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Social Media Boot Camp 20110128

Social Media Boot Camp 20110128






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    Social Media Boot Camp 20110128 Social Media Boot Camp 20110128 Presentation Transcript

    • Social Media Boot Camp @EricSchwartzman Introductory Social Media Training Seminar Las Vegas– Jan. 28, 2011 Day TwoCopyright applies to this document – some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons. Attribution-non commercial-share alike 3.0 license. http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0
    • Search Engine Optimization 2
    • Page Rank is the New PR 3
    • State of Search and the Net   10 billion – Monthly Google searches processed   230 million – American with Net access   93% -- Americans with high-speed access   228 million – Americans with mobile phones   1.6 billion – Worldwide online population Source: Googled by Ken Auletta 4
    • Optimization vs. Marketing SEM SEO 5
    • This isn’t SEO 6
    • This is SEO 7
    • Search and Reputation 8
    • Keywords For Immediate Discovery  Transparency expectations  Patience thresholds  Listen  Anticipate  Respond Photo by Juandazeng 9
    • Secret Formula 10
    • Objective of SEO Leverage Content to Generate Transactions 11
    • What Works 12
    • First Rule of Search Engine Optimization 13
    • Get Other Sites to Links to You 14
    • Case Study: Organic Blog Optimization 15
    • Case Study: Inbound Links 16
    • Case Study: Tracking Inbounds 17
    • Case Study: Search Results 18
    • Case: Fewer Inbounds, Higher Rank? 19
    • Case Study: Evaluating Inbounds 20
    • Writing for Search Wit, irony, humor and style Clever titles and headlines Search engine technologists vs. marketing experts AP – Headlines 40 characters or less For People For SearchSection: “Real Estate” Section: “Homes”Section: “Scene” Section: “Lifestyle”Section: “Taste” Section: “Food”Headline: “Unsafe sex: Has Jacob Zuma’s rape trial Headline: “Zuma testimony sparks HIV fear”hit South Africa’s war on AIDS?”Headline: “Tulsa star: The life and career of much- Headline: “Obituary: Gene Pitneyloved 1960’s singer”Headline: “It’s Chemistry Over Pedigree as Gators Headline: “Gators Cap Run with First Title”Roll to First Title” 21
    • Brief and Concise 22
    • Finding Meta Data 23
    • Google Instant 24
    • Facebook vs. Google 25
    • Who is More Influential? vs. 26
    • Step 1: Inbound Links Source: Yahoo! Site Explorer 27
    • Step 2: Site RankSource: Alexa 28
    • Step 3: Conversation StartersSource: Blogpulse Conversation Tracker 29
    • Step 4: Traffic 30
    • PDF Search Engine Optimization 31
    • Flash Search Engine Optimization 32
    • Break 33
    • Exercise: Launch a Blog 34
    • Exercise: Blog a Photo 35
    • Exercise: Blog a Video 36
    • Exercise: Blog a Google Gadget 37
    • Exercise: Blog a Third Party Widget 38
    • Adding Ecommerce 39
    • Respecting Usability •  Ease of use •  Clarity and brevity •  Easy to read •  Can’t consume what you can’t find •  On intranet’s, usability impacts worker productivity •  10% of design budget on usability will double site’s results Jakob Nielsen 40
    • Lunch 41
    • Time Spent on Email Declines Source: Nielsen 42
    • Social Networking vs. Email Source: TNS Digital Life Study, Oct. 10, 2010 43
    • Most Competitive Channel 44
    • Links vs. Attachments 45
    • Email Risks 46
    • Email Risks: Blogger Fights Back unique visitor to lifehacker.com 47
    • Reverse Engineering Media Contact Lists 48
    • Jedi List Synchronization 49
    • Online Audio and Video podcast download webcast 50
    • Podcasts 51
    • Podcasts Defined Types of Podcasts: • Repurposed Electronic Media • Print MSM Extensions • Originally Produced 52
    • Global Podcast Audience Growth Wave.3 Universal McCann Study 2008 [PDF] 53
    • Finding Podcasts through Show Notes 54
    • iTunes as a Podcatcher Finding   podcasts  in   iTunes   Submi3ng   podcasts   55
    • Distributing Through iTunes 56
    • Podcast in iTunes 57
    • RSS 2.0 Feed with Enclosures 58
    • Podcast Production 59
    • Podcast Production 60
    • Development and ProductionShould you podcast?Selecting the subject matterFinding your voice viewIntros and outrosMusic options: Podsafe & APM viewSearch engine optimization viewShow notes viewA word on copyright view 61
    • Podcast Production •  Recording live interviews •  Recording phone interviews •  Editing •  ID3 tagging Levelator 62
    • ID3 Tagging 63
    • Audio & Video Syndication RSS enabling podcasts Blogging podcasts Promoting RSS feeds Measuring your impact Putting podcasts in perspective 64
    • Promoting Podcasts: Signature Blocks 65
    • Promotion Podcasts: Email Marketing 66
    • Promoting Podcasts: PNRs 67
    • Promoting Podcasts: SEOed Press Release 68
    • Promoting Podcasts: Industry Awards 69
    • Implementation Recommendations   Integrate Flash Streaming   Use Flash Streaming Strategically   Consider Offering a “Best of Episode” 70
    • Who is Podcasting: Case Study Who is Podcasting? 71
    • Case Study: LA Opera – B to CChallenge: Help the LA Opera build stronger relationships with its existing subscribers and attract new, younger subscribers by giving audiences a rare, behind the scene look into one the world’s leading opera companies.Strategy: Told through the perspective of the director of the company’s latest production, profile the relationships between the incomparable creative talents collaborating and the production process.Results: LA Opera is the world’s first opera company to experiment with podcasting. Placido Domingo, Anna Netrebko and Rolando Villazon will all be featured in the first episodes. Featured in NY Times, LA Times and Hollywood Reporter. 72
    • Case Study: APM Music 73
    • Case Study: APM Music 74
    • Case Study: APM Music 75
    • Case Study: APM Music 76
    • Case Study: Starbucks 77
    • Case Study: Starbucks 78
    • Online Video: Reach and Frequency in the U.S.•  More than 170 million U.S. Internet users watched online video during the month.•  Online video viewing continued to reach record levels in November with nearly 31 billion videos viewed during the month, and Google Sites accounting for 39 percent of all videos viewed online in the U.S.•  More than 170 million viewers watched an average of 182 videos per viewer during the month of November. source: comScore 79
    • Online Video: Audience by Brand Source: Nielsen Online [PDF] Source: On the Record…Online 80
    • Filtering YouTube Use  “quotes”  for  an  exact  phrase  match   Sort  by  view  count  to  iden8fy  most  popular  content   Mapping  YouTube’s“Early   Childhood  Educa8on”   community   81
    • YouTube: Community Mapping Online   Influencer   “Early   Childhood  Educa8on”  community   members   82
    • Shooting Video: Streaming Gear 83
    • Shooting Video: Flip 84
    • Shooting Video: HD Portable GearSanyo Xacti HD1000 4MP MPEG4 High Definition 1080i Sennheiser Camcorder Wireless Body-packCamcorder with 10x Optical Zoom -- $700 System with ME2 Omni Lavaliere 85
    • Online Video: Internal Communications 86
    • Naked Conversations “Formality suppresses dialogue; informality encourages it. Formal conversations and presentations leave little room for debate. They suggest that everything is scripted and predetermined. Informal dialogue is open. It invites questions, encourages spontaneity and critical thinking...Informality gets the truth out. It surfaces out-of-the-box ideas -- the ideas that may seem absurd at first hearing but that create breakthroughs.“ -Larry Bossidy, CEO, Honeywell 87
    • Speed of Engagement: IDF Flotilla Raid View Count 88
    • Speed of Engagment: User Generated Commentary View Count 89
    • Speed of Engagement: IDF Public Affairs Response View Count 90
    • Speed of Engagement: White House Commentary “The reality is you cannot operate in this environment passively,” said David Axelrod, the president’s senior adviser. “If you do, the coverage and events will be shaped for you. Things that may seem like trivial distinctions can become large problems in terms of communications unless you’re aggressive about engaging. We didn’t create the environment. We didn’t make the rules. But we have to live with it.” 91
    • Case Study: IDF Flotilla Raid Insights •  The public has a short attention span and is resistant to complex explanations, however logical they may be so communicators must learn to drip their message into status updates. •  The IDF may have completed their military operation successfully, but the incident wound up emboldening the cause of anti-Israel activists and prompting calls for the US to reassess its aid to the Jewish State. •  The declassification process puts military forces at a distinct disadvantage. May 29 May 31 June 2 June 3 June 15 BBC (9,765) Al Jazeera (810,494) CBS (273) Young Turks (60,674) IDF PA (10,168) Flotilla Choir (2,366,155) NEWS PEAK COMMENTARY PEAK 92
    • Speed of Engagement: Most Viewed Video 93
    • Speed of Engagement: Lessons Learned •  Speed is relevancy •  Entertainment trumps news and information •  Linear content poses practical challenges 94
    • Tools for Maneuvering: Dealing with Linear Content 95
    • Online Video: Internal/External Communications 96
    • Does Trust Matter? 97
    • ROI of Trust Source: 2009 Edelman Trust Barometer 98
    • Audio and Video: Strategic Recap •  Deliver on the needs of an underserved audience •  Give listeners something they can’t get else where • News content vs. feature content •  More controlled/one-way channel •  Credibility and third-party validation •  Efficiency by leverage existing asset •  RSS is Relationship-based. Downloads are not. •  May not be well suited for breaking news 99
    • Break @ontherecord facebook.com/ontherecordonline Link in iTunes 100
    • Social Networking Image by: Luc Legay 101
    • Social Networking is Global Source: TNS Digital Life Study, Oct. 10, 2010 102
    • Reputation Management on Social Networks 103
    • Privacy Concerns in the US are Declining 104
    • Twitter, FB & Email: Purchase & Recommendation Intent 105
    • SNS Users and Identity 106
    • US Social Networking Demographics 107
    • US Social Network Ad Spending 108
    • US Social Network Ad Spending 109
    • World Map of Social Networks Source: Vinco’s Blog 110
    • Intro to Facebook 111
    • Facebook by the Numbers•  500 million users•  22% of all internet users•  11% of time spent online•  500 billion minutes permonth•  25 billion status updatesper month•  70 status updates permonth, per user Source: Mashable 112
    • Social Networking: Facebook 113
    • Facebook Apps: Social Impact of Causes 114
    • Facebook Apps: Donation as Social ObjectCauses  makes  it  easy   for  me  to  share  my   contribu8ons  with   my  friends   115
    • Facebook: Custom URLs 116
    • Facebook: Building Your Network 117
    • Facebook: Building Your Network 118
    • Facebook: Building Your Network 119
    • Facebook: Privacy Settings 120
    • Facebook: Privacy Settings Select “Custom” option to access the “Only Me” Setting 121
    • Facebook: Memorializing a Deceased Member http://www.facebook.com/help/contact.php?show_form=deceased 122
    • Facebook Page Wall Settings 123
    • Facebook Page Wall Settings 124
    • Exercise: Facebook Page & Custom Tabs 125
    • Best Time to Facebook Sept. 20, 2010 Vitrue Study [PDF] 126
    • Understanding Facebook: Insights Source: Facebook Presentation “Working Together to Build Social News” 127
    • Facebook: Goals Source: Facebook Presentation “Working Together to Build Social News” 128
    • Facebook: Results Source: Facebook Presentation “Working Together to Build Social News” 129
    • Facebook: Traffic Source: Facebook Presentation “Working Together to Build Social News” 130
    • Facebook: What’s Most Engaging? Source: Facebook Presentation “Working Together to Build Social News” 131
    • Facebook: Reach a Younger Audience Source: Facebook Presentation “Working Together to Build Social News” 132
    • Altimeter Group’s Recent Report 133
    • Building Community through Software 134
    • Most Trusted ID Verification Services 135
    • Filtering Facebook 136
    • Facebook Case Study: Greenpeace Attacks Nestle 137
    • Facebook Case Study: Greenpeace Attacks Nestle 138
    • Facebook Case Study: Deepwater Horizon Dealing with High-Levels of Feedback 139
    • Deepwater Horizon Online Comms Briefing 140
    • Facebook Measurement 141
    • Facebook Measurement: SiteCatalyst 142
    • Value of Facebook and Twitter Individuals Excerpts: • Each little update — each individual bit of social information — is insignificant on its own, even supremely mundane. But taken together, over time, the little snippets coalesce into a surprisingly sophisticated portrait of your friends’ and family members’ lives, like thousands of dots making a pointillist painting. • Merely looking at a stranger’s Twitter or Facebook feed isn’t interesting, because it seems like blather. Follow it for a day, though, and it begins to feel like a short story; follow it for a month, and it’s a novel. • For them, participation isn’t optional. If you don’t dive in, other people will define who you are. So you constantly stream your pictures, your thoughts, your relationship status and what you’re doing — right now! — if only to ensure the virtual version of you is accurate, or at least the one you want to present to the world. • “If anything, it’s identity-constraining now,” Tufekci told me. “You can’t play with your identity if your audience is always checking up on you. 143
    • Social Networking: MySpace Back End Front End 144
    • Social Networking: Linked In 145
    • Social Networking: Linked In Groups 146
    • Social Networking: Object-Oriented 147
    • Social Networking Case Study: SAP About the SAP Community Network 148
    • Value of Social Networks to Organizations •  Promote peer-to-peer communications •  Conduct edgework •  Improve product performance •  Educate customers, partners and employees •  Shorten sales cycles •  Respond faster to change •  Lower COGS 149
    • Social Networking: Strategic Decisions•  Edgework: Activating Communuities   Tap influencers   Internal vs. External Influencers   Diversity•  Public vs. Private Social Networks   Is the topic seen as a competitive differentiator?   Anonymous socnets get more comment spam.   Will the discussion be forward looking?   Will the discussion involve regulatory matters? 150
    • Social Networking: Strategic Decisions (cont’d)•  Policy Guidelines   Are your guidelines practical and reasonable?   Is your policy tailored to sophistication of your potential community members?•  Branded vs. Unbranded   Addressable market and potential community size?   Cost, staffing, legal and process   Working through associations or industry consortiums 151
    • What Makes a Good Community Manager? •  Knowledgeable •  Positive •  Supportive •  Tolerant 152
    • PSNH Case Study: Process Detail 153
    • Social Media Case Study: PSNH Organizational CommunicationsTwitter Destination Website YouTube & Flickr Customer News Media Constituents Service 154
    • Download the Decks http://www.ericschwartzman.com/pr/schwartzman/training-course-presentations.aspx 155
    • Download the Decks http://www.slideshare.net/EricSchwartzman 156
    • Recommended Reading 157
    • The Niche Communicator’s Guide PRE ORDER AT Amazon :: Barnes & Noble :: Borders 158
    • My Contact Info (310) 455-4000 Phone eric[at]ericschwartzman[dot]com Email ericschwartzman.com Website ontherecordpodcast.com Podcast spinfluencer.com Blog @ericschwartzman Twitter facebook.com/ericschwartzman Facebook linkedin.com/in/schwartzman Linkedin youtube.com/spinfluencer YouTube slideshare.net/ericschwartzman slideshare Copyright applies to this document – some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons. Attribution-non commercial-share alike 3.0 license. http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0 159