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Primetimeenglish general presentation

  1. 1. Prime Time English
  2. 2. Founded in 2009 by Eric Muller. Prime Time English provides highly-personalizedEnglish and Portuguese instruction online and in person.Headquarters: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 10 employees and 100+ studentsSummary • Highly-personalized teaching tailored to the specific needs and difficulties of each student. • Complete Online Multimedia platform for General, Business and Professional English with hundreds of hours of content • Sophisticated online meeting platform that permits full video and audio interaction between teacher and students • Mobile Version of learning platform for IPhone and IPad • Small classes with maximum of 5 students • Very broad teaching content in both digital and book formats suited to almost any professional profile • Monthly coaching to motivate and give student direction on his current difficulty and needs • Free Demo Class • No Contract, No Cancellation Fees • 6-month and Yearly fluency evaluations with TOEIC exams • Cloud based content delivery to student for self-study and continued contact with language • Partnership with immersion course to maximize learning potential and reduce time to fluency Primetime English
  3. 3. Products • Online English Platform with General, Business and Professional English for 21 professions and industries • Business English – Blended content (pdf, mp3 and online exercises) • Professional English for 27 professions (pdf, book and mp3 content) • Business English + Immersion Course in Tiradentes, MG • English for Skills: Interviews, Presentations, Meetings, Teleconferencing (pdf, book and mp3 content) • Preparation for English Proficiency and Certification Tests: TOEIC, TOELF, IELS, BULATS, Cambridge, Michigan • English for World Cup and OlympicsTarget Market: Teens to 50s, persons of all backgrounds and professions including students, technicians, service industryprofessionals, and corporate executives. Primetime English
  4. 4. Pricing: • Complete English Online Platform + native Teacher varies from R$200,00 to R$600,00 per month (+ R$ 50,00 monthly license) • Business English varies from R$200,00 to R$600,00 per month (+ R$ 195,00 yearly license) • Professional English for 27 professions varies from R$ 200 – R$600 (+ book cost varying between R$100-150) • English for World Cup and Olympics varies from R$200,00 to R$440,00 per month (+ R$ 50,00 monthly license) • English for Skills: Interviews, Presentations, Meetings, Teleconferencing varies from R$200,00 to R$600,00 per month (+ book cost varying between R$100-150) • Preparation for English Proficiency and Certification Tests: TOEIC, TOELF, IELS, BULATS, Cambridge, Michigan varies from R$ 200 – R$600 (+ book cost varying between R$100-150) • Immersion English and Portuguese courses with combined with Online Learning varies from R$350 per day to R$ 850 per day + Online R$ 200 – R$600 (+ R$ 50,00 monthly license) Primetime English
  5. 5. We are in the fifth year of operation with a consolidatedcustomer base including professional from global and nationalcorporations. Primetime English
  6. 6. Click on the image to see the full table. Primetime English
  7. 7. Complete English Online Platform with General and Professional English• The Most Complete Online Language Learning Solution on the Market• General English, Business English and Professional English in 5 professions and xx industries• Online Video Exercises for Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking with over 250 hours per level• Training for all levels Beginner – Advanced (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1)• Phonetic training through Voice Recognition Exercises with Qualitative Pronunciation Analysis• Virtual Conversations with voice recognition for real lime simulations• Resources including: Language explanations, Verb Conjugation, Language Culture, Atlas, Workshops• Assessment and TOEIC based Achievement Test• Statistical Progress Report Primetime English
  8. 8. Home MenuClick on the image to see the class demo video Primetime English
  9. 9. Training Menu Primetime English
  10. 10. Resources Menu Primetime English
  11. 11. Test Menu Primetime English
  12. 12. My Statistics Menu Primetime English
  13. 13. Lessons by Profession• Accounting & Finance• Administrative & Secretarial• After-Sales & Customer Service• Human Resources• IT• Legal• Sales & Marketing Primetime English
  14. 14. Lessons by Industry• Automotive• Banking & Insurance• Hospitality Industry• Pharmaceutical• Medicine & Health Primetime English
  15. 15. Lessons by Industry Specific Vocabulary• Aerospace Industry• Architecture & the Building Industry• Banking & Finance• Business Ethics• Environment & Meteorology• Humanitarian Medicine• Industry• IT• Marketing & the Advertising• Security & Defense Industries• State and Local Government• Travel Industry Primetime English
  16. 16. Video Lessons by Industry• Business Administration• Culture and Society• Medicine & Health Care• Politics and the Economy• Science• Space• Technology & Telecommunications• Tourism & Aerospace Primetime English
  17. 17. Click on the image to see the class demo video - Primetime English
  18. 18. Our Business English Online Platform is provided by our partner companywww.businessenglishpod.comThe system is composed of over 300 business English lessons covering the following businessareas:Meetings, Presentations, Telephoning, JobInterviews, Negotiations, Socializing, Travel, Management, Communication, Sales.The lessons are divided in Intermediate and Advanced levels and have the following components:1 – Podcast: audio download of the whole lesson, with instruction, dialogue, vocabulary debrief andanswers to exercises.2 – Study note: PDF containing the whole lesson in written form withinstruction, dialogue, vocabulary, debrief, listening and written exercises, and answers.3 – Online Activities: 13 Online interactive activities built around the audio and vocabulary with automaticgrading of scores.4 – Phrase cast – podcast of vocabulary and phrases presented in the lessons for review and repetiton.5 – Business Skills 360 – The more recent lessons also have a Business Skills 360 lessons online and forIphone and Ipad. These lessons are translated into 11 different languages.Besides these activities on the site the student can receive audio podcasts and video vocabularylessons directly from the Apple Store, as well as email tips and lessson introductions. Primetime English
  19. 19. Each student is evaluated based on their current language skills, occupation and goals in English. After evaluation teachers design custom curriculum for each student, allowing for differentiation and faster language acquisition. Each student will have private, online classes with a native speaking, certified English teacher. For specific professional areas we use books and CDs from best Language Publishers in theword, Cambridge, Oxford, Longman, Cengage Learning, MacMillan that are given to students to study at home, while the teacher uses the pdf and mp3 online during class. Primetime English
  20. 20. • English for Accounting •Professional English for 25 professions studied online English for Aviation - Pilots and Air Traffic Controllerswith pdf and audios in mp3. Students receive book and cd • English for Business •delivered to their residence or business for use in • English for Cabin Crew English for Customer Servicebetween classes. • English for Commerce • English for the Energy Industry • English for Engineering • English for Finance • English for Human Resources • English for Information Technology • English for Lawyers - International Law • English to Hospitality • English for the Pharmaceutical Industry • English for Logistics • English for Marketing and Advertising • English for The Media • English for Medicine • English for Nursing • English for Oil & Gas • English for Olympics • English for Purchasing and Sales • English for Tourism • English for Scientists • English World Cup • English for Tests TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, CPE • English for Business Skills Development • Job Search • Meetings • Negotiation • Presentations • Talking on the Phone Primetime English
  21. 21. English for Oil and Gas We offer courses for specific high demand industries. Primetime English
  22. 22. Modules personalized to the Specific Sub IndustriesIn the Oil and Gas Industry a strong sub-sector is Equipment Rental of all types. We add customtailored content relating to sub-sectors to complement the main course material. Primetime English
  23. 23. English for the World Cup and Olympics We are constantly researching course materials and creating new courses to offer. Our latest new course is English for the world cup both in Online and Book Format. Primetime English
  24. 24. Immersion School Education in Natural Setting • A thoughtfully designed immersion school in Tiradentes provides the optimal learning environment. English will be practiced in a variety of contexts. • Groups no larger than 5 students. • Students speak English 12 hours, while studying topics pertaining to business, economics, pop culture, current events, specialized grammar and pronunciation. • Tours in the city of Tiradentes, exploring the history and monuments, all in English. Primetime English
  25. 25. Immersion School Education in Natural Setting Primetime English
  26. 26. Immersion School Education in Natural Setting Primetime English
  27. 27. Immersion School Education in Natural Setting Primetime English
  28. 28. Immersion School Education in Natural Setting Primetime English
  29. 29. Online English for TeensOnline course has specific course for teens with strong focus on Technology, Music, and Entertainment..Immersion English for Families – Course for Adults, Teens combined Travel and Leisure ActivitiesIn partnership with Ceal Express, we will develop a course for the immersion English for the whole family. Allfamily members (adults and teens) will be able to study in the same environment and then enjoy leisure activitiestogether in Tiradentes, MG.The parents will study professional Englishor Business English and the teens will studyGeneral English with a lot of emphasis insocial media, technology and entertainment.After the immersion the student willcontinue their studies online.Portuguese Immersion Course withContinuous Study OnlineWe are preparing a new Portugueseimmersion course with continuousstudy online. Primetime English
  30. 30. Our latest product in development is a social media website to encourage students to interact with each other with social media tools with content posted daily by Prime Time staff members. Primetime English
  31. 31. To offer the most complete language learning solutions byleveraging distance learning with highly-qualified nativeteachers combined with the highest quality teachingmaterials. Primetime English
  32. 32. Our approach is to offer highly- We offer a wide range of coursepersonalized language training options and books, some digitaland coaching. We do this by first and others in book format.getting to know the student’s We feel strong opposed toneeds and then custom tailoring one-size-fits-all solutions with oftenthe course material to best poorly-qualified the needs of the students. We believe that building a relationship between student and teacher is essential to effective learning. Primetime English
  33. 33. Students afforded opportunity to practice independently with online materials such Students will as films, videos, news have access to broadcasts, podcasts, our online songs, amongst other Cloud forms of media. The Library, which Cloud Content is includes constantly updated tobooks, textboo ensure that studentsks, activities, pr are using the current actice material possible.materials and a variety of multimedia files. Primetime English
  34. 34. We offer every student a free demonstration class of 30 minutes so he can get to know the online platform, our content and methodology. None of the global online courses offer this to their clients. We feel this is essential to gain their trust and make it easy for the student to choose to study with us. Primetime English
  35. 35. We use Google Drive and Dropbox to deliver content directly to the studentscomputer, including PDFs, documents, presentations, audios, videos, and podcasts.This content is updated frequently and automatically delivered to all students. Primetime English
  36. 36. While books are an excellent tool for students, so are other forms of media. We include videoclips, films, songs, interviews, newscasts, podcasts among other forms of media to stimulateconversation, keep our students engaged and provide interesting, up to date material that helphone all aspects of the language.For specific professional areas we use books and CDs from renowned publishers that are given to students to study at home, while the teacher uses the pdf and mp3 online during class. Primetime English
  37. 37. We don’t require the student to sign annual contracts which oblige payment even when they wish to stop or interrupt the course. Students feel trapped and takenadvantage of by these types of contracts because of the penalties imposed on them to cancel the course. Primetime English
  38. 38. The leading online courses treat teaching like fast food where the student studies with the teacher available at the moment which leads to contact with different teacher almost every class. This impedes the building of affinity and connection between student and teacher.We believe that effective learning requires abond of continuity of contact. We keep the students with the same teacher until they decide they would like a different teacher. Primetime English
  39. 39. We offer monthly coaching sessions where our language coaches confer with the student’s teacher totalk about the students’ needs and current difficulties with the language.The coach prepares suggestions about sites and resources to consult and use in order to overcome theobstacles.The coaching suggestions are sent to the student and he’s invited to schedule an online meeting withhis coach. This coach has the purpose of accelerating the learning process by working directly onspecific issues and motivating the student to renew dedication to his studies. Primetime English
  40. 40. We encourage thestudent to do 6 monthand 12 month fluencyevaluations throughpractice or real TOEICtesting. Primetime English
  41. 41. We adhere to constructivist and humanistic philosophy wherestudents are active participants in the classes. Students areencouraged to form groups with their friends, workcolleagues or family members. We give the student theoption of forming hisown group or joining an existing one. Primetime English
  42. 42. We employ only native English teachers with at least 100 hours of TESOL or TEFL Certification.We pay our teachers 30% to 100% more than the other leading online courses.We believe we’ll attract and retain more qualified and experienced professors. Primetime English
  43. 43. • Cutting Edge Technology and Top Notch Learning Content• Individual or small classes with native teacher with high-speaking time of 60 to 90 minutes.• Specially designed curriculum for each student based on their needs and goals.• Highly-qualified and motivated teachers who are sincerely valued as teachers and contributors.• Building bond of affinity between student and teacher by matching student backgrounds to teacher profiles.• No binding contracts, no cancellation penalties.• Free demo class for student to get to know the technology and content materials.• Extensive online library provide resources for classes as well as independent practice.• Additional concentrated instruction Primetime English
  44. 44. Prime Time English