The banks family
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The banks family






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The banks family Presentation Transcript

  • 1. The Banks Family
  • 2. Will Smith
    Born: September 25, 1968 
    Raised by his mother in poverty after his dad abandoned them both 
    Moved in with his Aunt and Uncle after he got into a fight on the basketball court
    He is immature and a womanizer
    Very smart but doesn’t like people to know that
    His best friend is Jazz
  • 3. Philip Banks
    Born: January 30, 1945
    Was raised on a farm in North Carolina by parents
    Was a civil rights activist
    Attended Princeton University and then Harvard Law School
    He is a strict and gruff man but he also has a softer side
    Head of the Banks Household
  • 4. Vivian Banks
    Born: October 21, 1951
    Married to Philip Banks
    Mother of Hilary, Carlton and Ashley Banks
    Aunt of Will Smith
    Sibling of Helen, Janice and Vy (Will's mother)
    Vivian Career included a college professor and a brief teaching job at Bel-Air Academy
  • 5. Carlton Banks
    Born: August 4, 1974
    Child of Philip and Vivian Banks
    Sibling of Hilary and Ashley Banks
    Cousin of Will Smith
    Princeton-bound and hard working manager of the Peacock (ULA's student store)
  • 6. Ashley Banks
    Born: April 29,1979.
    Ashley was the youngest child.
    Ashley looked up to Will as a big brother.
    Ashley felt like she was old enough to make her own decisions.
    She was known as Ashley Honey.
    She was known as Ash by her cousin Will.
  • 7. Hilary Banks
    Born: October 8, 1968
    Eldest sibling of the Bank's Family attractive, dull-witted and known for Valley Girl personality
    Obsessed with shopping and usually spoiled by her father Phil
    Strong sense of integrity
    shows affection to family members
    Started out as a weather girl for a local TV station
    Her relationship with a TV producer opened the door for Hilary to start her own "TV Talk Show"
    Moved her talk show to New York City, where she resides with her little sister Ashley
  • 8. Banks Family Ecomap
  • 9. Demographics for Bel Air, CA
    Bel-Air, California (90077), which is about 12 miles west of downtown Los Angeles.  The community is bordered by Brentwood on the west and southwest, Westwood on the south and Sherman Oaks on the north.  It was founded in the 1920s by Alphonzo E. Bell and has served as a home for several celebrities and political figures.  Below are some photographs and population information.
  • 10. Demographics for Bel Air, CAContinue
  • 11. Demographics for Bel Air, CAContinue
  • 12. Neighborhood Housing Characteristics for Bel Air, CA 90077
  • 13. Neighborhood Housing Characteristics for Bel Air, CA 90077 - Continue
  • 14. Neighborhood Housing Characteristics for Bel Air, CA 90077
  • 15. Rental Information for Bel Air, CA 90077
  • 16. How We Can Help
    Kevin Jenkins
    Major: General Studies w/ concentration in Consumer Sciences 
    Give tips to Philip and Vivian on how to better manage the funds they provide to their children in order to better prepare their children for their economic responsibilities in the real world. 
    Provide help to Carlton and Will in regards to their time management skills with working at the University store and trying to balance a class schedule at the same time.
    Illustrate to Hilary how her overspending on shopping could hurt her in the future, and how she should try to better manage her income by making investments that will generate income that will become more resourceful to her in the future. 
    With Ashley moving to New York to attend an Performing Art's College with hopes of embarking on a fashion career I would advise her set up a list of goals and pattern of time to move towards the completion of these goals, so that she stays focused and does not get sidetracked in a big city like New York.
    Alvia Underwood
    Major: Early Childhood Education w/ concentration in Early Child Development
    Work with Philip and Vivian on caring for their children, developing healthy relationships with them, and how they can best anticipate the needs of their children.
    Work with the children on planning their future (choosing schools/career paths).
    Help Will, Carlton and Ashley with their studies and how they can improve their study habits.
    Make suggestions as to how the family can spend more time together as a whole to strengthen their bonds. 
  • 17. How We Can Help
    Eric Scott 
    Major: Early Childhood Education w/ concentration on Early Child Development
    I could work with Philip on his temper to make him understand that children respond better to pleasant, easy tones rather than a screaming, booming tone.
    I could start working with the Will, Hillary and Carlton the proper way to take care of the future children if they were to have any.
    Give Vivian advise on the more up to date ways of childhood education and development when she has Nicky Banks.
    Work with Will to help him with his father abandonment issues that he developed when he was a child.
    Janet Evans 
    Major: Early Childhood Education w/ concentration on Early Child Development
    •Work with the children on how to communicate more with their father.
    •Work with the children on how to be more open about their feelings.
    •Work with the children on how to be trustworthy.
    •Work with the children on how to respect their parents decision.