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Short Corporate overview of the Video Quotient Offering

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VQ Short Presentation 2009 03 05

  1. 1. Corporate Presentation - Short March 2009 Turnkey solutions for multiplatform video initiatives
  2. 2. VIDEO QUOTIENT Video Quotient  Over 15 years combined experience in business development  Clients include renowned “Blue Chip” companies such as Bell Canada, Sympatico/MSN, Quebecor, Canadian Forces, etc  Young company but has over 5 years of experience in Internet video initiatives  Expert at content development, production and management for multiplatform video initiatives  Specialist in using IP technologies for video broadcast  Offers turnkey solutions using video technologies for the development of strategic and tactical business solutions  Presents 3 lines of services:  Strategy  Content  Technology
  4. 4. VIDEO QUOTIENT Video Quotient delivers integrated and scalable turnkey solutions with:  The optimal strategy for the goals/objectives of the client  The best-suited video content/producer for the client needs (price/quality/style)  The optimal video platforms and technologies  The optimal video delivery and broadcast solutions (Web/Mobile/IPTV)  Innovative marketing tools Video Quotient is a company with in-depth expertise and experience in video on IP platforms. VQ offers a one-stop solution that enables clients to optimize resources and impact in bringing video content to Multi-Platform Audiences.
  5. 5. Strategy, Expertise, Execution
  6. 6. Strategy, Expertise, Execution Strategy  Develop and refine your optimal web video strategy that:  Aligns with your business and web objectives  Enhances your brand status and recognition  Increases web traffic, traction, conversion, sales/revenue  Creates new revenue streams  Decreases overall marketing, advertising, communication, and training expenses Expertise  In-depth knowledge and expertise to help you:  Maximize ROI for your web video initiatives  Identify and source the best-suited production and content suppliers  Identify and select the best-suited broadcast platforms and technologies  Identify and source the best-suited technology suppliers and solutions  Find ways to monetize or underwrite your web video initiatives Execution  Optimal execution of your web video initiatives through all aspects of:  Project Planning  Project Management  Relationship Management
  7. 7. Video Content
  8. 8. Video Content Video Quotient has an extensive network of video producers and content owners, as well as experience as Executive Producer or Producer on over 250 video productions VQ Video Catalogue  Dynamic and growing array of video content from a wide range of content owners and producers  Categories include (over 10,000 titles):  Music, Sports, Entertainment, Fashion, Cinema, Cooking, Travel, Automotive, Aviation, History, Comedy, to name a few… Your Video Content  VQ has the experience and expertise to help you better manage and utilize (even monetize) the content you already own VQ Producer Network/Special Projects  VQ can help you develop your video content concepts and special projects, from strategy, to ideation, to creative input, to execution  VQ will source the best producer, at the right price, the right quality, and the right production style to suite your video production needs
  9. 9. Video Technology
  10. 10. Video Technology Partners & Platforms
  11. 11. Video Delivery About Ipercast - Founded in 2001  Leader in video/audio hosting, management, and delivery products and services  Pioneer in Europe, with over 70% share of French streaming market  Extensive and robust international Content Delivery Network (CDN)  Consolidation of best video delivery technology while ensuring fast response times, high performance, excellent quality of delivery, and unlimited scalability  Products and services include:  Video On Demand (VOD)  Live Streaming Services  Security  Caching  Security  Podcasting  Peer-to-Peer (P2P)
  12. 12. International Content Delivery Network
  13. 13. PECUNIA Internet TV Platform  Over 6 years of experience in Internet video communications  Unique interactive full-screen Internet TV Platform  Mix of Live & VOD delivery approach  Overlay advertising, promotion and e-commerce features  Social and viral features  Instant Messaging and chat  Flexible and scalable technology for multiple devices  PC/MAC, Smartphone, Plasma  Simple technology for multiple browsers  Firefox, Explorer and Safari  Reliable and secured technology for multiple operating systems  Windows, MAC OS X, Linux, Windows Mobile 6
  14. 14. PECUNIA Partners and Clients
  15. 15. V-Mail (Video Email) V-Mail Key Features and Benefits:  Pique interest and increase email opening rates through a high-quality video stream embedded right in your email  Unique and Impressive Marketing Sales Tool: “Show me, don’t tell me”  Firewall-Friendly and Spam-Filter-Friendly  Increased online sales conversion  High quality video stream  No plug-ins required  Interactive Delivery Tool that increases click-through rates by controlling the user’s interaction and delivers the interested customer back to your website/landing-page  Cost-effective marketing campaign compared to alternatives  Tracking and Reporting on success rate of e-mail attraction  Quick interaction with customers and prospects  Looped video image plays upon arrival in recipients’ inbox. Video is linked back to website/landing page of choice.  Links back to website/landing page of choice V-Mail is an eye-catching and innovative way to deliver your direct marketing message using video. V-Mail is an HTML email that arrives in the recipients’ inboxes with a video image playing in both the preview pane and once the email itself is opened. V-Mail is a powerful way to increase the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. See the following link for a demo of v-mail: http://www.clemstartv1.com/aussie/vhd/ 10- to 20-sec looped video image plays upon arrival in recipients’ inbox. Video is linked back to website/landing page of choice. Links back to website/landing page of choice
  16. 16. UGC Platform
  17. 17. Secure Video Conferencing  Aide en Ligne (Help Online) is a leader in the field of tele-health services. Their proprietary one-to-one secure video conferencing provides the best alternative to face-to-face meetings and appointments. While conceived for health professionals, their secure technological platform has been certified by KPMG and is ideal for anyone who relies on professional/client confidentiality and security of their communications.  Aide en Ligne Secure Video Conferencing is ideal for:  Businesses and Organizations with:  Clients, prospects, and suppliers outside their geographic area  Multiple locations  Remote sales teams  Virtual teams  Ongoing training requirements  Professionals, including:  Lawyers and Law Firms  Accounting Firms  Consulting Firms  Psychologists and Psychiatrists  Relationship Counsellors  Social Workers
  18. 18. Secure Video Conferencing Features:  Exceptional sound and image quality  Look and feel can be customized for your company/firm  Secure, confidential, and safe  Electronically organize daily/weekly appointments  Portable solution, universal access  Competitive monthly rate Benefits:  Develop/enhance closer relationships with clients, prospects, and suppliers  Manage remote/virtual teams better  Expand your business circle outside your current local area  Maximize your time and minimize cost by reducing travel  Provide your management team with interactive web meetings