Sen mag april 2010


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Sen mag april 2010

  1. 1. April 2010 Issue 309 Starship Enterprise . MCG installs HID VertX, Genetec . Cardax FT protecting Wintec . Eurotunnel digs IndigoVisionPP 255003/08027 . Panasonic’s new i-PRO SmartHD . Analogue CCTV Best of the best . Tokyo Security Show: Full report . ISC West: New product releases
  2. 2. Proudly brought to you by1a l a r m m o n i to r i n g / s e g m e n t 1300 130 515 “One of the most exciting developments is the virtual guard tour, in which central station operators are able to patrol large facilities as part of a regular patrol service. Best of all, these remote guard tours can be supported by stored images or view to a thrill footage – that’s something no R EGULAR readers will be security officer monitoring familiar with SEM’s endless can deliver” stations and whining about patrol response times that are so slow their customers monitoring stations would be better off calling locksmiths and glaziers than are leveraging bothering their overstretched mobile new technology security patrols. That’s because the entire concept of patrol response in a that gives them busy town is flawed. We all know customers don’t want to the power and pay a lot of money for alarm response capability to and quite obviously, patrol companies aren’t charities. The result? Patrols that conduct real have no chance of turning up before burglars have got what they came for remote guard and gone home to bed. tours and to verify So what’s the answer? It’s video alarm monitoring supported by a new alarm events generation of video monitoring products without recourse and management solutions that take advantage of high-speed, low-cost public to the expense WANs. Last month SNP Security became the and delay of patrol first Australian company to integrate response. the excellent Videofied solution into MASterMind Monitoring Platform 44 se&n
  3. 3. Proudly brought to you by1a l a r m m o n i to r i n g / s e g m e n t 1300 130 515 Solutions such as Videofied alarm verification and Suretek’s RemoteGuard product, which allows end users to deploy remote video patrols are the most exciting (MAS) in a Grade A1 Monitoring centre. can’t eliminate manpower completely developments in We admired Videofied’s gear at Security 2009 in Sydney and this looks a great – and you wouldn’t want to. Security officers and video surveillance systems the monitoring move from SNP. working together have proven to be the industry right “Videofied is a revolutionary video security system consisting of a wireless perfect combination on large sites. And every verified alarm would demand now. With virtual control panel and wireless cameras that can detect intruders and send a a response. But for smaller or remote guard tours like 10 second video clip of the incident to facilities which have no on-site security teams there are serious gains possible RemoteGuard, the SNP monitoring centre,” says SNP’s Tom Roche. using virtual patrols to exploit CCTV central station “The motion viewer has an integrated capability and check alarm events. Europe is really big on video alarm operators are able PIR motion sensor, digital camera and infrared illuminators for night vision verification where the UK is a key user thanks to alarm verification rules to patrol large which means faster police response to built into its alarm standards. But the facilities as part verified intrusions.” Importantly, SNP has taken the technology is also gaining momentum in the United States. Many central stations of a regular patrol Videofied offering even further, by embedding the alarm and CCTV signals there are now delivering a service that service. allows alarm verification bundled in into its existing MAS Monitoring with standard alarm monitoring and Platform. SNP’s engineering team they’re delivering it in a way that would revenue stream that makes a mockery of worked directly with GE Security in translate perfectly to the local market. the dollar-a-day monitoring fee most Aussie the USA to develop the integration The beauty of these virtual patrol control rooms charge alarm customers. program. services is that they allow fast But whatever the cost, it’s clear remote Solutions such as Videofied alarm confirmation of alarm events that video alarm verification along with virtual verification and Suretek’s RemoteGuard increases customer security, while guard tours are going to be the next big product, which allows end users to delivering monitoring stations with a thing in monitoring and they’ll give CCTV deploy remote video patrols are the manufacturers and integrators a whole most exciting developments in the new area in which to expand. monitoring industry right now. With Where’s the logic? Consider that virtual guard tours like RemoteGuard, physical security patrols are slow and central station operators are able to expensive. Now consider that many video patrol large facilities as part of a regular surveillance systems are never leveraged patrol service. Best of all, these remote properly – instead they are often ignored guard tours can be supported by stored until there’s an incident. Next think of 24 images or footage – that’s something no hour control rooms with superb and fully security officer can deliver. redundant comms links. It’s a symbiosis It goes without saying that you that makes perfect sense. zzz 48 se&n
  4. 4. // news / ’ industry developments // business profiles // According to Mobotix’s APAC regional sales director, Graham Wheeler, the key for megapixel cameras is decentralization of architecture. “It’s this decentralised approach to IP cameras that allows us to deploy megapixel resolution cameras easily today,” says Wheeler. “We have a 120-camera snP integrates live viDeofieD solution in South Australia at Binaco Building Supplies footage into mas - all the cameras installed are 3-megapixel,” Wheeler explains. “We also have a 100-camera system installed in Singapore, so we know decentralization of megapixel AUsTRALIA’s largest privately owned world’s pre-eminent security automation cameras works. security company, snP security, is the software, and is used by leading monitoring “It’s true that networks can be unreliable and from first Australian company to integrate centres internationally. time to time will crash or fall over,” Wheeler says. “This the Videofied solution into MAsterMind snP’s engineering team worked directly means your IP camera must cover you for this situation cheaper and easier to install. Monitoring Platform (MAs) in a Grade A1 with Ge security in the UsA to develop the so that even if the network or your DVR goes down “POE really does save on installation costs,” Wheeler Monitoring centre. integration program. the camera keeps the data and keeps making useful says. “Mobotix cameras need no additional heater or utc closes on decisions for you. This is why decentralised cameras Videofied is a fully integrated CCTV and “The smooth integration allows the power to control temperature or moisture, so you only monitoring solution, and is the latest team at snP security’s latest Grade A1 ge securitY are the future of IP Video. need a Cat-5 cable. introduction to snP’s suite of security monitoring centre to view live footage from “I also firmly believe that we will start to deploy less “I have had some integrators say they just purchase acquisition cameras to cover the same areas,” says Wheeler. “In solutions. snP’s managing director, Tom the Videofied equipment, without having standard length patch cable that saves them time due Roche, says the latest technology featured to check a separate system to verify that a garage that might use 4 cameras to get car number to not having to make any cable up on site.” UnITeD Technologies Corp. (UTC) has 3-megapixel in Videofied provides insight into how snP the alarm is genuine,” says Roche. plates across all the filling pumps, a single According to Wheeler, universal adoption of things closed can its the samebuy – that makes the overall stays ahead of developments in security “This means the team can identify true image on do deal to job the security like fractual compression with very high compression business cheaper to buy and cheaper to install. technology from around the world. rates would be ideal for video but heexact time the solution of General electric. UTC says it alarm incidents at the thinks CPU usage sold $Us2.25 billion works isto help fund are cropped this knowledge is combined with alarm is triggered, and crucially, action “The way Mobotix in debt that images “when demanded by MPEG-4 and H.264 are key challenges the we only record andabout the area of interest. This years of hands-on experience, forward. taken straight away and patrols or so purchase price of view $1.82 billion our 85 moving can be based on an agreement the two companies of data as 4 it creates a formidable but reassuring emergency services can be alerted. means we still only send the same amount “What we need is a standard that is designed for announced cameras but get the same result and security scenario for our customers,”rather than for Media such as DVD and gaming,” low res IP in november. from a CCTV UTC CeO Louis Chenevert says the deal says Roche. single camera.” Wheeler says. “MxPeg, as far as I know is the only “Videofied is a revolutionary video security boosts the is firmly convinced IP and megapixel are the Wheeler company’s ongoing effort to compression standard designed for CCTV and that is expand go and his thinking is security and system consisting of a wireless control way to its footprint in the based on performance. why it has such good images with moving content. It life-safety are three reasons to go for IP cameras in and wireless cameras that can an 8th or less of the processing power of an “There market. panel also uses “This strategic says. “The firstenhances resolution. intruders and send a 10 second or H264 Stream. my opinion,” he acquisition reason is detect MPEG the scale,that you can’t get more than 500TVL onclip of the incident to the snP Consider market reach and product video “There’s no doubt that the Mobotix hardware is good offerings of our existing UTC Megapixel resolutions monitoring centre,” says Roche. a coax-based analog system. Fire and enough to build very large scale megapixel systems security business,” Chenevert says. “It transport “The motion viewer has an integrated are vastly better but the only way you can as we have done in Singapore with 1000 Megapixel demonstrates our is using IP. approach to disciplined PIR motion sensor, digital camera and megapixel images cameras running on 2 servers,” Wheeler says. “It’s acquisitions and capitala low-resolution analogueinfrared illuminators for night not hard when the system is decentralised. The issue “Given this, why use redeployment that CCTV vision which means faster police response to focuses on delivering shareholder value.” still only get camera with a codec behind it when you is where the processing is being done and what the The Ge security business, formerly part of verified intrusions. low resolution across an IP network?” compression standard was designed for.” GeWheeler says compression is another issue for a wireless solution, the cameras Home & Business solutions, supplies “Being Wheeler sees another major benefit of Megapixel security and life-safety technologies can be relocated easily as clients’ needs megapixel cameras. IP as being onboard intelligence and the functionality through a compresses the moving part of the change – whether on a construction site “Mpeg 4 broad product portfolio for image that comes with it. commercialany other part of the image which is good council worksite, or anywhere have this intelligence on board our cameras more than and residential applications. or local “We Ge, DVD watching but not the electronic for CCTV,” valuable equipment needs already and have done for the last 8 years,” he says. for which first entered what we want where to be security industry in why we developed and have used secured.” he explains. “That’s late 2001 with the “This is the main reason we can effectively deploy acquisition the last 8 yearshas said the resolution taken the Videofied offering even MxPeg for of Interlogix, – it keeps full snP has large-scale mega pixel systems without the need for sale advances its efforts to shed and that is why IMS by embedding the alarm and CCTV in the moving part of the image noncore further, expensive networks. assets and focus on is a better compression standard within its existing MAs Monitoring about things like temperature sensors, logic research states MxPeg its core strategic signals “Think businesses. Platform. MAs Monitoring software is the for CCTV than Mpeg 4.” to combine Digital I/O and PIR detectors all built IP video, including megapixel systems, is also in to the cameras – these are all possible. Also, any We partner our clients to meet and exceed their expectations SCEC and provide independant consulting services for: gRisk Management gTender Specifications for: ENDORSED gExisting Systems Analysis •CCTV System & Design gSecurity Risk Assessments •Access Control Contact Daniel Paul CPP gSecurity Audits •Alarm Systems & Monitoring SCEC Endorsed gHigh Security & •Guards, Patrols & Responses Ph: 0412 874 674 or visit our website: Government approved •Integrated Security Solutions •Type One Systems se&n 31 16 se&nSEM0409_30IP.indd 31 25/03/2009 1:56:56 PM