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Sheriff article pdf sm

  1. 1. ® MAY/JUNE 2010 • VOLUME 62 • NUMBER 3 ANAHEIM 2010 JUNE 24 - 30 REGISTER NOW! NEW TECHNOLOGY FOR SHERIFFS videot i o n suspect detec alarmsSPECIAL 2010 BUYER’S GUIDE
  2. 2. NEW TECHNOLOGIESNEW TECHNOLOGIESResponse-AbilityMore Arrests, Greater Safety, Lower CostsBy Keith Jentoft, RSI Alarms Technologies, Inc.By Keith Jentoft, RSI Video Encouraging video alarm systems by updating dispatchpolicy is making sheriffs more efficient and delivering morearrests. New generations of video intrusion alarms are changingthe way sheriffs respond to alarm calls. For those not familiarwith the term, Enhanced Video Alarm is a generic categorywhere the alarm system delivers a short video clip to the centralstation which confirms the presence of an intruder. This isnot surveillance, but an incremental step in the detect/notifyprocess that alarm companies have been doing for decades. Theenhancement is that in addition to the standard alarm signal,the central station operator sees a video of what caused thealarm and calls the 911 Dispatch Center as a virtual eyewitness.These new alarms are available from many manufacturers usingat least three different technologies to deliver compelling resultsin terms of arrests. Video alarms made national news this year when CBSEvening News with Katie Couric covered how the NapaCounty Sheriff’s Office broke up an organized gang that hadtargeted the thousands of solar panels installed in Napa Valley’s Deputy Jon Thompson and Michael Honigwineries. Things had reached an epidemic with twelve winerieshit with over $400,000 in losses.The crime spree was making abig impact in the community.Deputy Jon Thompson fromNapa County explains thatas things got worse, TexanaSecurity installed a cordless/wireless video alarm system inMichael Honig’s winery, whose800 solar panels had been hitmultiple times. “Within aweek, the monitoring stationcalled dispatch saying that theysaw a hand being placed overone of the MotionViewers andthree people in the shadows.We responded immediately andmade the arrests that stopped thecrime wave.” This isn’t the only success. One system installedin Arizona was responsible for over 40 arrests in 4 months.Detroit installed systems in 30 school buildings last August andmade over 45 arrests in the month of September. As the arrests16 H Sheriff® May/June 2010
  3. 3. NEW TECHNOLOGIES NEW TECHNOLOGIESgrew, the Detroit Deputy Chief lined up all his officers and Conference actually heard presentations of the benefits ofsaid, “When these alarms come in, you roll because there is changing dispatch policy to prioritize enhanced video alarms.somebody there.” These results have not gone unnoticed and Returning to Indiana, he spoke to his Deputy, Mike Beard,in areas like Greater Boston, the major 911 Dispatch Centers asking him to review the new systems and see if they would beare creating a special dispatch code with higher priority for useful. This eventually led to Steve Luce, the executive directorenhanced video alarms. of the Indiana Sheriffs’ Association, working with local Indiana Technology advances in the last few years mean these new alarm companies to encourage the concept of Priority Responseenhanced video alarm systems cost about the same as the older to Enhanced Video Alarms in Indiana. As part of this effort,“blind” systems and are now affordable for both small business Koorsen Security of Indianapolis has loaned systems to Sheriffand residential consumers. In addition, there are also new Campbell and other local sheriffs to help their investigatorsoutdoor cordless/ wireless versions like those used in Napa resolve crimes.Valley that can be mounted on a pipe in a bucket for portability. A similar situation is happening in Alabama. CalhounThese systems actually transmit the alarm and video over County Sheriff Larry Amerson, Third Vice President of thewireless networks for immediate review of the video – making NSA, saw the new technology at the Winter Conference whileit possible to protect an anhydrous tank left in the middle of a walking the exhibit hall and asked for a presentation to his staff.field or assets in a remote fenced lot. False alarms had become an increasing source of frustration and Because of the advantages of video, Law Enforcement response a growing drain on Calhoun County resources. His office wasis more efficient as assets are focused where they are needed already working on ways to motivate their citizens to minimizemost and where they are most likely to make an arrest. Security false alarms to improve efficiencies and the benefits of the newcompanies are now working together with sheriffs to encourage video alarms were obvious. In a proactive effort to move thisconsumers to embrace these video alarms by adopting a formal direction, Sheriff Amerson is working to encourage the benefitspolicy at their 911 Dispatch Center giving higher priority response of video alarms:to enhanced video alarms. The key is that Priority Response is “While Calhoun County Sheriff’s Deputies will continuea win for all security stakeholders. Law Enforcement gets more our current policy of responding immediately to all intrusionarrests, greater officer safety and more efficiency. Consumers have alarms, we believe that enhanced video alarms offer enhancedgreater protection and life-safety and the industry can provide protection to you and help us in our efforts to keep Calhounbetter confirmation of their alarms. County citizens safe and protect their property. We believe that Sheriff Paul Fitzgerald, Second Vice President of the NSA, first the delivery of a video of the specific event that triggered thesaw these new alarms when he attended thesecurity industry’s CSAA (Central StationAlarm Association) conference last year.The industry was looking to build strongerpartnerships with Law Enforcement and Become a Leaderreached out to the sheriffs and the NSA in Law EnforcEmEntleadership. As a result of that meeting,local Iowa security companies PerMar Enroll in Seton Hall University’sand Security Equipment Inc. collaborated M.A. in Human Resource Training and Development Programwith Sheriff Fitzgerald to provide loanersystems of the new video alarms to theIowa LEIN (Law Enforcement Intelligence Designed for students with a bachelor’s degree and professional experience in lawNetwork) in an effort to educate local law enforcement or criminal justice, we offer two paths to an M.A. degree: a blended on-line option and an off-campus option with classes at locations throughout NJ.enforcement and strengthen ties betweenthem fighting crime. The LEIN works with • Distinguished professors from the law enforcement fieldlaw enforcement across Iowa providingtechnology solutions on a temporary • 50% tuition discount and guaranteed eligibility for Stafford Loansbasis to help their deputies in their local • 2 year, 36-credit program terminvestigations. LEIN is also encouraging • 6 credits per semester (fall, spring, summer)Iowa’s sheriffs to move towards priorityresponse to enhanced video alarms as an Apply now for 2010official policy. For further information, contact Michele Rullo Sheriff Ken Campbell of Boone County, at 973-761-9223, or e-mail, michele.rullo@shu.eduIndiana, saw the new video alarm systemswhile attending the winter conference Visit us online atof the NSA held in Washington, DC. different committees at the Winter Sheriff ® May/June 2010 H 17
  4. 4. NEW TECHNOLOGIES NEW TECHNOLOGIES NEW TECHNOLOGIESalarm is a tremendous improvement in alarm technology thatwill lead to tremendous improvement in alarm technologybudget alarm is a a reduction in false alarms saving valuable thatdollars. While reduction in false alarms saving provider budget will lead to a we are not endorsing a specific valuable or brandofdollars. While we are notthe efforts aof the security industry to product, we support endorsing specific provider or brandprovide their we support the effortsbestthe security industry to of product, customers with the of protection possible andwe look forward to beingwith the use enhanced video alarms to provide their customers able to best protection possible and we look forward to being able to use enhanced video alarms toimprove the life safety of our county.” improve the life safetyalarms county.” Affordable video of our have the potential to increasearrests, save cost, and make have the potential to increase Affordable video alarms alarm response more efficient.There will be a workshop on alarm response more efficient. arrests, save cost, and make Priority Response and EnhanceVideo Alarms at the upcomingPriority Response andin Anaheim There will be a workshop on Annual Conference Enhance Video Alarms at the upcoming Annual Conference in Anaheimwith a live demonstration of the technology and presentation with a live demonstration of the technology and presentationof case studies of how the security industry is using these new of case studies of how the security industry is using these newvideo alarms to strengthen local law enforcement and improve video alarms to strengthen local law enforcement and improvecommunity life safety. The goal is that as the installed base of of community life safety. The goal is that as the installed basealarm systems includes more video, the industry would have alarm systems includes more video, the industry would havegreater confirmation of actual intrusions and the deputies greater confirmation of actual intrusions and the deputieswould make more arrests. J would make more arrests. JFor more information: For more information: see the CBS News story on the Napa County incident visit: To see the CBS News story on the Napa County incident More Arrests – more value Camera MotionViewer™ Made by RSI VIdeo TechnologIeS To see videos of actual arrests visit: or call: 877-206-5800 18 H Sheriff® May/June 201018 H Sheriff® May/June 2010Sheriffs_Mag_Silver_Guardian_Final_Conv.indd 1 4/23/10 8:22:37 AM