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Xeriscape: Basics and Converting on a Budget - Aurora, Colorado
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Xeriscape: Basics and Converting on a Budget - Aurora, Colorado


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Xeriscape: Basics and Converting on a Budget - Aurora, Colorado

Xeriscape: Basics and Converting on a Budget - Aurora, Colorado

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Xeriscape: Basics and Converting on a Budget City of Aurora Water Conservation
  • 2. Water Conservation Resources Free Classes (including One-on-One Design Consultations) Rebates (Xeriscape, Toilet and Washer) Audits (Indoor and Irrigation System) HOA Xeriscape Grant Youth Education Program g Volunteer Program Water Smart Readers Landscape Design Consultations Large Property Water Efficiency Program Website:
  • 3. Xeriscape: The Benefits Water Conservation (46% or more) Lower Water Bills Reduced Maintenance Attractive (especially in winter months) Provides habitat for wildlife Water Rates will continue to increase
  • 4. How Long to Return Your Investment?
  • 5. Xeriscape Success Story Water Consumption 35 30 Savings g 0)Gallons (x1000 25 20 65,000 gal/yr 15 10 $333/yr 5 0 Month M th
  • 6. Xeriscape Success Story
  • 7. Xeriscape Success Story Area Converted: 3020 square feet Cl Classes A Attended: Planning and D i and d d Pl i d Design d Alternatives to Turf M ti ti to C Motivation t Convert:t Our HOA was converting turf to Xeriscape, our children were out of the house and we don’t live in the right climate for expanses of bluegrass. On Maintenance: Get out there and check the soil, it’s not more difficult and cutting back a plant once a year sure beats mowing and trimming weeklyweekly. On Personal Time Commitment: We did the work ourselves. Not loading 30 cubic yards of mulch in an Acura Integra would have saved some time. Consider a phasing plan.
  • 8. Let sLet’s just get this out of the wayy
  • 9. This is Not Xeriscapeand does not meet city code
  • 10. 7 Fundamental Principles Plan and Design Create Practical Turf Areas Select Low Water Plants Use Soil Amendments Use Mulches Irrigate Efficiently Maintain the Landscape
  • 11. The DesignWe offer free professional landscape designsOur 2 part class  ‘Preparing for your Design Consultation’ Available in Lecture format or Online Registration is not required g q  ‘One-on-One Design Consultation’ Meet with a professional landscape designer (1 hour and 45 minutes) Registration is Required (Completed Site Map, g q ( p p, Photos and Existing Site Survey Required)
  • 12. Before your One-on-One One on OneChoose an area: (Remember to create or keep practical turf areas)  where turf is impractical or not useful p  that needs improvement  where irrigation water is wasted because g of a challenging slope or erosion  ‘preferably’ on separate irrigation zone p y p gMoney Savings Tips:  Convert entire irrigation zones g
  • 13. Name the problems problems…
  • 14. To Xeriscape or not to Xeriscape
  • 15. Select Low Water PlantsThings to consider:  Spacing - size at planting and maturity  Water and sun requirements  Limit varieties  Color, texture, height, seasonal interest RReproduction: seeds, runners, di i i d ti d divisionMoney Saving Tips:  M t share and t d with N i hb Meet, h d trade ith Neighbors  Box Store Sales  Coupons  Be careful with mail order catalogues
  • 16. The Plant Pallet Shurbs Perennials Grasses (Ornamental and Turf type) Trees Evergreen plants to add winter interest
  • 17. ShrubsPros  LLonger living li i  Larger  Fall color  Minimal maintenanceCons  Less blooms than perennials
  • 18. PerennialsPros  C l and texture variety Color d i  Replacement for annuals  Faster growthCons  Limited winter interest  Most need to be cut back  Reduced coverage
  • 19. Ornamental GrassesPros  Great winter interest  Faster Growth  Create movement  Fall Color  S dh d Seed heads  Mimics the native landscapeCons  Require division  Most need to b cut b k d be back
  • 20. Alternatives to TurfPros  Reduced water consumption  Limited mowingCons  Slow to establish  Warm season grasses are dormant more of the year  More susceptible to foot traffic and weeds
  • 21. TreesPros  LLonger living li i  Larger  Fall Color  Minimal Maintenance  Create shade  Blooms and FruitCons  Initial Cost
  • 22. Use Soil AmendmentsSoil Amendments  Add nutrients i  Increase water holding or draining capacity  Increase oxygen availability to the roots Money Saving Tips:  Amend each hole instead of the entire area  Buy in bulk or make your own compost
  • 23. Use Mulches  Retain soil moisture, inhibit weed growth, slows erosion and prevent evaporation  Organic versus inorganicMoney Saving Tips:  FREE city mulch @ D it l h Dawson and H d Hampdend outside Griswold fence  Cover free mulch with more decorative  Do not use fabric
  • 24. Irrigation You don’t necessaril ha e to rip out your necessarily have our existing system Do not water Xeriscape like it is turf! Use the % function on your clock or change the schedule based on time of year Go outside and feel the soil at the base of plants Use the same components throughout the zone Free Irrigation Audits (CRC 303.999.3820 x217) I i ti Rebate (50% of M t i l max Irrigation R b t f Materials $300/$2500) Find and fix leaks Free Class ‘Irrigation 101’
  • 25. Maintenance Remove weeds (annual vs. perennial)RResponsibility of not spreading noxious weeds ibili f di i d in your neighborhood Ch k i i ti system regularly Check irrigation t l l Prune, deadhead and divide for perennial and ornamental grass plant health Compost removed material W t h for insects, good and b d Watch f i t d d bad Free Online Class ‘Garden Maintenance’
  • 26. Xeriscape: Start to Finish Step by step from turf to an attractive drought tolerant landscape Start to Finish classes are held at the Aurora Municipal Center Xeriscape Demonstration Garden No registration or fee is required Class Dates (April 16th, May 21st, June 11th and July 9th) from 9 – 11 am Available Online
  • 27. Xeriscape Rebate You are now eligible to apply for the rebate Up to $1 per square foot Minimum of 500 square feet and maximum of 10,000 (residences) and 25,000 (large properties) ti ) Your application must be approved before you begin work y g You will pay for the materials and labor and be sent your rebate check approx. 6 weeks after inspection Visit our website for application and requirements (
  • 28. Before and After
  • 29. Before and After
  • 30. Before and After
  • 31. Before and After
  • 32. Before and After
  • 33. Before and After
  • 34. Before and After
  • 35. Before and After
  • 36. Before and After
  • 37. Before and After