Metal Matrix Solutions


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Metal Matrix Solutions

  1. 1.   The First and Only Company to Use Thermal Spray & Pre-Encoded Stencils in The Oilfield Industry For more information contact Eric Wilson 214-223-44116250 Old Galveston Road Suite B4 Webster, TX,77598
  2. 2. Presentation Topics Point-of-Cast Identification Methods  Sand Casting  Permanent Mold Casting  Investment Casting Thermal Spray Direct Part Marking  Electric Arc Spray  High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) Epoxy Responsibilities Questions
  3. 3. Metal Matrix MethodsSTENCIL/INSERT TYPICAL PARENT APPLIED MARKMARKING METHOD MATERIALS • MATERIALS CREATION PROCESSCasting Stencils Aluminum, Brass, As Cast Lost Foam, Lost Wax, PermanentStencils have Mineral Copper, Gray Iron, Steel Mold, Permanent fiber bound with Magnesium, SS, Graphite Mold, Sand mold clays and binders Titanium,Thermal Spray Ceramics, Glass, Ceramics, Plastics, All Portable Oxygen/AcetyleneStencils Plastics, All Metals Metals and Alloys Combustion Spray, ElectricTeflon with h adhesive Arc Spray, Plasma Spray, HVOF, Spray & FuseMolding Stencils & Composites, Plastics, As Molded Compression, Injection, Transfer, Inserts Rubber, Silicones Wet Lay-up & Autoclave Cure (New Build) Fiber Glass CompositesPorous Stencil MaterialProvide contrastMolding Stencils & Ceramics, Composites Epoxy, Inks, Paints, Hand or Automated Screen Inserts Glass, Plastics All Transfer, Spray Coatings,(Retrofit) Metals Vacuum Bag Bond Down,Porous contrasting inserts
  4. 4.  Point-of-Cast Identification Methods
  5. 5. SAND MOLD CASTING OF DATA MATRIX Pre-Encoded high temperature stencils aremanufactured to the size that will survive repeatedoverhaul processes during post manufacturingprocesses Pre-Encoded stencil is placed on the drag side of the casting Using the head pressure to keep the stencil in place during poor Stencil materials is made up of clay binders and with stands 3000 F  Stencils can be used when pouring any type of metal. Steel Casting,Brass  Sand casted valves
  6. 6. CASTING DATA MATRIX USING PERMANENT MOLD TOOLING  Pre-encoded clay binder stencil  Stencils are placed into the mold with a activated adhesive that gets tacky at 200 F Stencil falls out during shake out. Revealing a unique Barcode Pouring the molded part
  7. 7. INVESTMENT CASTING Pre-encoded stencil is pressed into Freedomwax. Making a duplicate of the Data matrixbarcodeDuplicate of barcode on the Freedom Wax ready to beApplied to the wax mold Pre-encoded stencil is applied to wax mold And applied to tree . Trees are dipped in a Ceramic slurry Investment casted barcode on the side of a runner In a foundry in Fort Worth
  8. 8. Thermal Spray Direct Part Marking  Electric Arc Spray  High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF)
  9. 9. Data Matrix Marks By Electric Arc Process Electric Arch Diagram Thermal Spray Gun Uses Shop air and 3 phase Basic Principals of Thermal Spray Power. Sprayed Substrate With Electric Arch Process Substrate is grit blasted and stencil is rolled downStencil will turn blue when rolled down completely . Electric Arch Spray De-masked Electric Arc Mark
  10. 10. Using HVOF To Create Data Matrix Symbols  The stencil is applied to the part after grit blast. The part and stencil are shot using The HVOF or plasma process.  Part Is Shot using a Plasma or a HVOF Process  Pseudo Alloy was applied to line Pipe. Pre grit blast before) FBE was applied. Mark went through 3 shot blasts Stencil was sprayed and went through mill
  11. 11. Epoxy Direct Part Mark  Pre-encoded Teflon stencil with Silicon adhesive  Teflon Stencil Being rolled down White epoxy being Silk screened through stencil Stencil being de-masked , no residue
  12. 12. Responsibilities Metal-Matrix Solutions provides a non evasive direct part marking  solution through the use of an encoded stencil. Provide a stencil material and a size tailored to each companies product  to go through post manufacturing processes Design custom turnkey systems for Asset tracking .  Software  Bar-coding Scanners   On site marking of all assets.
  13. 13. Questions?A copy of this presentation and detailed process specifications on these methods are available upon request