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Mr. & mrs. right Mr. & mrs. right Presentation Transcript

  • Mr. & Mrs. Right
  • Mr. & Mrs. Right
  • Mr. & Mrs. RightTop Ten things women want in a man:No.10 IndependenceWomen want to know that a man can takecare of himself. They want a guy who iscapable and independent, able to make hisown decisions, pay his rent, and cook dinnerfor himself.Despite what you might think, no womanwants to be your mother. One of the top 10things women want is to know that you arecapable of carrying your own weight in arelationship. A guy who is in constant need ofreassurance, companionship, help,motivation, and advice is a turnoff.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Right Top Ten things women want in a man:No.9 LooksWomen are called the fairer sex for a reason.They’re much, much better looking than we are,what with our sharp angles, our hairy backs andour doughy centers. It is truly one of their great Corruptionvirtues that women are willing to spend so muchtime in our company despite our undeniablysimian appearance.Women care about looks too. Thus, it wouldn’thurt to at least try to minimize the degree to whichyou remind them of a monkey. Women aren’tasking for much. Try to keep yourself well-groomed.Wear clothes that fit, and at least make an effortto keep yourself in shape.
  • Mr. & Mrs. RightTop Ten things women want in a man:No.8 PositivityCynicism and sarcasm have their place,but nobody wants to be withsomeone who is sarcastic andcynical all of the time. It’s exhausting.By contrast, being in the presence ofsomeone with a positive outlook onlife can actually be energizing.An optimistic person makes othersfeel good; his optimism can becontagious, even inspiring.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Right Top Ten things women want in a man:No.7 Communication SkillsWomen place a priority on guys they can talk to,who can express themselves and who are at leastwilling to listen to them when they talk about theirconcerns, hopes and desires. CorruptionYou should also know that the communication skillthat trumps all others is the ability to be attentive.Sometimes, all a woman needs you to do is listen.This is hard for us guys, because we’re very“action-oriented.” We think of every conversationas a prelude to some necessary action (otherwise,why talk?), but that’s not always the case.
  • Mr. & Mrs. RightTop Ten things women want in a man:No.6 SociabilityA woman wants a guy who can carryon a conversation with her coworkersat a dinner party and also has thegood sense not to swear in front ofher mother.Women want a guy with a high socialIQ. They don’t want a wallflower orthe strong silent type.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Right Top Ten things women want in a man:No.5 IntelligenceMany women find smarts as sexy asphysical appearance. For some of us,this can be frustrating, because, let’s Corruptionface it, we’d all like to be smarter, andat one time or another we’ve all feltlike the dumbest guy in the room.Avoid running your mouth on subjectsyou know nothing about.
  • Mr. & Mrs. RightTop Ten things women want in a man:No.4 PassionThe reasons should be pretty obvious. If awoman is thinking about spending any timewith you, she’d like to know that she can lookforward to adventure, excitement,commitment, devotion, and great sex. Thus, ifa guy wants to be wanted, he has to show awoman he’s passionate.Be passionate about something a littleserious, like your job or a humanitarian causeinstead of just baseball and hamburgers.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Right Top Ten things women want in a man:No.3 Sense Of HumorWe all know how much more funfunny people are than dull, grumpypeople. Now this does not mean you Corruptionneed to be “the life of the party.” Agood sense of humor just means youknow how to tell and take a joke.
  • Mr. & Mrs. RightTop Ten things women want in a man:No.2 AmbitionMen too often think that all women careabout is money, but that’s nonsense. Sure itmay be true of some women, just as it’s trueof some men, but women aren’tcharacteristically attracted to rich guys. Thereason women gravitate toward men withsuccessful careers isn’t because of the size oftheir paychecks, but rather because theirsuccess at work is indicative of certainattractive personality traits: commitment,discipline, strong work ethic -- all of which arethings that will likely make a guy a goodpartner.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Right Top Ten things women want in a man:No.1 ConfidenceMaybe you’re a smart, sociable guy with a greatsense of humor, but you could use some help inthe ambition department. Maybe you’re a great-looking guy with expert communication skills, butyou’ve yet to find the one thing you’re reallypassionate about. Here’s the good Corruptionnews: Confidence is the one thing womenconsistently say they want in a man.Confidence is king. That means even if you can’tcategorize yourself as “the total package,” as longas you feel good about what you have to offer, andas long as you’re comfortable with yourself, youhave a shot.
  • Mr. & Mrs. RightNow what does a manwant in a women?
  • Mr. & Mrs. RightDiscussion Questions:1 – What do you think your Mr. or Mrs. Right is looking for?2 – Do you believe in soul mates? Why or why not?3 – What are some things that men or women do that annoy you?4 – What are some things that you can not stand in a relationship?5 – How do you know if you are “in love” or just “infatuated”?6 – What are some things that really turn you on?7 – Should you make compromises when in a relationship? When?8 – How “equal” should a relationship be? Who is really the boss?9 – Are you a Mr. or Mrs. Right? Why do you think so? What do you have to offer?