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Business Club June 13th, 2012

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Job interviews job seeker

  1. 1. Job Interviews
  2. 2. Job InterviewsHi. My name is Mary. I have an awesome jobwhere I can make the best use of my skills andtalents in a field that I love. Not only that, I make ashitload of money doing it too!! Getting my jobwas not easy. Even though I have a Mastersdegree, there were 12 other equally qualifiedcandidates that also wanted this job. Although weall looked very similar on paper, I impressed themost in the interview and got the job. Probablybecause I was confident, dressed sharp, and wasable to answer the interviewer’s questions theway he wanted to hear them.
  3. 3. Job InterviewsHey, I’m Gary. I have been looking for ajob for like ever and I cannot get hiredanywhere. I don’t get it. Look at me. I amgood looking, smart, and have quite a bitof experience. I don’t get it. HR people arestupid. They do not know what they aremissing. If they actually had any fuckingclue about how to find a good employee Iwould have been hired a long time ago. Igot a degree from Harvard eh? Yeah, I amgoing to make a lot of money whensomeone finally hires me for thatexecutive position I want.
  4. 4. Job InterviewsWhat are the maindifferences betweenMary and Gary?
  5. 5. Job Interviews
  6. 6. Job InterviewsDiscussion Questions:1. What mistakes have you made in previous job interviews?2. Have you had a job interview in a Western company before? How’d it go?3. Are you 100% happy with your current job? If not why?4. If you are not 100% happy with your current job, are you now looking for another? If not, why not?5. For any job interview you succeeded in, what do you think were the main factors in why you were chosen over other equally qualified candidates?6. What is one thing you can do better than most others working in your field?7. If a perspective employer called you today for a job interview tomorrow morning, would you be ready? Why or why not?8. What advice would you give someone who was going into an important job interview?9. What is a panel interview?10.What type of questions should you expect from a Western interview?
  7. 7. Job Interviews• Chew gum• Lie on your resume• Arrogance is a sign of confidence• Act indifferent and play it cool• Talk bad about your current employer• Don’t research the company ahead of the interview• Don’t answer questions directly• Faking an answer is ok• No need to ask questions at the end of the interview• Show up super duper early• Never admit any problems
  8. 8. Job Interviews• Dress Smart!• Practice your answers• Be relaxed, but have proper posture• Show your interest in the job• Discuss your skills in detail• Ask the right questions• Be polite and use proper grammar• Turn your mobile OFF!!• Be no later than 5 minutes early• Make sure you understand what theinterviewer is really looking for• Give good reason for the interviewer toremember you• Show your personality!
  9. 9. Job Interviews Questions to expect at an interview @ a Western company:1. Tell me about yourself.2. Why did you quit (are you looking to leave) your last (current) job?3. Why do you want to work for my company?4. Why should I hire you?5. What is your weakness?Make sure you the interviewer understandsyour knowledge, skills, and talents.
  10. 10. Job Interviews