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Published in: Technology, Education

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  • 1. QR Codes in Library Instruction Erin Burns, Reference Librarian Penn State Wilkes-Barre
  • 2. Tired of the same presentation Different and Innovative Reaching the students in a different way Dissipating fear of the library
  • 3. QR codes andacademiclibraries:Reaching mobileusers, RobinAshford, C&RLNews, Nov 2010
  • 4. ENGL 004Career Resources EssayDon’t have to do a “research paper”
  • 5. Remake Library Treasure HuntProject Find Career Resources using the QR codes scattered about the libraryQuestion SheetQR Codes would be the answersMade it easy on purpose Needed the students back in the classroom to discuss what they found where and why it was relevant
  • 6. Prep Time3-4 hours Create a Question sheet where items are located what the items that they found contain align with ACRL Information Literacy Standards Ex: What are the differences between academic journals, popular magazines, and trade magazines?
  • 7. Prep Time: QR Code Creation2-3 hours URL, text, phone number, or SMS Used text and URLs Place QR codes in strategic places around the library Physical and Digital Spaces
  • 8. Class Session10 minutes Figuring out who has a “smart phone” Downloading appropriate software Testing software and websites Groups20 Minutes in the library Finding the codes and answers20 minutes discussing what they found, why itwas important
  • 9. 2 ENGL 004 ClassesSession 1 Session 2 20 students 15 students 7 had smart phones 3 had smart phones 1 iPhone, couple of All iPhones Blackberries and a couple of Droids/Android devicesNone of the students knew what a QR Code was
  • 10. Student feedbackImmediate feedback was Next semesterthat they seemed to like it ENGL 015 students cameLiked being able to use back “prepared” with atheir phones QR reader that worked much betterSaw them showing otherstudents what they weredoing, what QR Codes are
  • 11. Lessons LearnedLibrary was LOUD Be Aware and prepare for the inevitable wireless interruption orTest the codes and webpages on other technical issues. There will bemultiple devices and platforms(if some. It will be ok.possible)Have a good amount of online Don’t be afraid of the newmaterial for your mobile users, technologies or to try somethingspecifically mobile webpages. different.Students are more friendly andnot afraid to talk to me Need for digital literacy Which QR Code reader should IPersonalized the experience for download? Why is it not working? Do I have a smartphone?the students
  • 12. Revisions for FallMight make the QR codes be the questionUse PollEverywhere (text messaging instant audiencefeedback) for beginning and end of class feedback RedLaser QR Reader and creator Can create a code with multiple URLs embedded in it
  • 13. Other projectsNesbitt Library Other Libraries Using them in displays In the reference section to guide to online content