Sensor Web and IoT and the role of Geography (English translation)
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Sensor Web and IoT and the role of Geography (English translation)



On request of GEOSPATIAL WORLD (@geoworldmedia) an English translation of my presentation on Sensor Web and IoT and the role of Geography

On request of GEOSPATIAL WORLD (@geoworldmedia) an English translation of my presentation on Sensor Web and IoT and the role of Geography



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Sensor Web and IoT and the role of Geography (English translation) Sensor Web and IoT and the role of Geography (English translation) Presentation Transcript

  • Sensor Web en Internet of Things Presentation for the Geonovum Steering Committee on Pilot Sensorweb and IoT 17th Februari 2014 Erik van der Zee (Geodan/VU)
  • Contents 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Introduction Sensorweb en Internet of Things (SWIoT) Role of Geography in SW & IoT Crowd Sourced Sensing SW & IoT Standaarden (OGC/W3C) SW & IoT and Security SW & IoT and Privacy SW & IoT Possible topics for the Pilot Final remarks
  • 1. Introduction Sensorweb and Internet of Things
  • History – Sensor networks exist already for a long time • Process industry (oil refineries, chemical plants) • Logistics • Surveillance (CCTV) • … – Properties • Closed networks • Closed data sources • No open standards (vendor specific protocols) – Technological developments… • Hardware becomes smaller (=energy efficient + cheap) and (internet) connectivity is improving (bandwidth, stability, coverage) and cheaper • Standaards for interoperability are becoming available (e.g. SWE, SSN, ONVIF)
  • Internet of Things (Gartner Hype Cycle)
  • Internet connected smart objects
  • Increasing numbers of smart objects…
  • Smart Objects… > Smart objects are physical or virtual devices with physical or virtual sensors c.q. actuators (e.g. a security camera) Hardware Software > Virtual sensors = sensors that measure some virtual event and based on this send alerts or notifications, e.g. a digital calendar alert or an alert when someone enters your virtual house in Second Life ( alert is send through the Second Life API to e.g. your smart phone)
  • Static and Dynamic Sensing Remote Sensing Static Positions Dynamic Positions In-Situ Sensing
  • Static and Dynamic Act(uat)ing Remote Acting Static Positions Dynamic Positions In-Situ Acting
  • Sensing  Big Data (event streams)
  • Sensing – Analysing – Acting (1) > > Continuous loop of sensing, analyzing and acting  Optimization of processes in Smart Environments raw events Sensing Analysis meaningful events Act(uat)ing future events raw events Predicting
  • Sensing – Analysing – Acting (2) > Event Stream Processing (ESP)
  • 2. Role of Geography in Sensorweb and IoT
  • Role van Geography Geo IT Geography (xyzt) Location Awareness in The IoT Information Technology Geo-IT in the IoT Information Technology in the IoT Smart Devices
  • Role van Geography > Location is a connecting principle (or “glue”) in the IoT
  • Smart devices on the map…
  • Examples sense-analyze-act and GEO (1) > Smart waste management
  • Route optimalization 100% 50% 70% 55% 100% 90% 40%
  • Examples sense-analyze-act and GEO (2) > Smart Parking
  • Examples sense-analyze-act and GEO (3) > Emergency Response
  • Examples sense-analyze-act en GEO (4) > Smart Things and Social Media – Social web of things “facebook of things” > Alert when recycling bin is almost full, or when it has been emptied
  • IoT Playing Field
  • 50+ Use Cases
  • 3. Crowd Sourced Sensing
  • Fukushima >
  • Real-time data brokers > > > > Real-time data broker for networked objects and environments Example (formely known as “Pachube”) Collects and distributes data streams of sensors Can send alerts, notifications and steer processes (actuating)
  • Geluidsnet > Measurement noise pollution around Schiphol
  • Air Quality Egg >
  • 4. Standards
  • OGC SWE Standaarden > SWE standards overview > c/markets-technologies/swe OWS Demonstrations (use of SWE standards) ojects/initiatives/ows-5
  • W3C > Semantic Sensor Network (SSN) > mantic_Sensor_Net_Ontology > Relation with Geonovum Linked Open Data Pilot (“PiLOD”)!
  • 5. Security
  • Security > Hacking scenarios (manipulation of sensors, actuators and event streams)
  • 6. Privacy
  • Privacy (NRC Saturday 15th February 2014)
  • Statements…
  • Privacy > The feeling of being spied upon by the Government (control state)
  • 7. Possible subjects for SW & IoT Pilot… …
  • Mogelijke onderwerpen voor de Pilot > Related to Pilot Use Cases or broader… – Standaardization (technical + semantic) • E.g. NL Profile for SOS and SPS • Praktical use of OGC and W3C standards – – – – – Sensor Catalog (meta data, findability) Open Sensor Data Semantic Sensor Web Education and Research Exchange of user experiences • In the areas of hardware (power supply, battery life) • Internet connectivity (bvb in remote areas) • …
  • 8. Final remarks…
  • Final Remarks… > 3D Pilot + LOD Pilot + SWIoT Pilot = SimCity
  • The End Time for questions and discussions