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Aoss group5


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Published in: Technology

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  • Uses Maps with map satellite, and hybrid viewsFree hand Drawing- to plan for rescue fire lines, exits, or moving.Evidence Data: time of day, photos, audio, videoRecommendations: TCA needs to have the ability to share with other units, use maps with user-friendly qualities, and current environment updates.
  • The company makes a note that “This is an educational tool only. Rely on your own experience during actual emergencies.”
  • Transcript

    • 1. HF III: Testing & Evaluation HF 305, Section 1 Dr. Jason Kring Group 5
    • 2. SituationWare 911 Toolkit PulsePoint Fire LoggerFire Command Worksheet Firefighter Log
    • 3. The SituationWare app is an emergency communicationdevice used for planning, incident response, and interactive training. It’s visual aide in planning makes the app user-friendly.
    • 4. ADVANTAGES Isolation & Downwind zones Google Maps Floor-plan View Evidence Data  time of day, photos, audio, video Weather Updates Share/ Store plansDISADVANTAGES Cluttered map display Icons difficult to understand Ability to share information on social networking sites
    • 5. The 911 Toolkit app is a multipurpose reference tool designedfor “Fire, EMT’s, paramedics, and other emergency responders.” This app provides a variety of educational information and guides, as well as quick calculations, for field and on-the-job training. This application is very useful in preparing for an exa- +m, certification test, or any unanswered questions after an emergency incident. “When you train and perform your job, take your courage, ingenuity, and 911 Toolkit with you -- but leave the pocketbook at home!” - Peakview Software
    • 6. ADVANTAGES User Friendly Study Guides/ Flash Cards/ Quizzes Tactical Checklist Recording/ Response Tips Diagrams Listing of ChemicalsDISADVANTAGES Not recommend for actual emergencies
    • 7. The PulsePoint app allows users, whom is are trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), access to real-time emergency activities within their local community.Within the users community, PulsePoint gives them the ability to provide life-saving assistance to victims of Sudden CardiacArrest (SCA). Users with the application are notified if someone nearby is having a cardiac emergency and may require CPR.
    • 8. Many Fire Departments have incorporated this application into their district.CALIFORNIA- Alameda County Fire Department - Fremont Fire Department- City of Alameda Fire Department - Livermore Pleasanton Fire Department- San Ramon Valley Fire Protection - San Jose Fire DepartmentDistrictKENTUCKY- Erlanger Communications Center
    • 9. ADVANTAGES View active incidents  Pick alerts  current response status of  Find alternate routes dispatched units around or to incidents  instantly pinpoint incident location on an interactive  Pinpoints AED’s map  A log of recent incidents  Accident causing traffic  Photo gallery Live dispatch ratioDISADVANTAGES Fire Department in  Little Input charge of all input  Help in route  Initial emergency report  Photos
    • 10. The Fire Logger app logs the actions of emergencyresponders as they progress through the situation. The appoffers quick selections related to the activities of firefighters including new call, on scene, dispatch, knockdown, respond, under control, in service, complete, and in quarters.
    • 11. ADVANTAGES Selection of the activities for the log is quick and easyDISADVANTAGES Selections are predetermined and not editable.
    • 12. The Fire Command Worksheet app allows a firefighter to select a firefighting strategy(Offensive, Defensive, Marginal, etc) to select, record and monitor tasks. These tasks are grouped in Life Safety, Stabilization, Property, and Support.
    • 13. There is a 15 minute timer that reminds you to recheck:  Strategy  Accountability  Tactics  Rehab  SCBA air  Mode of operation  crew integrityThis is a very simple application for the fire departments.
    • 14. ADVANTAGES Organized well All events are recorded and logged Logs can be emailed. Clear and Simple designs 15 minutes notifications for selected tasks.DISADVANTAGES Not of depth of information in app, even though it costs $1.99 Doesn’t have a manual input if there is an uncommon task needed. Missing components like engine assignment, which is common for a log.
    • 15. FirefighterLog is an incident alert app for androidphones and tablets (Apple compatibility coming soon) The Beta Stage  Still has bugs so cannot be relied on as primary means of support Scanner that streams audio feeds from Receives dispatch info. from CadPage  Address and call info.  Earlier notification than SMS  faster response times
    • 16.  Water supplies/ Hydrant Location (Google maps) Quick directions to incident (Google navigation) Response times can be recorded using on screen buttons
    • 17.  Messaging to all department members (FirefighterLog) Account and call history automatically synched Support for multiple departments Quick access to notes or preplans for locations in the district
    • 18.  Firefighter Calculator  Photo Gallery SMS Alerts  Dispatch Radio Citizen Alerts  Alternate Route AED Locations Calculator Map/Satellite  Point Click method  Snap Shots instead of Constant  GPS Typing