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  1. 1. EvaluationThe product that was completed was a perfume advert for the more mature woman by Marc Jacobs,within this product; our task was to create the audio to the video which had to include four elementswithin that track. The four elements included three sounds with any instrument or sound effectalthough one of the elements had to be narrative.The original intensions for this product was to have settling sounds with birds chirping and a personcalmly talking in the background painting a description for the audience which was the main purposeof there being narrative. I felt that the product that has been created is similar to the product that I hadintentions for, I felt that the calming effect was similar and the narrative was also calm although thenarrative was in Russian which had made it more difficult for the public and the audio wasn’t as calmand collect as first hoped.Did the product achieve its purpose? I feel that yes the product did achieve its purpose of selling aproduct although the purpose of the narrative did not the fit the purpose due to the fact that it was toocreative with the languages and therefore considering the country of exhibition, the language was notappropriate.The specific technical qualities in which I felt I achieved highly in is the editing of thesounds where I managed to fade them in and out and correct the sound where I felt the track did notflow accordingly although I felt that when using the software I did not explore into all the differentoptions of the software which might have improved the quality of the track.During the production I felt that I mastered some production skills such as time management, I felt Imastered this due to the fact that when the production schedule was made, I felt that I followed eachdeadline to the dot which helped with the overall management of the production. This also meant thatthe production flowed with great rhythm due to the creation of the production schedule. I felt that I didnot achieve so highly in production skills such as ideas generation as I did not include as muchgraphic work as I should have done in order to explore different options for the product. I also felt thatI didn’t achieve so well in technical competence as I did not explore all the areas of the software. Ishould have had more courage and confidence to explore different areas of research and software sothat I could have had a chance at creating an event better product.I feel that overall the product was a success due to the fact that it achieved its purpose and I also feelthat the general project was a success as I had learnt a lot from this experience and this particularunit.