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Protection 1 Business Solutions

  1. 1. PROBLEM: LARGER SECURITY COMPANIES DON’T PAY ATTENTION. SMALL COMPANIES ARESTRETCHED TOO THIN. SMARTER CHOICE: PROTECTION 1INNOVATION: WE’RE A NATIONAL COMPANY WITH LOCAL OFFICES RUN BY MANAGERS WHOHAVE THE POWER TO SAY, “YES.” WE COMBINE NATIONAL RESOURCES WITH EMPLOYEES WHO AREEMPOWERED TO DELIVER EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE AT THE NEIGHBORHOOD LEVEL. SMARTER CHOICE: PROTECTION 1• Protection 1 Security Solutions is the largest American owned life safety and security provider in the United States. We protect over 1.3 million homes and businesses. • Protection 1 Security Solutions is the ONLY security provider to be listed on Forbes “Most Trustworthy Companies”. • Protection 1 Security Solutions has a 95.5% customer satisfaction rating and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.PROBLEM: HOW DO YOU DETERMINE THE IDEAL SECURITY SYSTEM? YOU HAVE TO COVERALL THE BASES, BUT YOU ALSO HAVE TO KEEP EXPENSES IN LINE.INNOVATION: WE LISTEN TO YOUR CONCERNS AND DESIGN A SYSTEM TAILORED TO AD-DRESS THEM. WE TAKE GREAT PRIDE IN PLACING ONE TEAM IN CHARGE OF YOUR SECURITY WITH ASEAMLESS APPROACH THAT INCLUDES DESIGN, INSTALLATION, MONITORING AND ONGOING TECHNI-CAL SUPPORT. FLEXIBLE CHOICE: PROTECTION 1• Protection 1 business security systems are designed to complement, expand, integrate and adjust to your specific business needs—both today and tomorrow. • Our advanced intrusion detection, fire, access control, video and network integrated business security systems keep you on the cutting edge of security technology. We offer a wide variety of business security plans with flexible billing options that can easily accommodate almost any budget. • With the latest wireless and digital technology—including web-based solutions—we keep you connected no matter where your business takes you.
  2. 2. We’re there when you need us, with five dedicated and redundant company-owned monitoring centers in the United States. They are UL Listed and FM Approved to provide alarm monitoring, service dispatching, technical assessment and support services. Three levels of monitoring provide protection through our primary computer system, our on-site back-up system and off-site at our Disaster Recovery Center. Layer One: Primary Server When a monitored alarm goes off, it transmits a signal through our primary server; a UL Listed, FM-Approved facility equipped with the latest uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and back-up generators. Layer Two: On-Site Back-up System All activated alarms automatically go through our state-of-the-art secondary back- up equipment. Layer Three: Disaster Recovery Center All alarms also go to an off-site Disaster Recovery Center, which addresses the remote possibility of a catastrophic event affecting operations at our main center. This specialized Disaster Recovery Center contains auxiliary workstations with trained professionals standing by, ready to take over if disaster should strike.
  3. 3. “ I AM BIASED BECAUSE I WORK FOR PROTECTION 1, BUT TIME AND TIME AGAIN ‘‘ I HAVE CUSTOMERS TELL ME THAT WE JUST FLAT OUT DO A BETTER JOB. I AGREE. -SILVIA ANTUNA, CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE• When you call for service, a real, live person answers the phone and gets things moving immediately. We don’t put you into an automatic telephone response system.• Many large security companies contract outside dealers to represent them, but we hire all of our own security consultants as employees. We are a national company with highly trained local professionals who provide innovative security products, expert installation and unparalleled customer service.• Protection 1’s exclusive Tech-Tracker service is designed to help you know which technician is coming to perform your installation or service. Tech-Tracker allows you to view technician certifications, track technician ETA and receive updates on technician arrival via email or text messages.PROBLEM: WHEN YOUR SECURITY DATA ISN’T ACCESSIBLE 24 HOURS A DAY, SEVEN DAYS AWEEK, YOU DON’T HAVE THE INFORMATION NEEDED TO MAKE INFORMED DECISIONS.INNOVATION: WE OFFER AN ADVANCED ONLINE SUITE OF SERVICES CALLED ESUITE. THISINTUITIVE, SECURE ONLINE PORTAL CONNECTS YOU TO YOUR ALARM ACTIVITY, CRITICAL DATA ANDMORE. ACCESSIBLE CHOICE: • Protection 1 understands that security management can be a difficult, unpredictable and complicated process. We offer you greater control over the unexpected with eSuite services- a secure online data information portal. • eSuite services allow you to assign site administrator and user functions, add and remove site contacts and change contact information and personal identification codes. You can run alarm activity reports on an ad-hoc basis or schedule a receipt of regular reports. You can also see service call activity, check billing and accounts payable status and even submit requests for site level user changes.
  4. 4. INVENTORY LOSS and IMPLICATIONS TO BUSINESS and the CONSUMER• SHOPLIFTERS AND DISHONEST EMPLOYEES STOLE OVER $6.0 BILLION IN 2009 FROM JUST 25 MAJOR RETAILERS.• TOTAL RETAIL LOSSES FROM SHOPLIFTING IN 2009 IN THE UNITED STATES WERE $33.3 BILLION.• SHOPLIFTING IS CONSERVATIVELY ESTIMATED TO ACCOUNT FOR 30-40% OF TOTAL RETAIL SHRINK/LOSSES.• LOSSES FROM ORGANIZED RETAIL THEFT WERE OVER $30 BILLION IN 2009. A 300% INCREASE IN 10 YEARS.• FRAUDULENT RETURNS WERE OVER $16 BILLION IN 2009. -HAYES INTERNATIONAL 22ND ANNUAL RETAIL THEFT SURVEY, AUGUST 2010 Unfortunately, shoplifting is as old as business. Before there were grocery stands farmers spent a great deal of time and energy protecting their crops from thieves. Today, technology allows you to supervise and protect your inventory in much more efficient ways than just a pitchfork. Protection 1 can design the system that will meet your needs today and grow with you in the future.• ON A PER CASE AVERAGE, DISHONEST EMPLOYEES STEAL 6.6 TIMES THE AMOUNT STOLEN BY SHOPLIFTERS ($728.90 VS. $110.14)• ONE IN EVERY 28 EMPLOYEES WAS APPREHENDED FOR THEFT FROM THEIR EMPLOYER IN 2009. -HAYES INTERNATIONAL 22ND ANNUAL RETAIL THEFT SURVEY, AUGUST 2010 No business owner likes to think that their employees are dishonest. However, video surveillance in the workplace can do much more than just remove a temptation. Ongoing training, employee/customer disputes and analyzing customer traffic patterns are just a few things in which a video surveillance system can be a benefit.
  5. 5. • RETAIL SHRINKAGE IN 2010 IN NORTH AMERICA WAS $42.79 BILLION OR 39.9%.• THE UNITED STATES WAS RANKED 12TH IN THE WORLD IN RETAIL SHRINKAGE IN 2010. -THE GLOBAL RETAIL THEFT BAROMETER Protection 1 offers solutions that can work independently or in conjunction with a video surveillance system. Access Control and Asset Protection Sensors have a multitude of uses in inventory management.IN A SURVEY TAKEN IN 2008 FIFTY-SIX PERCENT OF RETAILERS BELIEVED THEY COULD REDUCESHRINK BY 10 TO 25% WITH THE IMPLEMENTATION OF NEW LOSS PREVENTION INITIATIVES. THEGREATEST INHIBITOR TO THE ADOPTION OF LOSS PREVENTION INITIATIVES WAS EXPENSE (82%),TROUBLE PROVING ROI (55%), AND LACK OF STAFF TO REVIEW AND AUDIT DATA (42%). -THE GLOBAL RETAIL THEFT BAROMETER 2010 Business has changed dramatically in the last 20 years. The ability of dishonest people to steal from business has changed as well. Modern protection systems do not need to be clunky and hard to manage. Protection 1 has solutions to fit your businesses needs and budget.• STORE THEFT ADDED $423.00 TO THE AVERAGE AMERICAN FAMILY’S SHOPPING BILL IN 2010.• PRELIMINARY NUMBERS SHOW U.S. RETAILERS LOST $40 BILLION IN STOLEN GOODS IN 2010. -CNN MONEY, OCTOBER 19, 2010 $423.00 LOST from the average American family in 2010. Money that family could have used to purchase goods from your business, helping you to grow and hire more people, giving back to the economy and the community.Protection 1 can be your partner in protecting your business with the resources needed for success.
  6. 6. CONTACT INFORMATIONLocal Office- Protection 1 Denver is located at 7100 N. Broadway, Bldg 8A Denver, Colorado 80221. If you need assistance with billing, with your equipment, or if you have any other questions you have a local staff to meet your needs. Over 87% of service calls to the Denver Branch are responded to on the same day.National Resources- Protection 1 Security Solutions partners with the top names in the security and fire & life safety industry such as GE, Honeywell, Speco, Bosch, Brivo, Fire-Lite and Samsung. Personal Service- Protection 1 believes in customer service with a personal touch. You are never a number. We believe we are the best security provider in the country because every employee is empowered to deliver a solution to meet YOUR needs. Eric Cooke Commercial Security Consultant Protection 1 Security Solutions Email: Cell: 720-436-2505 Fax: 303-412-1646