UNWTO Travel & Media Conference: #WeVisitEgypt 'Real' Time Digital Travel Storytelling Presentation

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Learn from digital storytellers and travel blogger, Daniel Noll, Audrey Scott and Erica Hargreave on how they partner with tourism boards and DMOs to use social media and blogging to change the …

Learn from digital storytellers and travel blogger, Daniel Noll, Audrey Scott and Erica Hargreave on how they partner with tourism boards and DMOs to use social media and blogging to change the conversation about tourist destinations challenged by negative perceptions related to current events.

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  • ----- Meeting Notes (4/26/12 10:13) ----- 1) Welcome 2) Title + names 3) Thank you 4) Before we get started, tell you a story
  • Feedback came from every channel We are not about placing readers in harm’s way – NEVER compromise on safety
  • It’s a story, It might be “the” story, but it’s not the full story. For destinations suffering difficult news cycles, for DMOs and tourism boards, it’s up to you to get that full story out. In addition to the example story from our first visit,
  • Thanks for ETA for forethought and innovation and and UNWTO for their support #WeVisitEgypt
  • Connects audience with destination in moment More than just an impression. Plants the seed: “I want to learn more” Changes minds: “Never thought of X destination, but now I’m interested” Greater longevity
  • Thanks to the organizers at UNWTO and the Egyptian Tourism Authority


  • 1. Real-Time Digital Storytelling for Destinations During Challenging News Cycles Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott, Uncornered Market Erica Hargreave, Ahimsa Media
  • 2. December 17, 2011 – Cairo, Egypt
  • 3. December 17, 2011 – Cairo, Egypt
  • 4. December 17, 2011 – Cairo, Egypt
  • 5. Real-Time Reactions Trust + Immediate Response = Changing Perceptions Real Time
  • 6. Changing Minds
  • 7. Why We Are Here Define storytelling & digital storytelling Digital storytellers/travel bloggers as partners during challengingtimes #WeVisitEgypt real-time case study, stories and statistics
  • 8. Erica: Ahimsa Media & Roamancing Now: Digital Storyteller & Strategist University & College Professor Mainstream Media Writer Previous: Creative Producer TV Star Scientist Provoking Thought, Inspiring the Imagination & Bringing Stories to Life
  • 9. Dan & Audrey: UncorneredMarket 5 Years, 70+ Countries: Leading Travel Blog & Social Media Influencer Cooperation with Jordan, Greece, Mexico, Iran (G Adventures) and Egypt Social media strategy for UN Foundation-backed Global Sustainable Tourisk Council •Previous experience: Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, IT & management consulting
  • 10. If You Are on Twitter... #We Vis itE gyp t #Tou ris m M e d ia •Dan & Audrey: @UMarket #U N WTO •Erica: @EricaHargreave, @Roamancing, @AhimsaMedia
  • 11. Storytelling: A Definition The Ancient Art of passing downknowledge & information throughanecdotal tales. Bringing people, places, experiencesand our senses to life in the mind’s eye. In terms of travel, think DestinationBrand Storytelling.
  • 12. Digital Storytelling Two-way communication, notbroadcasting. Multi-Platform. Immediate and Long Lasting.•A More Personal Voice & Tone.Trust.
  • 13. Why is this effective? Blog comments “You guys are the perception busters, from Iran to Egypt your perspective is one I can trust and am glad to see the positive sides of these countries versus everything you always read in headlines.” - Matt “Great observation. It seems that our similarities are greater than our differences. Too bad these types of observations are limited to travellers. The media images seen by general public can be so skewed.” - Michaela “A very reassuring post on a destination that I’ve thought about for a long time.” – Andrew Gould “Wonderful. Egypt has been in my dreams for awhile. I hope I’ll manage to go this year.” - Angela
  • 14. Quantitative & Qualitative Metrics Twitter Reach: Facebook Reach: 14,000+Monthly Blog Reach: ~100,000 unique visitors
  • 15. From Challenge to Opportunity Its not about: telling them its safe, thats propaganda a list of nice and beautiful things It is about addressing prospective visitors concerns placing people at the center of addressing that concern telling stories that make the point about safety providing information that helps putting things in perspective, in broader context• How: through agents with communities that trust them, agents that can tell agood story, an effective story
  • 16. Why Is This Important?
  • 17. Thank You!Let’s continue the conversation. Connect with us on:•UncorneredMarket.com and Roamancing.com / AhimsaMedia.com•Twitter: @Umarket @Roamancing•Facebook: /UncorneredMarket /Roamancing•LinkedIn: Audrey Scott & Daniel Noll & Erica Hargreave