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Overcoming the Trust Deficit
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Overcoming the Trust Deficit


Published on

My presentation at the United States Marine Corps Public Affairs Leadership Conference on Sept. 15, 2009 in Hampton, VA #usmc #marines

My presentation at the United States Marine Corps Public Affairs Leadership Conference on Sept. 15, 2009 in Hampton, VA #usmc #marines

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  • 1. Overcoming the Trust Deficit 2009 United States Marines Corps Public Affairs Leaders Conference Annual Conference, Virginia Beach Sept. 15, 2009 @EricSchwartzman Copyright applies to this document – some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons. Attribution-non commercial-share alike 3.0 license.
  • 2. She Doesn’t Trust Us Anymore
  • 3. My Background Academy Awards Star Wars 30th Anniversary Pussycat Dolls Salt Lake Olympics Britney Spears
  • 4. Discoverability and Amplification Channel Map New Media Websites Monitoring Email Microblogging SEO Content Social Blogs/Podcasts Networks Pure Social Networks Social Media
  • 5. WHAT I’LL COVER • Crowd Sourcing and Gov 2.0: The Good, The Bad and the Untrustworthy • Social Media Engagement in Practice: Leading by Listening and Learning • Could You Use Social Media to Ensure Your Sacrifices Aren’t in Vain?
  • 6. Crowd Sourcing the Truth
  • 7. Crowd Sourcing Customer Service
  • 8. Crowd Sourcing Conferences
  • 9. Crowd Sourcing Public Policy
  • 10. Crowd Sourcing ROI
  • 11. Crowd Sourcing Search Trends
  • 12. Crowd Sourcing Related Searches
  • 13. Crowd Sourcing Relevant Concepts
  • 14. Crowd Souring National Interest
  • 15. Gov 2.0 – IT Dashboard Source: US Federal Government
  • 16. Gov 2.0 – Government as a Platform
  • 17. Gov 2.0 - Sunlight is the Best Disinfectant Source: Dennis Collette
  • 18. Gov 2.0 - Impact of Public Diplomacy Cairo Speech “Obama” Peak “Freedom” Peak
  • 19. Collective Intelligence
  • 20. Lies Spread Like Wildfire Online There is a danger, [Google CEO Eric] Schmidt exclaimed, of the Internet “becoming a cesspool... in a world of disinformation, which is the future,” he said, “brands are the solution. Brand affinity is hard wired and fundamental to the human condition – [they define] who you trust, and who you don’t.” Source: Huff Post
  • 21. Wisdom of the Few
  • 22. Penetrating Filters: Word of Mouth
  • 23. Control vs. Credibility: Building Trust Camp LeJeune Video
  • 24. Dealing with Attention Deficits
  • 25. Writing Headlines for Clicks
  • 26. Too Controversial to Blog? Source: Monsanto Blog
  • 27. Unfiltered Conversations
  • 28. Messaging through Sneeze Posts Source: Monsanto Blog
  • 29. Blogger Relations
  • 30. The Case for Engagement
  • 31. Social Media – How it Works Opinion Source: Shel Holtz Mainstream News Media
  • 32. Online Myths are Truth for Some People
  • 33. Relationship Between Off vs. On Network Resources
  • 34. Follow the Bread Crumbs ReTweeting Fake Tweets
  • 35. Overarching Strategy
  • 36. Your Job is Harder than Ever Before • Communicating at home online • User experience shapes reputation • Flash, PDFs, ambiguous UI or counterintuitive navigation • Positive user experience builds trust and confidence Photo by Spackletoe • Ease of use drives adoption Evolution of the Customer Experience
  • 37. Good Idea search filter review share Source: Sit or Squat
  • 38. Poor Execution Social Search User Ratings on Comments
  • 39. Making Online News Scanable
  • 40. UCLA Online Newsroom Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Main Nav by Topic Press Info Site Search Subscriptions Sub Nav for Media Secondary Emphasis Lead Story with Clickable Topics Hot Thumbnail Headline Primary Emphasis Logical Thumbnails in Sub Headline Path Index
  • 41. Subscription Kiosks Subscripti on Kiosk with RSS, Email and Sharing The Subscription Kiosk should be used as a function element on every page within the online newsroom.
  • 42. Subscription Kiosks - RSS Clickabl e RSS Text and Icon Step One – Visitor clicks the RSS text or icon.
  • 43. Subscription Kiosks – Custom Feeds Help Screen Sub Category Feed Categor y Feed Sub Category Feed Generates Custom RSS Feed
  • 44. Subscription Kiosks – One-Click Import Close Option One Click Subscription to Google Reader or iGoogle Subscribe via Internet Explorer or Firefox View Raw RSS Feed Step Three– Branded icons help visitors move their subscriptions into their RSS reader of choice, subscribe via browser or view a raw feed.
  • 45. Subscription Kiosks – Email Alerts Clickable Alerts Text and Icon Step One – Visitor clicks the Alerts text or icon.
  • 46. Subscription Kiosks – Email CAPTCHAs and Confirmations Subscriber enters email address CAPTCHA Code function with audio accessibility for visually impaired visitors Confirmation message
  • 47. Subscription Kiosks – Email Authentication Links Email Sent from Online Newsroom Domain Unique URL Step Three– Visitor clicks on an unique hyperlink sent to the registered email address from the newsroom’s domain.
  • 48. Subscription Kiosks – Email Category and Sub Categories
  • 49. Subscription Kiosks - Sharing Clickable Share Text and Icon Step One – Visitor clicks the Share text or icon.
  • 50. Subscription Kiosks – Sharing via Social Networks Clickable Share Text and Icon Forward via Email Format to Print Page Title, Website, Category, Publisher (Specific to General) Permalink Facebook CAPTCHA
  • 51. Subscription Kiosks – Sharing via Email Recipient’s Email Optional Comments Field CAPTCHA User Comment Page Title URL
  • 52. Experts Database Expert Database Search Results Expert Detail Page Sort By Option Paginated Results Searches “Area of Expertise” field (manually entered) Thumbnail Image Newsroom Links
  • 53. Data Visualization Resource
  • 54. Data Visualization Resource
  • 55. Data Visualization - Embed Codes
  • 56. Data Visualization - Beach Report Card
  • 57. Crisis Communications Template Standard Black Box Homepage Homepage Black Box Background No Background Image Image Crisis Footer Standard Footer
  • 58. Online Crisis Communications – Demand Spike
  • 59. Social Distributed Problem Solving
  • 60. PSNH Case Study: Process Detail
  • 61. Process Overview Organizational Communications Twitter Online Newsroom YouTube & Flickr Customer News Media Customers Service
  • 62. PSNH Twitter Strategy Twitter ID & Password Twitpic Link Emailed Image & Subject Headline Posted on Twitpic Updates in Reverse Chronologi Twitpic Link & cal Order Caption
  • 63. Scaling the Peer to Peer Universe Source: Cobalt123
  • 64. Rethink the Photo Opp Photo by Leo Reynolds Brian Stauffer
  • 65. Social Media Policy People Policy Process Technology
  • 66. The Nuts and Bolts Transparency of Information Intended for Public Release Penalties Respectfulness IT Policy Privacy Social Media Legal Matters Policy Confidentiality Combat Diplomacy Considerations Conflict Disclaimers Resolution
  • 67. Provide Social Media Training Source: 2009 Digital Readiness Report
  • 68. New Media Train Everyone
  • 69. Facebook Privacy Settings
  • 70. Facebook Privacy Settings
  • 71. The War of Trust and Confidence
  • 72. For Immediate Discovery • Old methods stopped working • Fewer news media opps to place • Reputations defined by conversations Photo by Juandazeng
  • 73. The Policy Better Be Worth the Sacrifice
  • 74. Bullies Pick on the Quiet Kids
  • 75. Entergy Storm Center Maps Power Outages Color Coded by Size Outage Street Level Detail
  • 76. Social Media: Insider Secrets
  • 77. Social Media Training for Dads
  • 78. Thank You
  • 79. Contact Info (310) 463-4026 Phone ebs[at]schwartzmanpr[dot]com Email Website Podcast Facebook ericschwartzman Friendfeed 3016595 Linkedin @ericschwartzman Twitter Copyright applies to this document – some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons. Attribution-non commercial-share alike 3.0 license.