Day 3 writing prompt

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  • 1. Day 3- Writing PromptSuppose you are walking down the street one day. You turn the corner, and there in the middle ofthe street, is a shopping cart full of bananas. Write a story about a shopping cart of bananas in themiddle of the street.Before you begin to write, think about the bananas. Who might they belong to? How did they getthere? What is going to happen to the shopping cart of bananas?Now write a story about a shopping cart full of bananas in the middle of the street. Be sureto include one or more characters in your story and describe the events surrounding theshopping cart full of bananas.Student Example:By Jeremiah It was a Saturday, and I was walking to the store with my three best friends Diah,Ashaid and Kyran. When we came we saw a cart full of bananas in the middle of the street.I wondered what where they doing there, and who put it there. I took a chance, and I took the cart right out of the street. “Wow!” I said after I tookthe cart. “Let’s split the bananas up,” I suggested. Right after we took the bananas Ranger Rick came out of Walmart. He wasscratching his head wondering where did his cart of bananas go. He was going to go feedthe monkeys. At home I was enjoying some bananas until my mom asked me where did I get thebananas. I was sweaty and my throat was dry, but I decided to tell the truth. Before I did,Ranger Rick showed up and everyone was with him including Diah, Kyran, and Ashaid. Heasked me about the bananas too. So, I said I took them. He was glad I told the truth so hebrought me to feed the monkeys. I was glad I told the truth.