Word Game with Interlocking ELetter lements


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A crossword game with 100 interlocking letter tiles. No board. No letter racks.

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Word Game with Interlocking ELetter lements

  1. 1. Employing innovating interlocking letter tiles; having the same letter on the other side with a 90° twist. The crossword game: 100 CANAC letter tiles, one is the logo.No board, no letter racks! Confined to a 15 by 15 elements square field.
  2. 2. Canac © Eric Parein licensed & edited through E.K.’Team info@ekteam.eu CANAC is a Crossword Game for two players, as from age 6. One hundred interlockinggraphic letter tiles, one is the Logo.
  3. 3. The CANAC letter distribution is as follows: A - 6 / B - 2 / C and U - 5 D - 5 / E, M and W - 22 F - 1 / G - 3 / H and I - 7 J-3/K-3/L-3 N and Z - 12 / O - 5 / P - 2 / Q - 1A graphic tool also… R-5/S-5/T-5/V-2/X-1 Y (IJ) - 1 LOGO - 1
  4. 4. Scoring:The scoring always is calculated by the length (number of tiles) of the achievedwords. Each letter in a word has a number of points relative to its place in that word!S C H E P = 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 = 15 points.So, the longer the word, the more the added value is increasing. Totaling these pointsis shown under; above the number of letters in a word, under their total score. 5
  5. 5. Be also Creative!In 3 Dimensions…
  6. 6. Play Rules:- Two players or more play in turn on a flat surface to compete for the highest score.- The oldest (wisest...) player starts the game; he or she grabs 8 random tiles out of a bag and keepsthem in view for the other(s), then places the first word of the game with at least two interlocked lettertiles. The remaining tiles are returned to the bag.- The other player’s turn now. He or she connects one or more of his or her draw to the already placedword, this in a single horizontal or vertical row, creating words like in any crossword.- All the newly formed or modified words are up for points. Next player!- Someone keeps a careful record of each play as follows: the new score - the new total of that player.- When all 8 letter tiles are played at once, the player gets 50 points on top.- Placed words can be challenged by a dictionary before the next play. If the challenger is right, the wordis removed and the player loses his turn. If the challenger is wrong, he or she loses his turn.- The Logo tile can be used as any letter. It then remains to be the same letter for the entire game.- Beware, CANAC at play is confined to a 15 by 15 elements square field!- The game is over when all tiles have been drawn. Eventual remaining tiles are simply discarded.- If the game ends in a tie situation, the youngest player wins. Canac © Eric Parein licensed & edited through E.K.’Team info@ekteam.eu