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Erie County Department of Health 2013 Overview - How the Public Knows Us

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Ecdh overview 2013 short version website

  1. 1. ERIE COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH E R I E C O U N T Y, P E N N S Y LVA N I A Touching the lives of each Erie County resident daily… Barry Grossman Erie County Executive Andrew J. Glass Director
  3. 3. CHILD, FAMILY & PERSONAL HEALTH • Childhood lead poisoning prevention • Parent & child home visiting • 1st time pregnancy • Immunizations & clinic information • Child & family health HEALTH DEPARTMENT PROGRAMS Nurse-Family Partnership Maternal and Child Health Home Visiting Program Childhood Lead Prevention
  4. 4. COMMUNICABLE DISEASE • • • • • • • STD prevention, testing & treatment (confidential) HIV testing & counseling (confidential) Tuberculosis prevention, diagnosis & treatment Animal bite investigation & rabies prevention Immunization clinics Monitoring diseases in Erie community Prevention/control outbreaks of disease such as food or waterborne illness HEALTH DEPARTMENT PROGRAMS Community Health Services HIV/AIDS Grant Epidemiology Surveillance 24/7
  5. 5. CHRONIC DISEASE PREVENTION • • • • • • • • • Healthy Corner Stores & Healthy Foods Council Bicycle - Friendly Worksites & Bike Erie Erie Walks! Safe Routes to Schools Let’s Move Outside! Erie County Recreational Passport Tobacco Prevention, Cessation & Enforcement Programs Young Lungs at Play! Cancer Prevention Task Force Safe & Healthy Communities HEALTH DEPARTMENT PROGRAMS Safe & Healthy Communities Tobacco Control Cancer Education
  6. 6. INJURY PREVENTION & SAFETY Programs that focus on the leading causes of injuries and injury-related deaths: • Drug poisoning Med return units Motor vehicle crashes  Car seat checks  Seat belt education  DUI prevention Falls Suicide Child Death Review Committee  • • • • as well as injuries to children under age 14 • • • • • • • Crib safety Playground safety Water safety Bike safety Pedestrian safety Fire safety Sports and recreational safety HEALTH DEPARTMENT PROGRAMS Safe Kids Injury Prevention Highway Safety
  7. 7. ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY • • • • • • • Inspect and monitor 170 public drinking water supplies Inspect and monitor 50 sewage treatment plants Inspect and monitor 16 industrial waste dischargers Inspect and monitor 361 Small Flow Treatment Facilities Issues permits for on-lot sewage systems Investigate water pollution incidents Inspect 92 public schools for safety & sanitation HEALTH DEPARTMENT PROGRAMS Environmental Division
  8. 8. ENVIRONMENTAL RECREATIONAL SAFETY • Monitor public beaches & inspect public pools; perform laboratory analysis of Presque Isle beach samples • Inspect 33 organized camps & campgrounds • Inspect & issue certificates of registration for 90 manufactured home parks • Inspect & issue certificates of registration for 19 tattoo & body piercing establishments • Educate the public on Lyme Disease and identify Tick species • Monitor the County for mosquitoes and birds that carry West Nile Virus. Apply treatment when necessary HEALTH DEPARTMENT PROGRAMS Environmental Division
  9. 9. ENVIRONMENTAL FOOD SAFETY • • • • Inspection, enforcement and licensing of 1,372 restaurants, 295 retail food stores and 486 temporary food vendors Offer monthly food safety courses of food service employees Prevention/control outbreaks of disease such as food or waterborne illness. Inspect 54 summer food sites HEALTH DEPARTMENT PROGRAMS Environmental Division
  10. 10. PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCIES • • • • Disease outbreaks Pandemics Acts of terrorism Hazardous material incidents HEALTH DEPARTMENT PROGRAMS Public Health Preparedness
  11. 11. Goal I: All-Hazards Response Plan Goal II: Workforce Capacity Development Goal III: Exercise/Real-Event
  12. 12. DATA AND STATISTICS The Erie County Department of Health provides up-to-date health statistics for the residents of Erie County and its communities. Health data & statistics includes: • • • • • • • Behavioral Health Risks Community Health Profiles Demographics Health Disparities Healthy People 2020 Infectious Diseases Vital Statistics HEALTH DEPARTMENT PROGRAMS Public Health Preparedness / Community Health Services
  13. 13. ECDH SNAPSHOT 1 of 10 independent local Health Departments in PA 6.7 M budget 2013 (85% non-county funds) 71 Full Time Staff Founded in 1954 Primary divisions: • Community health • Public health preparedness • Environmental • Health education Revenue sources for Public Health in Erie County, PA $5,650,727 Revenue from grants, reimbursements (Act 315, 12), user fees, & donations 83% $1,006,245 County General fund dollars 17% $6,656,972 Total adjusted 2013 budget 100%
  14. 14. PRIMARY STRATEGIES • • • • • Accreditation Performance Management Quality Improvement Workforce Development Sustainable Funding I. • • • • Health Promotion, Education Health Assessment and Plan Surveillance Partnership Improve ability to carry out mission. II. Improve health status. III. Develop public health system.
  15. 15. ADMINISTRATIVE STRATEGIC ISSUES • Development and execution of a community health plan that measurably changes the health of our community and the integration of community-wide services. • Decreased funding with resultant re-prioritization of programs and services while assuring a high level of public health protection. • The changing face of public health. Transitioning from direct services and sick care to prevention and education. • Impact of Affordable Care Act.
  16. 16. Blueprint for Community Health Improvement Erie County, PA Strategic Issues Strategic Issues and Priority Indicators LIFESTYLE BEHAVIOR CHANGE LIFESTYLE BEHAVIOR CHANGE CHRONIC DISEASE PREVENTION & CONTROL Tobacco Use including Smoking During Pregnancy Physical Activity CANCER PREVENTION & EARLY DETECTION Nutrition MENTAL HEALTH CHRONIC DISEASE PREVENTION & CONTROL Alcohol Use Heart Disease Obesity Hypertension Diabetes & Pre-Diabetes Overarching Challenges POVERTY DISPARITIES Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPD) Asthma COPD/Adult Asthma preventable Hospitalization CANCER PREVENTION & EARLY DETECTION AGING POPULATION Lung Cancer MEDICAL & DENTAL PROFESSIONAL SHORTAGE Breast Cancer HEALTH-RELATED TRANSPORTATION Cervical Cancer Prostate Cancer MENTAL HEALTH HEALTH LITERACY LACK OF A CENTRAL SOURCE OF INFORMATION & REFERRAL Poor Mental health Suicide Financial Distress
  17. 17. Physicians Government Agencies Community Non-Profits COMMUNITY PARTNERS Colleges & Universities Faith-Based Programs Business Community Funding Agencies Hospitals To learn more about the Erie County Department of Health visit our website at: WWW.ECDH.ORG