Visual Language Evaluation


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Visual Language Evaluation

  1. 1. Visual Language EvaluationLayout:There are some positive and negative points to the evaluation of the layout, the first positive point isthat the layout of the front design is spacious and is not cluttered which means when the audience isconsidering purchasing the item it is clear who the artist is from the image and it is clear what thealbum is called. A negative point on the layout is that there perhaps isn’t enough information on thefront cover of the digi pack; this means that there is just an image and the title of the album andperhaps the audience would have required more information than that.Image:The main image on the front of the design has some positive and negative features; the first positivepoint on the image is that it represents the genre of through the lighting, the position of the artist andthe expression from the artist. This will help the audience be persuaded to purchase an album in thatparticular genre. A negative point of the image is that perhaps it doesn’t include enough items in theimage which could have helped to catch the audience’s eye.Texture:There are some positive and negative points to the texture of the digi pack; there are only twotextures to the digi pack. The first positive point is that there is more than one texture such as theimage and then the text; this helps the audiences to be more attracted to the front cover of the digipack. The negative point to the texture of the digi pack is that perhaps there should have been morethan two so that the audiences can be more attracted to the album.Shape:The shape of the digi pack have been evaluated with both positive and negative points, the firstpositive point is that the shape is in a simple square shape so that the design on the front does notget cluttered from a strange shape. The negative issue is that the square shape does not leave muchroom for creative purpose.Use of Language:The use of language has some positive aspects as well as negatives, the first positive point is that thename of the album is “Home At Last” which is also the name of the main track, this is positive as thename relates to the expression in the artists face that she is pleased to be home. The negative issue
  2. 2. is that there is perhaps not enough language on the front cover such as the artists name and perhapsquotes from magazines, for example “simply outstanding”.