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    Exploring Big Data Exploring Big Data Presentation Transcript

    • Exploring Big DataMobile World Congress 2013
    • In a nutshell› Mobile network data as an asset – Mobile network data is an unique asset that the operators have – if treated the right way. In this project we provide a prototype tool that demonstrates how this can be achieved.› Deepened consumer understanding – Historically, consumer segmenting has been used in order to understand the market, but going forward, it will become vital to understand the individual also through Big Data, to build a stronger relationship with the consumer leading to improved consumer experience & loyalty› Data insight driven business innovation – By connecting, mining, and analyzing vast amount of data sources (coming from mobile networks as well as external sources) in a Networked Society, without jeopardizing consumer needs for privacy and integrity, Ericsson can provide insights that enable the identification and creation of new business opportunities. This is exemplified in the prototype tool.Mobile World Congress 2013 | © Ericsson AB 2013 | 2013-02-25 | Page 2
    • Understanding mobilenetwork data› Extremely “rich” data – Mobile network data can contain a plentitude of various parameters, such as network traffic load, types of communication, and content being consumed, etc.› Presentation of data is key – In order to be able to understand network data it has to be visualized and made possible to interact with.› Analyzing network data – and merging it with other data sources – By combining mobile network data insights with external data sources, a broad and deep comprehensive analysis can be achieved.Mobile World Congress 2013 | © Ericsson AB 2013 | 2013-02-25 | Page 3
    • Consumer Understanding› Consumer awareness is increasing, but still limited – Many consumers are aware that their data is PERMISSIBILITY collected, but not why, how or exactly what› Benefits beats sensitivity – If the consumer can see a clear and wanted benefit they also become less concerned VALUE SHARING› Permissibility, value sharing & transparency are key! – Permissibility and transparency will increase consumer trust and mutual value sharing is a profit TRANSPARENCY driver and gives consumer “free” or better servicesMobile World Congress 2013 | © Ericsson AB 2013 | 2013-02-25 | Page 4
    • Data insight drivenbusiness innovation › Data and information that are unique to the operator – strong assets – Difficult for other players such as Google and Apple to get hold of this kind of data – a differentiating factor for the telco players. › Leveraging on data analysis insights – Partnerships around network data “products” – Improved network performance and potential increased network traffic (related to learning and prediction mechanisms) – Deeper customer understandingMobile World Congress 2013 | © Ericsson AB 2013 | 2013-02-25 | Page 5
    • DATA ANALYSIS TOOL(PROTOTYPE)Mobile World Congress 2013 | © Ericsson AB 2013 | 2013-02-25 | Page 6
    • Data Analysis Tool (Prototype) › Makes network data understandable – In order to be able to understand network data it has to be analyzed, visualized, and made possible to interact with. › Illustrates network performance and behavior – Shows possibilities for increasing efficiency dynamically (as a result of network data analysis and prediction mechanisms), and more. › Highlights new business opportunities and innovation – Network data analysis is an valuable asset. – Shows the potential in forming new kinds of partnerships. – Allows for increased customer loyalty through deeper consumer understanding (thus reducing churn).Mobile World Congress 2013 | © Ericsson AB 2013 | 2013-02-25 | Page 7
    • Consumer Research materialMobile World Congress 2013 | © Ericsson AB 2013 | 2013-02-25 | Page 8
    • Consumer Research material › Qualitative research in San Francisco, US › 6 in-depth interviews › 7 expert interviews › Explorative workshop with 16 university students › Fieldwork: 30 October 2012 -14 January 2013 › Quantitative research in 15 markets › 23 000 online interviews › Age 15-69 › Representing more than 630 million consumers › Fieldwork: May 2012Mobile World Congress 2013 | © Ericsson AB 2013 | 2013-02-25 | Page 9
    • Anonymous data notconsidered sensitive When personal information is collected and aggregated on a large scale Value & by companies, privacy and integrity risks arise. What do consumers think Sensitivity about collection of aggregated, anonymized information? › Although consumers have a very low awareness of CONSUMERS ARE UNCONCERNED BY THE companies’ and organizations’ use of aggregated, RISKS OF USE OF AGGREGATED DATA anonymized personal information, it is not seen as particularly sensitive. › Consumers are more willing to accept the collection My personal information might be useful, and use of their aggregated information by a company say if 75% of the people in my demographics to which they have an existing relationship. actually liked a TV show, maybe I should check it out., and I don’t have to spend time › For companies with a long standing relationship to the reading reviews. consumer, some will even accept the fact that their aggregated personal information could be sold to a third party Beth, 46, consumerMobile World Congress 2013 | © Ericsson AB 2013 | 2013-02-25 | Page 10
    • Consumer Awareness of companiescollection of pi More than 50% people think that mobile phone providers and social networking sites use their personal information for commercial purposeSource: Infocom Advance 2012 Base: Internet usersQ: To what extent do you think the following organizations use your personal information for commercial purposes (e.g. advertising, monitoring)?Mobile World Congress 2013 | © Ericsson AB 2013 | 2013-02-25 | Page 11
    • Personalization is value More than 40% people would allow companies to use their personal information when offer is personalized to them, used to improve current services or develop new services Source: Infocom Advance 2012 Base: Internet usersMobile World Congress 2013 | © Ericsson AB 2013 | 2013-02-25 | Page 12