LunchBox Kids: Lago Inventor............................... 3 The Bigfoot Beat & Other North Shore Creatures......................... 5 Exercise of the Month 30 Minutes a Day Challenge! ...................... 9 Recipe of the Month Easy Apple Crisp................................................... 11 Top 10 Body Language Tips...................................................... 13 Why Shop Local? ................................................................................. 14 Natural Remedies An Apple a Day….............................................. 15 Spare Money: Mail-Order ................................................................. 17 Make a Difference Lifelong Friends ................................................ 19 Word Puzzle Lago Vista Life ............................................................. 21 Event Listings ...................................................................................... 23
  3. 3. P a g e | 3 North Shore Spotlight LunchBox Kids: Lago Inventor Local entrepreneur and inventor, Liz Northcutt, has created a game board that does the seemingly impossible, it encourages kids to eat healthy and exercise! The board game is called, “LunchBox Kids”, a name created by her (then) 7 year old daughter, Hailey. The idea of a health and fitness board game came to Liz as she was on her way to Bar K Park in May of 2007. Since then, she has met several obstacles along the way, as well as many victories – from passing up several hundred thousand dollars because an investor told her she was to “in love” with her invention, to feeling the victory of an extremely successful test play at Lago Vista’s Elementary school, where the kids loved playing the game beyond measure. The game incorporates exercise, including push-ups, abdominal crunches, jumping jacks, frog jumps, toe touches, and hopping on right and left legs. When the game is played, children learn that health and fitness is fun by going through 400 questions about whole foods, processed foods, disease, over- eating, self-confidence and more. An example of one of the pop-quiz style of questions is, “Which has calcium to help keep your bones and teeth strong and healthy? a) milk b) banana The creation of LunchBox Kids has been a family affair. Liz, her husband, Bryan, daughter, Hailey, and son, Kaius have bootstrapped the entire creation of the game - from trips to CVS and Hobby Lobby to using duct tape and filming their own videos (including the use of green screens!) It has been a wild ride that has cost around $164,000 to get to the ultimate goal: having a “real” professionally created game, and launching LunchBox Kids! For a detailed timeline of events, in Liz’s words, go to and search, “LunchBox Kids”. Learn more about the game at Congratulations to our local inventor, Liz Northcutt, for making health & fitness fun for kids!
  4. 4. P a g e | 4
  5. 5. P a g e | 5 The Bigfoot Beat & Other North Shore Creatures DR. FRANKLIN R. RUEHL, PH.D.: “… And here we have a bone that was apparently from a deer. The marrow’s sucked out. So possibly this creature [Bigfoot] enjoys feasting on bone marrow of other creatures.” The North Shore area has a very experienced Bigfoot hunter, who goes by the name, “Bigtex”. He has a forum that highlights other’s finds, including pictures. Below is an excerpt from his forum. “Approximately 10 years of my buddies and wife was down for a visit, fellow Bigfooter Craig, and we went to a place where I had been finding some unusual animal kills. We were walking in a wooded area along Lake Travis (aka Colorado River), and came across a grisly scene. There was the head of a deer, and this leg bone, both were just hours fresh. The rest of this poor fellow was nowhere in site, and we looked for it. The head totally creeped us out, and let me describe; the head was ripped off the body, it was totally de-fleshed, the eyes were missing, the jaw was pulled down beyond 90 degrees & broken with the tongue missing, and the nose was bitten off with the imprints of huge molar just made the hair stand on end looking at it. I collected the leg bone, but the head was too gnarly, and decided I would come back for it later with a plastic bag, but was gone the next morning. Craig took pictures, but I never got any copies. A few days later, I took this picture of the leg bone. After careful inspection by myself and others with magnification, we couldn't find any teeth marks, as the leg bone was broken by 'hand', the skin peeled back like a banana, and the marrow sucked out. This was the best, single bit of evidence I have ever found that I would attribute to a BF kill.” Search “bigfoot kill” on for a color picture of this story. If YOU have any bigfoot encounters or questions, email, and you’ll get put in contact with Bigtex.
  6. 6. P a g e | 6 Bonus excerpt from Bigtex’s forum: “Had a great hike yesterday, roughly 2 hours, and hiked into a new area that I had never been to. What a weird creepy place, and I have named it the Kill Zone Part 2. In an area about the size of Kill Zone 1, I found no less than 35 dead (eaten) Deer, and several other smaller species. This is way more than the KZ-1 had, and is damn hard to figure. When standing near one kill, you can look around in all directions and see many more. This place was just unnerving, and as dusk was approaching, it got really creepy in those woods. What type of predator would do something like this?”
  7. 7. P a g e | 7 How To: Have a Successful Garage Sale This is the perfect time of year to have a garage sale! Here are some tips to assure your success…  Don’t know what to get rid of? If you haven’t used it in 6 months, chances are you won’t miss it – so sell it!  Organize small bits of items you are selling at a time. When you do this, you won’t get overwhelmed, and you will make sure all your goods are prepared and ready to sell!  Advertise. When you advertise (list it on the classified section of, craigslist, & don’t forget old fashioned flyers), list all the items you are selling. Also, when you make your signs, simply use neon pink poster board with the word, “SALE” and an arrow pointing in the direction your customers need to go.  Don’t price things. You never know, you just might get more money for something than you would have if you priced it!  Partner up! Get your neighbors and friends in on the sale. Assign different color stickers for each person’s belongings – that way you know who to direct questions to on the big day.  Make your sale as presentable as possible. Hang up the clothing, put out tables, etc.  Ambiance! Let your customers have fun so they’ll stay longer and buy more! Think about things like playing music and selling drinks.  Make sure you have an electrical outlet so customers can test out electrical goods.  Have PLENTY of change ready. You don’t want to miss out on a sale because you don’t have change. NOTE: Many times people will come to the sale with a large bill so you will just give them the product instead of providing change.  Keep your house locked. Unfortunately, crime is unusually high at home sales. Sometimes one person will distract you while another person will sneak in the house to help themselves. Don’t let this deter you; but simply be aware and take precautions. (This also means to keep all money ON you, and not in a till box!)  Give away all of your goods that didn’t sell. Have a pre-arranged pick-up for the day following your sale.  Now… RELAX and feel good that you are free of extra clutter!
  8. 8. P a g e | 8 Dear Readers, Wow! What a wonderful first month you all made for the August issue! Thank you for all of your kind words and encouragement! Lessons were learned during that first month. One of them being that we need more booklets printed! In total honesty though, we need to fill up the advertising space in the booklet before more can be printed… so tell your favorite businesses you want to see them in here! In response to you being able to find the booklet, there are now several places where you will be able to find the booklet on a regular basis:  Ace Hardware  All About You Salon  Bam’s Roadhouse Grill  KNN Nails & Spa  Lago Vista Library  Sun Hardware Here is to another great month! I hope you enjoy September’s booklet and, as always, please feel free to call or email with any comments, questions, or concerns. I love hearing from you! Please shop local and support the advertisers in the booklet! Sincerely, Erin Chavez Share your daily exercise achievements on Let us know what exercise you did for 30 minutes each day! We can all motivate each other and get new ideas to fill our 30 minutes too! You will also find, in this booklet, a way to subscribe to Lago Vista Life and have it mailed to you monthly! No more scavenger hunts to find the booklet! 512-243-8586
  9. 9. P a g e | 9 Exercise of the Month 30 Minutes a Day Challenge! Day 1 ________________________ Day 16 ________________________ Day 2 ________________________ Day 17 ________________________ Day 3 ________________________ Day 18 ________________________ Day 4 ________________________ Day 19 ________________________ Day 5 ________________________ Day 20 ________________________ Day 6 ________________________ Day 21 ________________________ Day 7 ________________________ Day 22 ________________________ Day 8 ________________________ Day 23 ________________________ Day 9 ________________________ Day 24 ________________________ Day 10 ________________________ Day 25 ________________________ Day 11 ________________________ Day 26 ________________________ Day 12 ________________________ Day 27 ________________________ Day 13 ________________________ Day 28 ________________________ Day 14 ________________________ Day 29 ________________________ Day 15 ________________________ Day 30 ________________________ After I complete this challenge, I will reward myself with: ____________________________________________________________ 30 minutes of daily exercise can change your life; and it doesn’t have to be difficult! For this month’s exercise, simply commit to doing a total of 30 minutes of exercise daily. You can even break it up into 3 sessions of 10 minutes! Try to focus on cardio (walking, etc.), strength (weights, squats, pushups, etc.) and flexibility (stretching, yoga, tai chi, etc.) Make sure this is safe with your doctor, and then get to it! Use the chart, below, to write down what you did for the day!
  10. 10. P a g e | 10 This Ad Space is Available! Call Erin @ 512-243-8586 or read more at Sarah’s ApplesauceFrom “This applesauce is delicious! I make it for my younger brother all the time and he loves it - and he hates canned applesauce!" — PHATCAT Ingredients 4 apples peeled, cored, and chopped ¾ cup water ¼ cup white sugar ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon Directions In a saucepan, combine apples, water, sugar, and cinnamon. Cover and cook over medium heat for about 15-20 minutes – or until your apples are soft to your liking. Allow to cook, and then mash apples with a fork or masher.
  11. 11. P a g e | 11 Recipe of the Month Easy Apple Crisp From Ingredients: 6 peeled, cored and sliced apples 1 cup water 1 (18.25 oz.) package white cake mix 1 cup packed brown sugar 1 tsp. ground cinnamon ½ cup melted butter Directions: 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Lightly grease a 9x13 inch baking dish. 2. Arrange apples in an even layer in bottom of baking dish. Pour water over apples. 3. In a medium bowl mix together cake mix, brown sugar, and cinnamon. Stir in melted butter or margarine until ingredients are thoroughly blended; mixture will be crumbly. Sprinkle mixture over apples. 4. Bake in preheated oven for 50 to 55 minutes.
  12. 12. P a g e | 12 From Achievement of goals seems to be elusive in many people’s lives. They try and try only to their own dismay. Perhaps you are one of these people. Maybe you have set out on a quest, time after time, to only end up empty handed. Most likely you have thought you have done things right – even done all that you could possibly do in order to achieve your goal. The hard fact is, when people keep ending up on the short end of the stick, they are missing something crucial. Below are the simple steps to get what you want in your life… 1. Decide what you want. Be very clear with yourself on this! Write it down. 2. Make a plan to achieve what you want. 3. TAKE ACTION on that plan! Chances are you are going to have to do things that are outside your comfort zone! 4. Adjust your plan along the way. You may have to change things slightly – and that’s okay! 5. Realize when you have achieved your goal. This is extremely simplistic; but it works. Every time. Don’t overthink things, don’t take time to talk yourself out of doing what frightens you. Simply DO IT! Make it happen. If you follow these 5 steps, you WILL get what you want in life.
  13. 13. P a g e | 13 Top 10 Body Language Tips 1. Eye Contact – Keep eye contact for about 60% - 70% of the conversation so other person will enjoy your company! 2. Posture –Don’t slouch, but you don’t want to look like you run an etiquette school either. The key is to appear confident. 3. Head Position – If you want to appear confident (and even powerful), keep your head level horizontally & vertically. If you want to appear engaged in the conversation, allow your head to slightly, and naturally tip to the side. 4. Arms – If you want people to know you are upset, cross your arms in front of your body. If you want to let people know you are interested, confident, & receptive, keep your arms at your side or behind your back. Use medium sized arm movements. 5. Legs – Keep your legs still so you don’t appear anxious, or as if you are being deceptive! 6. Body angle –If you like the person, or what they are saying, make sure your torso is angled toward the person speaking. If you don’t like the conversation, angle your torso away from them. 7. Hand Gestures – If you reveal your palms at all, fully or from the side, it shows you are interested and open to the conversation. If you keep them hidden, it shows that you are dominant or aggressive . 8. Spatial relations – Watch how closely others are standing and mimic that distance. Too close & you’ll seem pushy – too far & you’ll appear stand offish. 9. Ears – Easy one! Listen more than you talk! 10. Mouth – Lips pursed & you’re probably thinking or not saying something. A smile always goes a long way; but keep it genuine.
  14. 14. P a g e | 14 Why Shop Local? 1. Local Character and Prosperity In an increasingly homogenized world, communities that preserve their one-of-a-kind businesses and distinctive character have an economic advantage. 2. Community Well-Being Locally owned businesses build strong communities by sustaining vibrant town centers, linking neighbors in a web of economic and social relationships, and contributing to local causes. 3. Local Decision-Making Local ownership ensures that important decisions are made locally by people who live in the community and who will feel the impacts of those decisions. 4. Keeping Dollars in the Local Economy Compared to chain stores, locally owned businesses recycle a much larger share of their revenue back into the local economy, enriching the whole community. 5. Job and Wages Locally owned businesses create more jobs locally and, in some sectors, provide better wages and benefits than chains do. 6. Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship fuels America’s economic innovation and prosperity, and serves as a key means for families to move out of low-wage jobs and into the middle class. 7. Public Benefits and Costs Local stores in town centers require comparatively little infrastructure and make more efficient use of public services relative to big box stores and strip shopping malls. 8. Environmental Sustainability Local stores help to sustain vibrant, compact, walkable town centers-which in turn are essential to reducing sprawl, automobile use, habitat loss, and air and water pollution. 9. Competition A marketplace of many small businesses is the best way to ensure innovation and low prices over the long-term. 10. Product Diversity A multitude of small businesses, each selecting products based, not on a national sales plan, but on their own interests and the needs of their local customers, guarantees a much broader range of product choices. By Stacy Mitchell from Shop local in the North Shore for Our Future! We’ve got some great business owners here who will treat you right!
  15. 15. P a g e | 15 Natural Remedies An Apple a Day… September is National Apple Month! It’s true! An apple a day just might keep the doctor away! This is an amazing list of what a Red Delicious or a Granny Smith apple a day can do for you:  Reduce acne (and possibly fine lines & wrinkles)  Reduce stroke & heart attack risks  End diarrhea & constipation  Help with breathing problems  Avoid Alzheimer’s  Parkinson’s protection  Curb all kinds of cancer  Lower risk of diabetes  Lower cholesterol  Healthier heart  Prevent gallstones  Neutralize IBS  Alleviate hemorrhoids  Weight control  Detoxify the liver  Boost immune system  Prevent cataracts  Curb appetite  Aids in hair growth  Whiter, healthier teeth Did you know…? Apples ripen or soften ten times faster at room temperature than if they were refrigerated.
  16. 16. P a g e | 16 A BIG List of Things to Sell Through Mail Order… Books, Newsletters, Videos, Refurbished Computers/TV’s/Appliances, Collectibles, Electronics, Gardening Seeds/Tools, Foods, Alcohol, Educational Resources, Homeschool Courses, Patterns for Clothing/Wood Working, Auto Parts, Recipe Books, Boating Supplies/Guides, Fishing Supplies/Guides, Golfing Supplies/Equipment/Guides, Candles, Sleep Products, Scented Goods, Stuffed Animals, Pet Supplies/Guides, Exercise Equipment/Guides, Sporting Equipment/How-To’s, Gourmet Coffees/Teas, Incense Sticks, Travel Guides, Gadgets, Crime Prevention Packs, Legal Guides/Kits, Spy Equipment, Diet Kit, Astrological Charts, Tarot Readings, New Age Products… Services: Foreclosure Advice, Investment Advice, Credit Advice, Work at Home Advice, Prepare Resumes, and MORE! The sky is the limit! Do you have a business & want to be a Superhero in your community? Let us know what you have to offer! You’ll save us time and gas by showing us that we can shop locally! Contact Erin to start your Superhero status on the North Shore. 512-243-8586 If you took 2 white-tailed deer in the absence of predators, in just 7- years those two animals alone can produce a herd of up to 35 animals!
  17. 17. P a g e | 17 Spare Money: Mail-Order Mail-Order… you may think it’s a dead business. Nothing could be further from the truth. Think about Amazon or any other website. You purchase something and eagerly await its arrival in your mailbox. Mail-order simply has a new method of being “found”. You can take just about anything and sell it for postal delivery. Guide books, food, dog toys, boat cleaners, fishing bait, plants, recipes, educational products, toys… you name it and you can sell it via mail-order. What about being “found”? What is this new method? It is the Internet, and along with the Internet, the delivery of information type products can be delivered electronically to save you time and money. Do you have to use the Internet in this new era of mail-order? No. You can easily place ads where people frequent. Around the North Shore area, there are several places you can hang a flyer…  Several different gas station windows.  The community area in the same building as Subway (Jonestown).  Contact the owner of the community board outside Lowes.  Place an ad in Lago Vista Life! You can also venture into the online world and easily place a few ads there as well:  Local online forums  Think of something you can do well, and then make it and sell it – period. You can bring in some serious spare money and have fun while you’re at it! You can do this! Believe in yourself and jump in – it’s that easy.
  18. 18. P a g e | 18 Cash, Checks, or Money Orders Accepted.
  19. 19. P a g e | 19 Make a Difference Lifelong Friends Since 1997, Lifelong Friends Pet Adoptions (formerly Lago Vista P.A.W.S.) has been providing a safe haven for abandoned and abused animals. Over 3,000 animals have passed through our doors and been adopted. We were one of the first “No-Kill” shelters in the area, which means we do not euthanize animals simply to make space for more animals at our facility. Lifelong Friends Pet Adoptions is an independently operated, 501c non-profit organization. We are mainly staffed by volunteers who dedicate their time and resources to providing day to day care for the animals. We do not receive any funding from the City or State. We depend 100% on donations and money raised through fundraisers to take care of the animals under our roof. Make a Difference You can make a difference by: Donating, Adopting, Fostering or Volunteering. We have an Amazon Wish List where you can purchase items needed to take care of the animals and have them directly shipped to us. Come down to the shelter on the weekend and visit with the animals waiting for a Lifelong Home. If you cannot adopt a pet, why not “Virtually Adopt” (for a small monthly donation). Fostering an animal is a great way to make a huge difference, especially for animals that need a little extra socialization or have medical needs. Volunteering requires no more than a once a month commitment for a few hours, and is more rewarding than you can ever imagine. All of this information can be found on our website at and you can also follow us on our Facebook page. We are located at 20803 FM 1431 in Lago Vista. Our phone number is 512-267-6876. Photo by: Jennifer Stamps Photography Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms. George Eliot Read more at s/topic_pet.html#ybY1bdJHMCAbCBSa.99 By Andrea Phillips – Director Jennifer Karpyshyn - Volunteer
  20. 20. P a g e | 20 Sudoku Fun! Fill in the blank squares so each row, column, and 3x3 block contain all the digits 1-9. The digits 1-9 cannot be repeated in each row, column, or 3x3 block!
  21. 21. P a g e | 21 Word PuzzleLago Vista Life Are you a North Shore resident who wants a cool, text ad in this spot? Maybe you want to propose, advertise a garage sale… whatever! It’s only $10! Call Erin @ 512-243-8586. Do you like what you see and want more? You’ll get more free information and great deals from LOCAL businesses! FREE local classifieds * FREE eBook series “Create Your Luck” THIS booklet in COLOR * Local Event Dates * More! body language cooler nights lunchbox kids baked apples bigfoot beat pet adoption apple month eye contact garage sale mail order exercise autumn
  22. 22. P a g e | 22 September 13th is Positive Thinking Day! Look on the bright side – not just today; but every day!
  23. 23. P a g e | 23 Event Listings Do YOU have an event happening? Either email with the information, or visit For more information on the following events, call the number listed or check the Event Calendar on Check online for updates! September Listings Every Wednesday: 11am Story Time at the Lago Vista Library 512-267-3868 3pm Winery Production Tours 512-267-6310 2 nd 10am Anniversary Sale & Open House Lil’ Red Schoolhouse. Vendors/Yard Sales/More Labor Day 5 th 7pm Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Group Lakeside Christian Fellowship Church 7 th Balcones Refuge Hunt Program Applications Must be postmarked to day 703-994-4194 11am Winery Production Tours 512-267-6310 3pm Swift Fest in Jonestown Jim Nosler 3pm Free movie, “Luther”, at Lago Vista Library 512-267-3868 7pm First Saturday Wine Dinner 512-267-6310 8 th National Grandparent’s Day Rally Day 512-267-7121 10 th 7:30pm Twilight Concerts 512-267-5735 12 th North Shore Cancer Caregiver Support Group Lakeside Christian Fellowship Church 14 th 11am Winery Production Tours 512-267-6310 National Kreme Filled Donut Day 20 th Lago Vista Country Western Couples Dance Club 21 st 9am Community Awareness Event (booths/food/music) Advent Bldg. 20811 Dawn Drive 11am Winery Production Tours 512-267-6310 International Day of Peace 26 th 10:30am Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Group Next to Lakeside Christian Fellowship Church in Remax Building Johnny Appleseed Day 28 th 8am Lakeside Kids Run Jones Brothers Park, Jonestown 512-267-3243 8:30am Lakeside Challenge 5K Run Jones Brothers Park 512-267-3243 11am Winery Production Tours 512-267-6310 Love Note Day Make sure you check out for updated events & early October!
  24. 24. P a g e | 24