Who is the integrator for your congress/conference ?


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Any PCO, Association or other congress/conference organiser is faced with an ever more complex landscape when it comes to the Audio-Visuals, IT, MultiMedia and event technology solutions. How to source what you need ? How to select and manage suppliers? And who will integrate all these solutions and suppliers into one succesfull congress/conference ?

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Who is the integrator for your congress/conference ?

  1. 1. WHO IS THE INTEGRATOR FOR YOUR EVENT ? Organising any event is getting ever more complicated when you look at the technical aspects. A supplier for IT infrastructure, a supplier for IT hardware, a supplier for Audio- visuals, the venue, etc. There are a lot of stakeholders that have to be integrated in one project. Who is the integrator for your event? Who connects the dots? As specialists within your own industry, you understand the value of calling in experts to handle projects outside of your area of expertise. At MiceMedia, we realise that planning the technical aspects of an event can be daunting, but for us it’s second nature. We provide technical expertise for your Congress, Symposium or Event. As your independent production company, we save you money, time and energy providing you with the best options. MiceMedia does not hire equipment but is a technical Congress and Event production company that works on an hourly basis. (so no commission deal or kickback fees with suppliers). Basically we act as the technical manager/representative on behalf of the “owner” of the congress being the PCO or association. We have the knowledge and the ability to create the RFP (request For Proposal) that we then use for procurement to get the owners exactly what they really need. Often, for associations, comparing proposals from multiple audio-visual companies is a daunting task. How do you know that you are comparing the right things? MiceMedia brings all of this knowledge to the table and our independence comes with the ability to be free of profit margin driven selection of equipment for the congress. We are free to choose the best equipment for your needs rather than be driven by the sales of the most profitable product that might be less appropriate for the owner’s congress.
  2. 2. Not only do we manage your project during preparation but we also manage it on-site and we even check the invoices for you after the event. We have the ability and knowledge to watch over the project with a clear eye to inspect workmanship and quality of the suppliers as the project is being constructed. The progress reporting is directly to the owners, putting them in full control. Traditionally the AV supplier is the advisor but with multiple techniques involved you also find yourself at the table with more parties. MiceMedia is totally independent, in other words, it is not the Fox watching the hen house, thus avoiding the conflicts of interest that may occur using a supplier as Integrator for the entire process. We even give the owner the advantage of working with multiple suppliers for their congress since everything is overseen and managed by one independent party being MiceMedia. This makes life easier for the owner but also for each of the supplier. We speak their language, ensuring that they get exactly the information that they need. We will check their invoices afterwards but this invoice of each supplier goes directly to the owner, ensuring that MiceMedia is no party in this and keeping its independence. MiceMedia can work with your preferred suppliers or find the best suppliers for you and we can do this anywhere in the world. This was demonstrated with Future Leaders in Montreal where we were able to save the client more than 30% on their AV budget without any compromise on quality. Also we have done the realisation on-site as Audio- visual project managers and worked with local suppliers. Here we also did all the procurement, making the RFP and getting in multiple offers (4 in total). Out of these we made a selection of 2 suppliers that were presented to the owners in a swot analysis report. The owner made his choice based on our advice and from there we worked with that supplier to manage all audio-visual needs. We do all of the communication and management and report back to the owner. Sometimes we work with suppliers that are already defined by the owners but still we access their offers making sure the prices are ok and that they are offering what is actually needed. Also here we can take on the audio-visual management during preparation and realisation. We do not work with multiple year agreements but could very well negotiate this for you with a supplier if this proves to be beneficial. The idea of MiceMedia is to always give you the benefits, no matter what year and no matter where you are.
  3. 3. Not one congress is the same (not even the same congress in a next edition), and with demands and technologies changing rapidly, we give you the ability to handle this to your advantage by handing you all our knowledge, our connections and our resources and we only charge our hourly fee. Our involvement also makes it easier to work with local suppliers since the quality is always overseen by the same independent party. Anyone that is considering to use our services can get a budget that gives an advance insight (in hours) per stage of their project and what we will do in every stage. This budget is our “offer” and based on this budget clients can decide if they want to work with us. I have managed many of international conferences from the smallest to the biggest and MiceMedia gives me the chance to use all of this knowledge independently for the benefit of our clients and I have to say it is truly liberating. If you would like to receive an example of a budget then let me know, I’d be happy to send you one. Thank you so much for your patience to read this whole “book” but it is important for me that people have a clear understanding of what we do and, after all, we are in a complicated environment in our m.i.c.e. Universe. Looking forward to be of assistance, Best regards, Eric Antonisse Consultant & technical producer Phone: +31 (0) 20 894 3688 | Mobile: +31 (0) 637 468 928 | Skype: eric.antonisse http://www.MiceMedia.nl | e.antonisse@MiceMedia.nl Follow us http://uk.linkedin.com/company/micemedia-bv