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Communicating with your manager
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Communicating with your manager


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Getting the most out of your job…
  • 2. Part 1: Communication w/ your Manager
  • 3. Business ClubCan you I am toogive this lazy to caretask to and if yousomeone give it to meelse? I am I will putalready little or nopretty busy. effort into it.
  • 4. Business Club I am not confident my skills are good enough even thoughI will try my best. I have been working here for more than a year now.
  • 5. Business Club Sure Boss!! I want toI would love impress you to!! and since my skills are lacking I will try to make up for it by kissing your ass!
  • 6. Business ClubI feel so tired this morning, I was out all I have no idea why! night partying with my friends and think you are too stupid to figure it out!
  • 7. Business Club But it is really hard to get alongwith her, and I am not the only one who thinks so!I do not have theability to get alongwith otherpersonality types,and I blame othersinstead of trying tofix anything myself.
  • 8. Business ClubI know it was late but I dideverything I could to get it done on time! I evenworked on it at home andgot others to help me and it is not my fault and blah blah blah blah blah.Not only is my assignment late, but I refuse to take responsibility for it.
  • 9. Business Club I know I did not get the sale but there was nothing I could have done.Not only did I not make the sale but I won’t even tryto see what I can learn from this, nor will I work hard to improve my sales skills.
  • 10. Business ClubDiscussion Period:1 – How often do you communicate with your direct superior? Your bosses boss? Thebig boss?2 – “Anything negative that is said to management reflects poorly on you.” Would youagree with this statement? Why or why not?3 – What are some ways you can speak to your manager to give him the impressionthat you are not only fully competent in your current position, but that you are also agreat choice for a promotion?4 – How often to do look at your assignments from your bosses point of view?5 – What do you do at work that shows your supervisor that you are worth giving araise to?6 – JFK once famously said “As NOT what you country can do for you, ASK what youcan do for your country.” Do you ever think like this about your job? If not, do youthink doing so would be worth the effort? Why or why not?7 – What do you think your company could do for you that they currently are not?How can you convince your company to do so?8 – When and how will you receive a salary increase and / or promotion?