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Feedback Reflection
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Feedback Reflection


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Published in: Business, Design

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  • 1. Feedback ReflectionThe audience all together seemed to approve of the product although this needs to be looked at infurther detail. There were some positive points about the product in terms of the target audience andsome negative points as well which can be improved on.The first positive point from the audience was did the audience like the final product? 82% of theaudience asked said yes that the product was likeable. This means that that portion of the audiencehad their eye caught on the product. On the other hand 18% of the audience didn’t like the firstsighting of the product which means that I have not achieved the full potential from the targetaudience. I could improve these numbers through doing a thorough questionnaire finding out theexact fault of the product so that from the first sighting, all of the audience would be intrigued.The next positive point from the audience was did the audience feel that the product had achieved itspurpose of being a digi pack? 70% of the audience felt that yes the product did achieve its purposewhich means that a good portion of the audience felt that the main purpose of the digi pack didachieve its potential. Although 30% of the audience felt that the product did not achieve its potentialwhich again is another portion of the audience that would not purchase the product. I could improvethese results through researching more into digi packs so that I had a better understanding of all thecorrect elements that are required for a digi pack to achieve its purpose.The third positive point from the audience is would the audience actually purchase the product? 72%of the audience said yes they would purchase this particular product which means that the productwould make a profit due to there being over 50% of the audience who would purchase the product.On the other hand 28% of the audience said that no they would not purchase the product, this meansthat I would need to improve variables of the product. I could improve these results through improvingeye catching variables such as the font, the colours and the other items on the front cover.The final positive point from the audience is would the audience recommend this product to a friend?90% of the audience said yes they would recommend this product which is an outstanding resultwhich means altogether this product achieved its main aims and purposes in relation to the targetaudience. On the other hand 10% of the audience said they would not recommend this product whichis not a major loss but could be improved. I could improve all the results through improving the designof the product which could be done through more research and trying new more creative ideas.